In the interest of full disclosure ...


Occasionally I mention a book here on my blog - I read a lot! In some instances I have received a free review copy of the book, but in most instances I have purchased the book myself.  Either way my comments are my honest opinion and I do not endorse books I have not read.

Note to Aspiring Authors: I regret to say I have no personal ability to help you land an agent or a book contract. However, there are two resources I can point you to that likely can.  First, follow this link click here for Michael Hyatt's resources and order his eBook on how to successfully plan a book and write a proposal for it.  Then, bring your proposal to the annual She Speaks conference where you can meet with Christian publishers and pitch your idea.


I may write about a specific brand or product here - maybe a software program, an e-reader, or a home gadget. In most cases I have purchased these myself. I do not accept payment to write nice things about a product. If I like something, I really do like it. And if I don't, I don't write a recommendation of it. Also, please note that my positive review of a particular product is not an endorsement of the entire company that makes the product.


I am a certified life coach; I am not a licenced counselor. Counseling involves healing past hurts. Coaching involves envisioning a desired future and stepping into it. Coaching places the emphasis on the client to define her goals, design her strategies and then pursue them. I can coach you toward your goals. I cannot legally or ethically counsel you.

Just wanted to be clear about that because ...

"He who walks with integrity, walks securely." ~ Proverbs 10:9