Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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  1. Janet O'BerryAugust 21, 2007

    Rachel, I've just discovered you blog (love it) and was wondering if the Spiritual Makeover Retreat in April is open to the public. If it is, how can I get more information? What I've read from you, combined with the title of the retreat, sounds like something wonderful to attend.

  2. Hi Janet. You - and anyone else interested in atteding an event I will be speaking at - can check out my response in the "Want to Meet Me?" post on my home page. Click "home" below and look for the post.

    I'd really love to see you there!

  3. I just wanted to say hello. My name is Kathryn Phelps. I'm an NC native (Raleigh and Charlotte areas) that now lives in Kentucky with my husband, a Virginia native (Appomattox). We have triplets, a girl and two boys, getting close to 2 1/2 years old. I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your writing with P31. I got today's message and came to your blog from the link that was included. I think I will be a frequent visitor here.

    I was reading one of your entries about saying blessings over your husband. How do you do that, exactly? That's just the kind of thing I need to start doing, not only for him but also for my children. But this isn't a practice I'm familiar with, so I don't know how to go about it.

  4. Hi Rachel,
    I was really moved by your devotion today. However, I could not access the "6 Habits of Highly Successful Christians" successfully with the link you provided. It said that it was no longer available or else had moved. It also didn't come up when I tried typing either the title or the authors in the search engine at Proverbs 31. Any ideas how I can find it? Thanks! Cheri

  5. Hi Rachel, I am Phebe from Singapore. The same question (asked by Kathyrn Phelps) on how to speak blessings over husband and children is also on my mind. My children are in their twenties, one just got married this year. would appreciate your reply. Thank you. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  6. Hi Rachel,
    I enjoy reading the Encouragement For Today emails, and appreciated yours today.
    I wonder if you may be interested to have a listen to a new Prayer podcast on which is a Series of 13 podcasts on Prayer by Pastor A. T. Davidson (A.O.G. Australia). They are excellent!
    Kindest regards,

  7. Cheri, all the resources mentioned in our devotions are available from our website at

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments here. I enjoy "meeting" each of you!

  8. Rachel, I just read your Valentine's day devotional on Encouragement for Today. I am single right now although I guess it makes no difference as being in anything less than a great relationship would also make you feel bad on a day set aside for couples. I just wanted to say that while over the last few days my email box has contained some attempts to try to put a positive spin on Vlaentine's Day for those of us who are sitting on te sidelines of life, but what you wrote is the first and only thing that could make me feel better right now, knowing that even if no one else loves me, Jesus thinks I am a princess worthy of rescuing. It is just unfortunate that Christian men don't find the same qualities beautiful as God does, but who do you want to please the most?

  9. Hi Rachel,what a blessing you are.I hope you can come and share with the ladies fellowship sometime at the 3d virtual church I attend.All here are welcome! :)

  10. Rachel, I am enjoying your blog. I do want you to know that I checked out your "where I'll be" section and it is Des Moines IA (Iowa), not IO. I'm in Cedar Rapids, IA which is the 2nd largest city in Iowa. THanks. Linda

  11. Hi Rachel ~
    WOAH! You have no idea how much I needed to read that this morning and how much it has helped me.
    God bless you!

  12. Good morning,Rachel,
    thank you 4 idea.I did it today,will do it tomorrow,stay blessed.

  13. Did it! Looking forward to "walking" with you these next weeks!

  14. I did it and can not wait for our discussion to take place. Elaine

  15. Hi Rache1- A friend of mine referred me to this site and I love reading your daily devotionals. They are so right on and I can always relate.

    I have decided to join you the next 3 weeks reading about the women of the bible. I enjoyed reading about Eve today. It really explained so much of the world today. I agree with you that we should not cast stones as to what she did. Who knows that we would not have done the same if we were in her shoes.I may be speaking for myself but I feel that we as women are always testing out limits of whta we can do and accomplish. whether it be right or wrong.Temptations can be rough. Well I look forward to the next couple weeks.

  16. oops I meant 6 weeks

  17. I visited your site for the first time, and I'm ashame to tell you how bad I am when it comes to reading or studying the bible. (I'm all over). I would like to join in on your 6 weeks study.

  18. Hi Rachel
    I am Janet. I read your blog and have joined your bible study group. I did my first lesson on Eve this evening and it really set me thinking. Thanks for this kind of online encouragement.


  19. Hi,
    Would love to join your bible study, am having to stay with my mother who has alzhemiers and seems I just keep on tract.

  20. Rachel,
    Thanks for helping us women connect with the women of the Bible. I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks. I feel like I read about Eve today with a different perspective knowing others were sharing in God's word about Eve with me. Thanks again for being our facilitator! God bless you and your family...

  21. Count me in! It will be fun to learn about women in the Bible with others. Debbie :o)

  22. Rachel...

    I am loving our Bible reading times together already! Just wanted to get some help because I want to log on and click that I've completed the readings and also post my thoughts. I have created an account with google etc. followed all the steps and I still can't log in! HELP!! What should I do? I'm frustrated because I want to be a real part of this group not just silently following along. Thanks for any help you can give with this problem and also thank you for starting this group! It's the first time I actually feel like I have some structure to my quiet times!

  23. Hi Rachel, I know what some of my fellow sisters mean. I am having a hard time sending a blog as well. I already had a google account but the system won't let me use my old password nor the new password I created today. Yes, I read both devotional studies about Eve and Sarah, but I was sure looking forward to blogging my comments. If someone knows how I can resolve this issue plase feel free to make this email public for all to see....Look forward to what's in store tomorrow. I will continue to read the Bible with all of you. Be Blessed!

  24. God is awsome! I was looking for somthing to do a bible study on and here is one that I'm excited to be included in. Thank you

  25. Hi Rachel,
    I'm so excited about your reading through the Bible together.Thank you for doing this.

  26. Hi rachael I am so exciting to be studying the bible with you and others. I am starting a little late but I can't wait to get into God's word

  27. Can't wait to hear everyones responses on Sarah. Sarah and Abraham have always amazed me.

  28. I am having problems signing in, hope this will go through. I love the bible study.

  29. March 13/08
    Joan from Canada.
    Hi Rachel,
    Joan from Canada,just wanted to say Hi,glad I found your website.
    Enjoy your study, lookinf forward to many more. God Bless.

  30. Rachel, I too would like to join you in this study of the women in the Bible.
    Your words are a blessing to me

  31. Hello Rachel,

    I would like to join your study group. I did read our scriptures for Thursday, March 13, 2008/

  32. debbie in SCMarch 14, 2008

    For those having trouble getting into the Bible Study, go to

    then go to the far right and click on MARCH 2008. You'll need to make up name and password...

    This first week has been wonderful!

  33. Hi Rachel,
    I've been doing your bible study on women of the bible and love it! My 12 year old daughter wants to do a similar on-line bible study (yeah, this is answered prayer!) but I can't find anything. Do you know of any?

  34. Rachel,
    It is amazing how God brings people and His word into your life at just the right time. Gods timing.
    The day you posted on Prov 31 "Making Time" I was needing to start a guiet time AGAIN with God. I tried several TIMES but never knew what to read or study so I would read for a few days and give up.
    Than the Sunday before your posting we had a family situation come up. Our "college" son was stopped by the police for speeding but not only was he speeding but he had been drinking (DUI). After 4 hours in jail the police let him call home but our son did not want to talk to ME (for he knew better) but to his dad. I was angry and mad. How could he do something so stupid and what would our families think. In my anger God spoke to me "Remember when your firend called and asked if you had any prayer request and you told them to pray that I (God) would bring your son back into church". "Be Still and Know that I am GOD" "Watch and see what I will and can do".
    As I thought on these things while my husband was down at the jail. I said to myself "what could! I possible say to him that he did not already feel sitting in the jail for 4 hours thinking about what a mess he had gotten himself into." My word could not speak any LOUDER than that situation. My anger turned into saddness for I wanted so much to fix things for him. So when they finally came home I looked at him and said " I LOVE YOU". Than I thought "Just as God often says to us when we sin."
    We are still waiting to hear back from the lawyer and all the court cost this will entail and if this will stay on his records.
    I have enjoyed studying these women. I see myself in them as I often want to take things into my own hands. I'm so glad to be into this study for I have let my husband deal with the whole situation. He has made our son move back home from living at college and now he has to drive back and forth to classes. This study came at just the right time in my life. I'm learning to let God be in control.
    Our church has a program called 'Life Stream" on Tuesday nights for the College students. Guess Who went tonight? Our son. He has night gone in 9 months. It thrilled my heart when he said I'm going to "life stream" be back later. Praise God! I have been faithful to God and I have "Been Still" and I'm watching to see His hand at work. Please keep us in your prayers.

    I'm praying for your eye and your speech this weekend and that God will give you the finishing words to your book.

    God Bless you for reaching out to all of us ladies in the bible study. I hope after this study you will do another topic.
    I can't wait each morning to get up and see what you have written.

    Thank you Rachel!


  35. Hi Rachel, I am doing the study on the internet which is so awesome. Today's comments from one woman's discretion I believe has brought healing and all of us closer together.

    I decided to read your Bio. We have something in common. You went to Regent University, so did my oldest daughter who will be 45 in July. She has never married but has wanted to. The right person has not come along. She worked for the Family Channel part-time while getting her master's in marketing and communications. The day she graduated they hired her fulltime. When Fox bought the Family Channel they asked her to stay with them which meant going to NY. She stayed with them a while and then worked 4 months for Redbook as Director of Marketing. Tim Robertson called her back to work with him in an internet company. When that was sold she was hired at Regent as their Director of Marketing for the entire University. Each school had it's own marketing person at that point. Later they asked her to take on Public Relations and she became an Assistant Vice President in charge of Marketing and Public Relations. Last Friday Pat Robertson gave her a promotion to Vice President and now answers to him. I'm not proud of my daughter, can't you tell? God has been so good to her. I hope you don't mind my sharing this with you. AliceE.
    PS I also posted this in the comments of your Biography.

  36. Joan said,

    That no matter what we have to face, God is faithful. All we need to do is pray and trust. God Bless.

  37. Rachel
    Thank you so much, words sometimes don't express how heartfelt you are saying something, but I am so greatful for your wisdom and insight that you are sharing with us. I know how time consuming all of this is for you and I know you have children. Wow.
    I as well as so many others I'm sure are learning so much.
    My Husband who I tease about being "Mr. Concordance" is now teasing me about all I know.
    It's been so nice to see so many women step out and help each other, with the connections we have been able to make.
    Anyway thanks so much... Lynn

  38. Greetings Rachel,

    Do you ever visit Australia?

  39. I am from the bible study group and so appreciate you and all the women I have met. Thank you.
    A comment in the lineage of Mary where you said "how God valued women". I know He does but
    I have a bit of trouble with some of the ways back then.
    I see how God allowed the great men of he old testament to have many wives, King Soloman had 700 + . We write it off saying that was the culture then and He was building up the Jewish race in number. It is confusing since our culture today is accepting same sex marriages.
    Also I am disturbed at the "uncleanliness of women during their periods" and "having to make sacrificial offerings to be purified every month". That sounds so degrading. I realize that the rules were made for health issues but it still disturbs me. This is how God created us.
    Just thoughts, didn't know if you had any further clarification.

  40. baboolya - I would love to see you in the land down under! I'll post notice on the blog if I get the chance to.

    Sky4Kat - You ask a lot of great questions. Email me after the She Speaks conference (after 6/23) and I should have more time to chat some about them. I'd love to discuss it with you!

  41. AnonymousJune 10, 2008

    Hello Rachel. I just read your article about Soul Whisperer and I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for taking the time to post it. The Lord has truly blessed you with many gifts and you have truly have a special way of touching peoples lives including mine. Thanks again and hope your day is a blessed one.

    Laura from New Hampshire

  42. Hi Rachel...

    Just a reminder that we will be praying for you, especially in the coming days of the conference.

  43. AnonymousJune 17, 2008

    Hi Rachel
    Just joined the group-started doing the bible study.
    I believe that i am going to have a good time doing my Bible Study here.

  44. Dear Rachel, I have been to many sites, blog on some, but for some reason I am being pulled to you.
    I have gone thru addictions in my past. I have conquered all thru the Lord. But once again I have relasped and let Satan take control. That control was thru my daughter. I used pills. I spent money that was not mine. The end result is not pretty.
    I am manic depressive and on meds. but this unbelievable thing that I have done put me so deep down into a black hole that I didn't think I had the right to live. I certainly began to believe that God could never forgive me of this one. I am going thru deep emotions of self hate and shame. Once more time my husband has stood beside me. He has been slowly weaning me off the drug. and still says he loves me.
    This morning I wept my entire soul out to him. And he held me in his arms until I was finished.
    Today I have received so many emails describing my last 6 months and today I have wept my soul out to God. The strength I need is so over whelming, my faith is so weak.I just pray to God to forgive me and get me thru this and somehow use me to His advantage so I can believe that I am worth it. Right now I feel such remorse and I have to start all over again 'liking me'!~ I have a very long road to walk to get back to the Y so that I can start up the other side again. But my self hate is very strong.
    The hole is very black and deep.
    But as I read this message by Lisa Whittle, as it spoke to me, I can feel the light beginning to shine, and realize that as I cried my tears out in the arms of my husband, I was crying in the arms of God. I have prayed today and sobbed that I be forgiven and that the Lord will, one more time take me back. use me. love me and keep me safe from the "outside".
    Sorry this is so long.

  45. Dear Penny, you are so precious. Truly. Thank you for letting me into your “secret place” so that I can understand and pray for you.

    It’s not so much about how many times we fall into life’s dark holes as it is about how many times we reach up, take God’s hand, and climb back out. That’s what enables us to encourage others as we tell our stories of God rescuing us … because of His loving faithfulness and grace, and not because we deserve it. That is the gospel of Jesus Christ! And you have an opportunity to preach it through your life.

    I know that manic-depression often leads people to feel the need to self-medicate with pills or alcohol, and that leads into addiction. I am glad you have meds from a doctor to help stabilize your moods/thoughts. I hope you will also try out a Christian support group like Celebrate Recovery, check for one at a church in your area. It’s so important to let others who understand our struggles into our struggles so they can help us walk through them. Half the battle is stepping out of secrecy and showing others what is really going on behind our eyes. As we do, we step out of the shadows and allow God’s light to shine on us again. Keep telling Satan to leave you alone in Jesus’ name, and keep walking toward that glorious light.

    We ALL have messes we’ve made – physical messes of our bodies, relational messes of our marriages or families, financial messes with our credit cards, etc. So you are not alone, and you are no less worthy of love. If there were no one else on earth but you, Jesus still would have willingly died on that cross to bring you to Him in eternity.

    Feel free to email me at if you’d like and we can talk further.

    "May God, the source of hope, fill you with joy and peace through your faith in him. Then you will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." ~ Romans 15:13

  46. Dear Rachel,

    You didn't happen to own The Essential Rumi collection? I just bought a second hand, well loved copy of this wonderful book, and it had your name in it, and your website tied up with some of the notes made in it.... Is it yours? I'd love to find whos it was before me!


  47. Hey Flora,

    Nope, I've never owned the Essential Rumi collection book. How curious. Let's see if anyone else see sees your comment and claims ownership. How neat that your paths might cross through me and a book!

    Blessings ~ Rachel

  48. The following paragraph from today's article caused me to pause: "Several places in scripture God is depicted as a mother, even a nursing mother. This may seem jarring if you are used to His "God the Father" title, but it's a warm and nurturing picture of God. It conveys a loving life-giver who wants to see their child grow up healthy and strong. Psalm 131 shows us that weaning must take place in order for that to happen." I wonder if you would show me the "several places in scritpure" where "God is depicted as a mother, even a nursing mother". I cannot see that concept in Psalm 131. Certainly the psalmist is using the analogy of weaning to depict something about his own character, but not about the character of God. He draws the analogy from his own human experience. Just as a child who has successfully gone through the troublesome process of weaning and found contentment, so David has been delivered from all self-seeking and had found contentment in the Lord. He has been weaned from "self". If we say that God is a "nursing mother", then we are saying that we are being weaned from God. I do not think that is what the scripture is teaching. I think we need to be careful not to extrapotate beyond the scripture to fit our own purposes. Sherry

  49. Sure, Sherry, I'll be glad to reply to your comment. Go back and look at my devotion, as I did not say that God IS a nursing mother, only that he is "depicted as" a mother, or a nursing mother at times in the languge of the Bible. The word "depicted" means "portrayed as" or "illustrated as."

    There are other places in scripture where God is depicted as a mother in the language, such as in Isaiah 66:12-13 where God says that we will be nursed, and we will be carried on the hip ... and as a mother comforts her child, so He will comfort us. Look those verse up. And also in Luke chapter 13 Jesus says He is like a mother hen who longs to gather her chicks under her wings.

    I'm not saying God is a woman who is nursing us,or that we become weaned from God. I think you and I agree theologically speaking. :)

  50. Hi there
    I had a New Year's resolution to give thanks for 10 things each day. I use my fingers as a reminder of this resolution. It has helped me to see life as a cup half full rather than a cup that is half empty - helped me to look at the positive in life. Thanks for your devotional.

  51. Rachel, Love today's journal of thanksgiving tip. Super tip.
    If we had a couple of days I could share all the things I have to be thankful for but I'll just start out slow - Thankful for your blog!

    Tampa Girl

  52. Hello, I'm new at receiving the online devotions and I must say the journaling really it home. I have kept a journal since I was little. I am freshly restored back to the family of God, from a 5 year run. I have started journaling againand I begin by opening the day with a prayer giving thanks and I end my day with a thanks for all the many blessings He has so graciously given me.

  53. Hi Rachel,

    Ii just opened your blog today after reading my daily devotion. I really like it. I am so inspired with your write ups. I would love to attend one of your speaking engagements but i wonder if you have one in the Philippines. My friends and I would be really glad to see you in our place someday =) I love what you posted today. It reminds me of giving thanks every detail of my life that He gave me. When i think of all those, my heart sings praises. I have had a lot of misfortunes in the past but we all have a BIG GOD to call on to. Everything surrendered to HIM will be taken cared of. Giving thanks to HIM is the most wonderful thing I'd do all my life. I will never get tired of doing so...thanks Rachel!

  54. Hi Sandy. We have a big God indeed! I don't currently have any speaking engagements in the Philippines - but would love to come. Pray about that and let's see if our Big God decides to make a way to bring me there to meet you.

    Blessings! ~ Rachel

  55. Jennifer M.March 09, 2009

    Hi, I followed the link included in the P31 newsletter. I would like to submit a prayer request. My husband is supposed to have eye surgery (again!) on Wed. This will be the 4th surgery done in the hospital. He has had 5 laser surgeries done in the dr's office also. His retina spontaneously detached back in Nov. and he has been battling since. It continues to re-detach despite what the dr does. We are getting extremely discouraged and the chances of each surgery working keep plummeting. After the last one, where a buckle was placed around the retina and oil inserted into his eye, the dr. said that was all he could do. Now the dr says he needs to go in and remove scar tissue that is pulling and detaching the macula. If he doesn't have it done he'll lose his eye. Although he can't see out of it right now anyway. He must wear a patch over it in order to be able to use the other one. He is only 34 years old and was a very active man. To add to the drama, our insurance only covered the first surgery. We are footing the bill for everything after that. Now we are deeply entrenched in medical debts when prior to this all we owed was our house! I've been praying since this all started and continue to do so. I had an immense faith that God would handle it and all would be ok? But at this point, honestly, I'm confused. I don't know what we should do. Do we go ahead with the surgery, knowing it's going to put us another $20k in debt and not guarantee anything? Or by having it done, are we placing too much faith in man thus not trusting enough in Him? Does God want us to say "enough" and let Him handle it? I don't know and it's tearing me apart! Not to mention the clock is ticking...the surgery is in less than 2 days. We have to pay $2000 up front today. I don't want to keep throwing money away (we just CANT afford it! 1st of all, my husband is the only one working right now and then he must miss a week of work for each surgery) but I don't want to be like the person stranded out in the ocean praying for God to save them, but not getting on the boats He sent their way either. If it were my eye, I'd take the chance of being wrong. But it's not. I don't think I have the right to gamble with my husband's. Please pray for this to become perfectly clear to me, to us. I need Him to reveal His will to me in a way I can comprehend. Right now, I'm anxious and confused and can't hear Him. I don't know what to do.
    Lord, please help!!!

  56. Rachel, I loved your 2 part devotion on prayer this week. God is so good! Teresa

  57. Myra AdamsMarch 21, 2009

    Hi Rachel!

    I enjoyed the worship format Sunday at Port City Church - I thought it was pretty awesome. You and Pastor Mike were a blessing to me and my family.

    As I sat in worship listening to you guys, I heard about the blog thing and I thought to, that is something I should be doing because I have a heart to reach women. So I have created my own little blog called Ingredients. Several years ago, while studying 2 Tim 1:6..."stir up the gift of God that is within you..." God gave me an excellent study for a retreat that I was about to do and it turned out great. Hey, of course it did...God gave it to me. LoL
    Anyway, thank you for the inspiration. You were a blessing to me on Sunday. I have had around 40 hits to my new blog and it is my prayer that I can only be a blessing to others. That's it - to share Christ in my fellowship to others.

    Thanks again - you are GREAT!!!

    Myra Adams

    P.S. Check it

  58. "what task you plan to target with more effort and faith?"
    Just read your P31 devotional today entitled "Afraid to Fail". I was moved - God moved in me and encouraged me to take some steps of faith. I appreciated your mentioning "body" as something we need to target with more effort and faith. This is one of the hardest things for me to do with a long history of dieting ups and downs... but, still, I am feeling stirred today to give it another try - to not be afraid to fail. I need to do this for myself, my health, my family, and today I am more convinced than ever that I need to do it for God. Thanks for your insight today.


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