Ever ask yourself one of these questions …

      What is my life's purpose?

     Why can't I seem to reach my goals?

     Can this God-sized dream come true or am I stuck?

We all do at times. But life gets hectic and we forget to seek after our purpose, chase down our goals, or pursue that dream. We forget, until a quiet moment appears and we wonder if we could be living differently. We wonder, "What could life hold for me?"

Are you ready to stop wondering and start finding answers?

Maybe you want to discover what your God-given strengths are and how to use them for His glory. Maybe you want to transform your cluttered space into a place of order and peace. Perhaps you need some accountability to set and reach your goals. Maybe you want to write a book, or start an etsy business. Or maybe you just need to jump-start your walk with God.

Whatever your goal, I'm happy to explore with you how personal coaching could help you achieve it.


As a trained and certified LifeBreakthrough Coach, I'm available to help you chase down answers to those important questions, and help you create the future you long for.

How will we do that?

We'll coach weekly by phone for 45 minutes. And we'll e-mail as needed in between sessions. Together we'll develop your vision and strategy. I'll encourage you, help spur you forward, and hold you accountable as you pursue your goals.

Most authors or speakers are trained communicators, but not trained coaches - they don't offer help beyond what they've already communicated to an audience. I'm prepared to walk one-on-one with you.

But first, before we decide to partner together, we'll do a free consultation phone call. That way we can get to know each other a bit, see if we're a good fit, and you can ask any questions you have about the coaching process.

If you’re interested in exploring life coaching more, please click here to safely download a PDF document that details more information including my fees. Then send me a note at to schedule the free consult call.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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