Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reading the Sinful Woman

Hi Everyone. Been praying for your requests, and hoping to hear some updates. If you want to talk more about Mary, hop over to the Mary’s Conception post and start some discussion – I’ll be glad to jump in on the talk. Meanwhile, I want to do something a little different since we’re starting to talk more about the nuts and bolts of Bible study. So, I’m taking us now to another woman with a shorter story to work with than Mary’s.

This week we're reading about a woman who isn't named but, bless her heart, is simply described as a “sinful woman.” Now I’m certain we could all qualify for that title, but I’m not sure any of us would want it.

Her story is located in Luke 7:36-50 and, as always, it's linked here. Pray, and then read it in its entirety.

After you’ve read it, grab pencil and paper and go back through it answering these questions:

Where does the action of this passage take place?

Who are the various characters in this passage?

What is the main action(s) taking place in the passage?

What is the main theme, idea, or point of the passage?

Why do I need to know this?

What does this passage teach me about God?

Can I see myself in any of these characters?
Do I know, or could I guess, what motivated their actions?

What, if any, unanswered questions do I have after reading this passage?

What would my daily life look like if I implemented the “lesson” or teaching of this passage?

Record your answers, and consider posting them – but don’t read anyone else’s answers before answering! OK, girls, dig in!


  1. Hello Ladies,

    I haven't posted in awhile alot has been going on in my life, it really hasn't slowed down yet, please pray for God to give us His strength to endure.

    Rachel I really enjoyed doing this, thank you. Not that my answers are right on, I love to study God's word like this.

    #1. It took place at a Pharisee's house, at a mealtime, in most of my readings about those days they ate their meals laying down on cushions with their feet extending out behind them so it would have been easy for her to get to Jesus feet without going under the table.

    #2.Jesus, the sinful woman, Simon, probably most of Jesus disciples, the Pharisee and maybe his family, maybe some other Pharisees or religous leaders, the passage is not specific.

    #3.(actions) Worship, Love, Repentence and unbelief vs.39. The sinful woman is worshipping Jesus by washing His feet with her hair and tears and then annointing His feet with ointment. The Pharisee shows unbelief in vs39 with the words if He were a Prophet, He would've known she was a sinner.He was probably trying to trip Jesus up...make Him look bad...

    #4. I believe the main point or theme is true heartfelt Faith and Love for Christ. Who honestly believes Jesus is their Saviour? How much does He mean to them?

    #5. I'm a sinner (we all are) and Jesus is my Saviour, redeemer and friend. How much do I love Him? I owe Him more then I could ever repay...but He doesn't expect repayment, it's a gift freely given. He paid the price for me because He loves me. (He loves Us All).

    #6. God forgives equally. He looks at the heart motive of a person, not the outside appearance, wealth or position in the community or church.

    #7.I see myself in both the sinful woman and the Pharisee...the sinful woman,her motive was love, she was truly thankful to Jesus, she gave, I would guess, all she had as a gift of worship to her Saviour. I love Jesus with my whole heart, soul and mind.
    The Pharisees motive was pride, he had no faith in Christ, (vs.39) we can almost hear him say "I'm better than this woman, who is she anyway? A common sinner"... I hate to admit it..but...I'm guilty of pride in many situations, I continually have to give this over to God. I have tremendous faith in Christ, I know who He is and I could not be more thankful.

    #8. no questions.

    #9. My day would be filled to the brim with worship, love and compassion for others, not just talking about Jesus but living it out as well...in all truth, I hope and pray I'm doing that now.

    God Bless you all, looking forward to reading everyones take on this. Josie

  2. I agree with Josie... for me, personally as I answered the questions in my "Rachel notebook", the underlying theme for me is forgiveness. Here we have a woman that was clearly a sinner so much so that Jesus, himself, tells Simon that she has been forgiven for "a lot of things". Strange enough, I see myself at times like Simon, judging others and masking my bitterness... namely my child's father. However, I can identify with the sinful woman who clearly knew that Christ could forgive her for ANYTHING and more importantly she was not ashamed to ask our savior for forgiveness. The Sacred Dance ministry at our church did an excellent job with this very scripture and it made me think of it again... As for me, I desire to be less of a Simon and restore my faith as the sinful woman.... Love you Rachel... Be blessed everyone:)

    Sidebar--Shekinah Glory's song, "Jesus" always stirs this in my soul, you should check it out...

  3. I also agree with Josie.
    Jesus accepted this woman's Love and the way she expressed her love toward Him. He exposed the thoughts and actions of the Pharisee and acknowledge the Love of this sinful woman. Jesus declared that this woman was forgiven. Jesus spoke of the things that Simon neglected to do and did not speak of forgiving Simon. It is possible that many of the guest knew this woman to be a sinner and yet she focused her attention on Jesus - she did not let their view of her keep her from her Lord.

  4. ising4himMay 20, 2008

    At the risk of sounding redundant, I, too, agree with Josie. :)

    What struck me the most about this passage is that Simon, though he had extended his home to Jesus, clearly did not know, or chose not to believe, who Jesus was. However, the sinful woman, recognizing her need for forgiveness, not only knew Jesus, but chose to display a beautiful act of worship and didn't care what others thought. I pray I never become so prideful or complacent that I forget where the Lord has brought me from.

    Rachel, I love this format! I tend to learn and retain more when I can answer specific questions for myself about what I've read. Thanks so much for this study. And sisters, I've been praying for your requests. May the Lord bless you all.

  5. 1. A dinner at the home of one of the Pharisees',Simon.
    2. The Pharisee, Simon, Jesus, the sinful womand and other men at the table.
    3. The cleansing of Jesus' feet and anointing them with perfume.
    4. Forgiveness
    5. That I might need to forgive those who have hurt me in some way.
    6. That no matter what we do, if we are truly repentant and have faith in Him, Jesus will forgive all our sins, never to be remembered again (I think I remember reading that somewhere in the Bible.)
    7. Yes
    8. Pride, selfishness.
    9. None
    10. Freedome to love the people unconditionally that I have forgiven.

  6. Rachel,
    I really enjoyed doing this, and have met with Jesus this morning. Thank you. May I be more like Him.
    Where does the action of this passage take place?
    At the house of Simon, a Pharisee where Jesus has been invited for a feast. Wesley’s commentary states And one of the Pharisees asked him to eat with him - Let the candour with which our Lord accepted this invitation, and his gentleness and prudence at this ensnaring entertainment, teach us to mingle the wisdom of the serpent, with the innocence and sweetness of the dove. Let us neither absolutely refuse all favours, nor resent all neglects, from those whose friendship is at best very doubtful, and their intimacy by no means safe
    Who are the various characters in this passage?
    Jesus, Simon So tender and courteous am address does our Lord use even to a proud, censorious Pharisee! Guests, A sinful woman
    What is the main action(s) taking place in the passage?
    Jesus is being anointed by a sinful woman with perfume and kissing on his feet
    What is the main theme, idea, or point of the passage?

    7:44 Thou gavest me no water - It was customary with the Jews to show respect and kindness to their welcome guests, by saluting them with a kiss, by washing their feet, and anointing their heads with oil, or some fine ointment.
    7:47 Those many sins of hers are forgiven; therefore she loveth much - The fruit of her having had much forgiven. It should carefully be observed here, that her love is mentioned as the effect and evidence, not the cause of her pardon. She knew that much had been forgiven her, and therefore she loved much.

    #1 Why do I need to know this?
    I think I can fall into either category…. I have been a Christian since I was 2 years old so sometimes it is easy to look at others’ shortcomings and start to criticize or judge. Then the Holy Spirit convicts me and I realize my behavior has made me worse than the one I was judging. I then become the sinful woman so appreciative of Jesus and His mercy and grace. It is Him who gives salvation.
    #2 What does this passage teach me about God?
    God is loving, patient, kind, forgiving, sees the heart of us all and judges us by our motives.
    Can I see myself in any of these characters?
    #3 Same answer as above. And sometimes only through the grace of Jesus, I am also like the character of Jesus. Accepting of others, loving others, forgiving others.
    #4 Do I know, or could I guess, what motivated their actions?
    Simon: Simon’s actions seem to have been acted out of pride, a “know it all” kind of attitude, almost feeling equal or better to Jesus…didn’t anoint Him, didn’t give him water when he entered, didn’t kiss him…(all of which is custom of the times). Perhaps Simon’s actions of inviting Jesus to the house started out malicious, and he wanted to trip Him up in His own words or actions. He was a Pharisee and many of them had just that motive.
    The Sinful Woman: Her actions appear to be complete gratitude for being saved of her wretched life. She shows love, admiration, and complete trust in Him.
    Jesus: He comes to save and forgive. In another passage Jesus talks about the sick needing a doctor, not the well. I believe His lesson is really to teach those listening not to be so proud, not to think they have it all together, and for them to realize they (we) are all sinners and saved only by God’s grace and Jesus’ dying on the cross. Works can never save us, a common misconception that the Pharisee’s held, as well as do some people still today.
    #5 What, if any, unanswered questions do I have after reading this passage?
    My only question would be, shouldn’t we all, no matter how much sin has been forgiven, feel the same sense of gratitude for being saved from our sins and ultimately hell. Maybe I am missing some of the point in this passage, but I realize that even though I was raised in a Christian home, accepted Christ as a very young child, I am still a sinner saved by grace, and my only admittance in to heaven is because of my Lord and Savior. Is my gratitude less because I haven’t lived a life of reckless sin and denial of God, only to be saved later in life? Even that thought makes me sad. I am eternally grateful for my God’s grace and my salvation.
    #6 What would my daily life look like if I implemented the “lesson” or teaching of this passage?
    My life would look more like that of my Savior’s if I could just learn to see people through His eyes. I would have so much more compassion with the “know it all” that gets on my very last nerve or the “sinner” that I just really have a hard time understanding why they continuously fall into sin….if I could see them through Jesus’ eyes, through perfections’ eyes….I would treat people completely different. I know this side of heaven being completely like Jesus is impossible, but it is something I want to strive for. Lord, Jesus please help me see all people through your eyes and love them accordingly.
    Kelly T. in Pittsburgh

  7. Sorry that my answers were so long.
    and that it posted so strange. I also wanted to give credit to Wesley's commentary if it isn't already done in my post.
    Enjoy your day, ladies.
    Kelly T

  8. Hi Ladies-
    Another thought keeps running through my mind as I ponder this scripture...
    The Pharisee accused the woman and Jesus defended the woman...the woman remained SILENT...Her actions revealed her love for Jesus...I have a tendency to want to defend or justify myself...I would like to follow this womans example be silent, love and worship Jesus and let Him be my defense.

  9. Rachel, I'm so glad I'm involved in this Bible study. I haven't been to a Bible study and was asking God to show me a way and He showed me your blog. I have been enjoying and learning soo much from this Bible study so far and I know that I will continue to. It's a priviledge to be part of your group.

    What I learnt from this reading or story is that how often I too take a judgemental stand or attitude like the Pharisees. I tend to take the "holier than thou" attitude, although I'm a sinner too. That is the lesson that I take home, to be humble and not to judge people.

    Have a nice day and God bless.

    Maria G, IL

  10. Oh, Rachel, you teacher, you! I'm going to do my best to get these questions done--I may not post themm, but again, I'll do my best!


  11. Just wanted to let you know, in case you did not read my comments on Memorizing Scripture, that I have put a Tribute to Dottie Rambo on my blog. I used her song Sheltered in the Arms of God. I hope you will visit especially if you have never heard of her. This song tells alot about her Christian faith I believe.

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  13. 1.Where does the action of this passage take place? A dinner in Jesus’ honor at the home of Simon the Pharisee.

    2. Who are the various characters in this passage? Jesus, the sinful woman, and Simon the Pharisee.

    3.What is the main action(s) taking place in the passage?
    The sinful woman is anointing Jesus and cleaning his feet with her tears and hair.

    4.What is the main theme, idea, or point of the passage? The main point of this passage is that when we sin and humbly come before him in true repentance and sorrow for our sin-no matter how many we’ve committed, He will forgive them all.

    5. Why do I need to know this?
    I need to know this so that whenever I come across someone who, in my mind, has sinned far greater than I have, I can sympathize with him or her, honor their willingness to repent, and love them in a time when they may feel unlovable.

    6. What does this passage teach me about God? It teaches me that He is no respecter of persons. We have ALL sinned and fallen short of His Glory, and we as Christians need to be able to love everyone who sins no matter how many times they’ve sinned or how big we think their sin is.

    7. Can I see myself in any of these characters? I can see myself in both the role of the sinful woman and that of Simon.

    8. Do I know, or could I guess, what motivated their actions? I don’t like to ‘guess’ motivations. If I ventured a guess, I would say that the sinful woman knew who Jesus was and believed in Him enough to come to him seeking forgiveness and a chance at living a new life. I believe Simon thought that Jesus was a religious leader, not necessarily Jesus, and that a man in His position should never be in the company of someone who was so sinful.

    9. What, if any, unanswered questions do I have after reading this passage? After the shock from Jesus’ words wore off, I would like to know what Simon said in response to his realization that Jesus read his thoughts. I would further like to know what happened to the sinful woman after this life-affecting experience with Jesus.

    10. What would my daily life look like if I implemented the “lesson” or teaching of this passage? It would help me to stop being so critical of the sins I’ve committed that He has forgiven me for, and it would help me to begin to see the great need there is in this world for others to know His heart for them. As I was reading this passage, it pained me to realize that there have been many times when I have played the role of Simon the Pharisee. It is my fervent prayer that He would open my eyes and show my heart what He sees when someone comes before Him with great sorrow for their sin. I believe we would see everyone we know in a different light. Our children, our husbands, friends, fellow church members, and of course, the lost. How great is the Father’s love for us…Oh I how I long to cling to that love! To be overflowing with His love to the point that it flows into the lives of others around me. That will be my prayer.

  14. Hey Rachel,
    Thank you again for the encouagement you give me to study and ready each time.
    1. They are at a Pharisee's home eating a meal and it said they are reclining as they eat. So I take it to be a meal with lots of fellowship.
    2. Simon, probably several Pharisee's, Jesus and the woman, and maybe more women, does not say, but I can not imagine only 1 woman being there.
    3. I think the main action was the woman realizing who Jesus really was. I think she knew that He knew her heart, and women were not allowed to speak but with her tears and the washing of His feet, she spoke without saying a word.
    4. The main point to me was that Jesus forgives us even when we're too broken to speak.
    5. I need to know this so I will not be like Simon and judge people.
    6. God can forgive and can heal broken hearts.
    7. Yes, I've been the woman, I've also been the Pharisee, who invited Jesus into my heart, my house, and I've been Simon, wanting to question other people's sins and judging other people.
    8. motivation: each character had questions- so I would say curoristy.
    9. I'm sure I'll have serveral other questions but none right now.
    10.I need to put myself at His feet when I start feeling "holier than thou". I need to sit at His feet and be quiet and speak with my heart. I also need to remember this and not judge people by their cover but by their actions.
    Thank you again Rachel and I look forward to reading everyone's answers.
    Also thanks for encouraging us to memorize scripture.
    Sharron in Louisiana

  15. I have learned a way similar to this for studying scripture. I use the strategy of the 6 W's (Who,What,When,Where,Why and Wherefore).

    Here goes the answers to the questions.

    #1 In the home of a Pharisee at meal time

    #2 Simon, Jesus, Sinful Woman (probably other pharisees and the 12)

    #3 The woman kissing Jesus' feet and pouring on perfume seems to be the main action.

    #4 Servanthood, Love, Worship, and forgiveness are all themes in this passage.

    #5 I need to know this because it is an example of the love Jesus has for us and expects from us. I am a sinner just like this woman and I know Jesus can save me from my sins.

    #6 Jesus is full of forgiveness and does not keep any record of our sins. We are all equal and no sin is greater than another.

    #7 I don't clearly see myself in any of these characters completely but I believe that I have acted in the way of the sinful woman and Simon in different situations.
    Simon was motivated by his position and embarassment of the woman's actions
    The Woman was motivated by the knowledge of who Jesus is and love for him

    #8 No unanswered questions

    #9 I believe if I were to implement this passage in my daily life it would look like love. I should be showing love to all despite the things they have done and I should always let my hear lead my actions and never ever think I am not in need of Jesus' saving power. Thank you Jesus for loving me even though I do not deserve this at all.

    Looking forward to more!!!!

  16. AnonymousMay 21, 2008

    Thanks Rachael for challenging us to dig alittle deeper in the word!

    Where does the actin take place? At a Pharisees home, Simon.

    Who are the various characters in this passage? Simon, Jesus & a sinful woman

    What is the main action taking place in this passage? The woman crying and wiping Jesus feet w/her hair & pouring perfume on them

    What is the main theme, idea, or point of the passage? That Jesus will forgive those that have many sins the same as those with few sins.

    Why do I need to know this? To know that Jesus wants me to put him 1st and focus on him...just like the woman did...and no matter the number of sins, I will be forgiven.

    What does this passage teach me about God? That all he wants is for us to trust him and put our faith in him for our forgiveness.

    Can I see myself in any of the characters? I would hope that I wouldn't be judgmental like Simon but that is something that I struggle with. I pray that I would know & believe that he is Jesus if he were to come into my home today.

    Do I know, or could I guess what motivated their actions? They thought she was too bad for Jesus to forgive & looked down on her.

    What, if any, unanswered questions do I have after reading this passage? It doesn't say in the passage that she "asked" for forgiveness. Is it that Jesus just knew by her actions that she wanted forgiveness?

    What would my daily life look like if I implemented the "lesson" or teaching of this passage? That I would be extrememely grateful for the forgiveness I've been given and not take it for granted and to not judge others for their sinful ways.

    JT - Southern IL

  17. Most important I need to say to you Rachel is that I feel you are a true angel that God has sent to hold us accountable and study his word. I love this group!!! My answers were pretty much the same as everyone else except there is a song that i have on my i-pod and i don't know the name of it but it is a man talking about the scripture of Jesus talking to Simon asking who would you forgive and I didn't put it together until I actually read it. I see myself so much as the woman for the fact that I have learned so many of life lessons the hard way and i am always telling father god that I can do it on my own I don't need his help. HA what a joke have you all fallen off your chair yet laughing at me saying wow where did she come from. It's ok cause I laugh and get mad at my self wondering why can't I let go and let God...will you please pray for me in this area. I am working very hard with God right now. I am single 43 years old and God wants me to put my trust in him and he will fill my loneliness and emptiness. My husband was killed in a motorcycle accident 6 years ago and since I have been in several relationships and I know that God has the perfect place where he wants me to be but my plan is to be held and loved to actually feel that love and have someone to go to sleep with every night and wake up to every morning. I keep fighting with God how can you feel that void. He keeps telling me Polly just trust me and put your faith in me. BUT BUT BUT...

    Polly in Long Beach

  18. Ladies please stop by my blog and join us for a discussion on prayer.

    I will be back here to post on one of my favorite women in the bible see my site. After I have read her story again and answer the questions.

  19. Awesome study!

    1) The action of this passage takes place at the home of Simon, the Pharisee.

    2) The various characters in this passage are: Simon the Pharisee, JESUS, sinful woman and the men at the table with JESUS.

    3) The main actions taking place in the passage are: the sinful woman weeping and her tears falling on JESUS' feet, the woman wiping her tears with her hair, and her anointing JESUS' feet with the expensive, fragant perfume (ointment).

    4) The main theme of this passage is: It was the woman's faith and love that saved her. Because she had faith that her sins were forgiven, she worshipped GOD.

    5) I need to know this because there are times when I falter in this walk and think JESUS will not forgive me. If I just have faith and believe in HIM and forgive myself, then I too can get back up again and walk in victory.

    6) I can see myself in the sinful woman especially as she weeped, wiped JESUS' feet with her hair and anointed HIS feet. I also have to admit there were times that I could see myself in Simon.

    7) The sinful woman's love, faith, and gratefulness motivated her actions whereas Simon's lack of faith and jealousy motivated his.

    8) If I implemented the lesson and teaching of this passage, my daily life would be filled with repentance, worship, love, unwavering faith and undying love for JESUS.

    I loved doing this, it really made me think and pray. This is one of my favorite passages and I love the song "Alabaster box" by any christian artist. For no one knows the cost of the oil in my alabaster box.

    God Bless you all!

  20. Hello,
    1. In a Pharisee's home but not sure town.
    2.Jesus, the sinful Woman and the Pharisee, (Simon)
    3. THe woman is worshiping Jesus in her own way by washing His feet and anointing them with the perfume.
    4.Jesus is showing us that we all sin and all fall short,that we need to have mercy and compassion for others like God does for us. Also He is pointing that some people that have sinned and been forgiven great debts are more thankful that those who haven't.
    5. So I am ever Thankful for what God has done for me, so I don't feel condemed for falling short.
    6. That God is awesome,he is Love, He is merciful.
    7. Yes I saw myself in all three characters. I have been the sinful woman, I have been the judgmental Pharisee and I am redeemed and righteous by the blood of Jesus and He now lives in me. :)
    8. Ya I think the sinfull woman was remorseful and repentant, the Pharisee I think was trying to dis-credit Jesus, and Jesus was just being Himself.
    9. Yes Who or Which Simon was this?
    10. I would be more thankful than I am now and I am already very thankful, I would judge less and honor and worship Jesus even more than I do now.

    Thanks Rachel, Now I can read the others. :)

  21. My question: who is Simon- (is this simon peter) and who is this woman? At one time, I thought it was Mary Magadeline, but now I am not sure. Maybe her name was not given on purpose. SHe is every woman.

  22. Rachel, I like your style! You remind me of A. Wetherell Johnson, the founder of Bible Study Fellowship - because when people asked her to teach a Bible study, she told them she was not going to spoon feed them, but have them learn on their own. These questions you provided do just that! I am going to get my Bible and sit down and answer these questions.

    I just want you to know that I am still with you, even though I haven't posted in quite a while. My daughter is graduating from High School in two weeks and things have been busy. Even so, I'm still with all you ladies and praying for you all!

    Blessings from Texas,

  23. Hey Sally, I went to BSF as well and loved it. I learned soooooooo much about God's word and how to study. Praying you all have a great week. God Bless, Josie

  24. AnonymousMay 22, 2008

    What a fabulous lesson this is! This is such a great way to approach studying the Bible! Here are my "answers":

    1. This passage takes place in the home of Simon, the Pharisee.

    2. Main characters are Jesus, the Sinful Woman, Simon, perhaps some other household members...we don't know.

    3. The actions are:
    By the sinful woman:
    weeping, the washing of Jesus' feet, repentance, gratitude; Actions by Jesus:
    Actions by Simon:
    disbelif in Jesus; judgment.

    4. Main ideas: forgiveness, compassion, faith & love; and the message that we should not be judgemental based on reputation alone (Simon judged the sinful woman based on who he thought her to be).

    Also, I think that Simon doesn't truly believe who Jesus is, since he didn't treat Him in any special way upon entering his house. Whereas the sinful woman showed her faith by washing/anointing Jesus.

    5. I need to know this story because this "situation" is so applicable to everyday life...I find myself quick to judge others at times & must be constantly reminded to "see" more like Jesus & less like "me"...I need to be reminded that it is only by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ that I am forgiven of my sins & that I should extend the same grace to those who have wronged me in some way.

    6. God does not judge... and as long as we are truly repentant, He forgives no matter what...what an awesome gift to be given by Him.

    7. I see myself in Simon - sometimes quick to judge based on a reputation. I also see myself in the Sinful Woman - eternally grateful for the forgiveness of my sins. I need to "see" others more like Jesus, though, so that I could see myself in Him.

    8. No Unanswered questions.

    9. If I implemented the lesson from this portion of the Bible, my life would most certainly look more like the life Jesus wants me to lead.

    Rachel, studying the word in this format has left a great impression on me...the lessons really hit home! I realize how much I have to work on!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    Pat in nyc

  25. Hi Everyone,
    I really enjoyed studying this bible passage in this way. Thanks Rachel. Okay here goes:

    1. The story took place in Simon's home at meal time. He was a Pharisee.

    2. The main characters were Jesus, the sinful woman, Simon, probably other men such as the disciples and other pharisees.

    3. The main action in this story is the woman washing Jesus feet with her tears, kissing his feet and annointing Jesus' feet. Also Simon and some of the other men judging the woman and Jesus' action.

    4. The main themes are: First and foremost that there is forgiveness for all sins if the sinner is repentant. Second, we should not be so quick to judge someone because of their outward appearance or reputation.

    5. Why do I need to know this? I have the assurance that I too am forgiven when I repent and ask for forgiveness. Also it reminds me not to judge someone so quickly and look down at them.

    6. What have I learned about God? God is loving and sees the heart not just our outside appearance. We have forgiveness through Christ.

    7. I see myself on both sides of this story. I am a sinful woman and throughout my lifetime have committed many sins. I also can be self righteous at times and judge people without getting to know them.

    8. What motivated their actions? The woman was grateful for being forgiven and was showing her love to Jesus. The Pharisees were proud of their righteousness and thought they were better than this woman, also Simon did not regard Jesus as an important guest in his home.

    9. No unanswered questions for now.

    10. If I implemented this lesson in my life I think my daily life would reflect the way God would have me live. A life of gratitude, worship, compassion for others.

    Have a great weekend everyone. God bless you all.

    Deb - Ohio

  26. AnonymousMay 22, 2008

    Hi Ladies,
    I loved this story and loved the questions that went along with it. I also loved reading ya'll answers and getting ya'lls insight on it. I always seem to learn something from each of you. Thanks Rachel!
    Blessings to you all!

    ~ Christi

    Where does the action of this passage take place?
    IN Simons home

    Who are the various characters in this passage?
    Jesus, the sinner woman, Simon

    What is the main action(s) taking place in the passage?
    Dinner, Sinner worshiping Jesus by washing his feet, forgiveness

    What is the main theme, idea, or point of the passage?
    To fully live you must forgive and no matter what our sin is, be it murder or gossip, a sin is a sin and the Lord forgives both just the same.

    Why do I need to know this?
    Forgiveness is so important in living a Godly Life and not being judgmental

    What does this passage teach me about God?
    How much he loves us no matter what our pasts hold and he forgives
    When we ask

    Can I see myself in any of these characters? Yes, the sinner woman- I have sinned and continue to sin and Jesus forgives me no matter what as long as I ask him too.

    Do I know, or could I guess, what motivated their actions? Sinner woman loves her Lord so much that all she felt worthy to do was wash His feet. What an honor. Simon fell into the trap that some many of us fall into, being judgmental and prideful.

    What, if any, unanswered questions do I have after reading this passage?

    What would my daily life look like if I implemented the “lesson” or teaching of this passage? I try to treat others the way God would treat them. I think if we all loved each other and saw each other the way God does, this world be a much happier place.

  27. AnonymousMay 22, 2008

    I am still with this study, so please keep them coming Rachel. Right now it's just what I need, but I am unable to post more.

  28. I read it and here are my comments:

    Where does the action of this passage take place? In the home of a Pharisee.

    Who are the various characters in this passage? Simon, the Pharisee, the sinful woman, Jesus and others who came to dinner.

    What is the main action(s) taking place in the passage? The anointing of Jesus' feet by the woman.

    What is the main theme, idea, or point of the passage? Forgiveness.

    Why do I need to know this? Our debts have been canceled by the sacrifice of our Savior. I should not be quick to judge another and I should seek to forgive and to be forgiven for my own indiscretions.

    What does this passage teach me about God? Our God is a loving and forgiving Father.

    Can I see myself in any of these characters? Unfortunately, the Pharisee. I have an instinct to go by the letter of the 'law'. But the Holy Spirit reminds me about compassion and my own human condition to a point.

    Do I know, or could I guess, what motivated their actions?

    What, if any, unanswered questions do I have after reading this passage?

    What would my daily life look like if I implemented the “lesson” or teaching of this passage?
    My life is better because of this passage and the constant forgiveness for my shortcomings. Jesus is so sweet to me. He nudges me, sometimes slams me into having the right attitude toward everyone.

    May His grace and peace surround you today....

  29. Hi Ladies,

    I have not read any other posts before I am posting my answers. It has taken me a few days to read the study and answer the questions. I look forward to reading what everyone else has to say and may post more after I do. One interesting note I found on this passage is a suggestion that this anointing in Luke is not the same event as the anointing by Mary (Lazarus' sister) in Bethany that is recorded in Matthew and Mark. Both anointing took place in a "house of Simon", but in Luke, Simon was a Pharisee, and in the other gospels, Simon was a leper. I thought this was interesting. Here are my answers to the questions Rachel posted.

    1. Where does the action of this passage take place?
    At the house of Simon a Pharisee
    2. Who are the various characters in this passage?
    Jesus, Simon the host, a sinful woman, the other guests and members of the household, and the characters in the parable (a man and two people to whom he loaned differing sums of money)
    3. What is the main action(s) taking place in the passage?
    The woman, who knew of Jesus, comes to him while he is reclining and weeps. Her tears fall on the feet of Jesus. She wipes them away with her hair, pours expensive perfume on his feet and kisses them repeatedly. Simon is appalled that the woman is there; that Jesus allows her such access to him and questions whether Jesus is as perceptive as he has claimed since he does not seem to notice the (sinful) character of the woman. Jesus uses the opportunity to instruct Simon about forgiveness and humility. Then he tells the woman that her sins are forgiven and that her faith has saved her. The other guests ask themselves who this man is that he can “forgive sins,” a thing only God could do.
    4. What is the main theme, idea, or point of the passage?
    Repentance, forgiveness, and resulting devotion. These are the keys to salvation. First one has to acknowledge their sin (examine their own state of being). Recognizing they are in debt to God, they should humbly seek and accept the forgiveness freely given. Since grievous sins are easier to recognize and confess, the shame, humility and devotion to God are greater than we feel when we commit minor transgressions. At first it appears that Jesus is implying that Simon, in contrast to the sinful woman, has only committed minor transgressions, so his love and devotion to the one who forgives is less. However, when Jesus goes on to contrast how the sinful woman has treated him at the dinner, Simon is convicted of a much greater, but perhaps unconscious sin; doubting the identity of Jesus and failing to even grant him common courtesies granted to important guests let alone to the Son of God. The passage doesn’t go on to say if Simon completes the cycle of receiving forgiveness for these transgressions and loving Jesus greatly as a result. But it is clear that the woman is set free. Her sins are forgiven and her faith in the identity of Jesus has saved her.
    5. Why do I need to know this?
    It is easy for me to pass judgment on others; to think of myself in a superior way and to convict them of greater sin. When Jesus convicts me for doing this, I need to complete the cycle of repentance, forgiveness, and love of Jesus. Sometimes too I fail to recognize Jesus as the Son of God and my personal savior. I doubt he is who he says he is; the judge of man, the perfect sacrifice, the one who took all my sin away, forgives freely, answers prayer, loves me unconditionally, desires to know me, the way, the truth and the life. How can I fail to recognize him! Every time I do, I commit a great sin. I need to humbly walk connected to him, and loving my neighbor as he has loved me.
    6. What does this passage teach me about God?
    God sees into our hearts and knows our character and our prejudices and in-most thoughts. He convicts us gently, he loves us unconditionally, and he forgives freely. He desires that we love him accordingly.
    7. Can I see myself in any of these characters?
    I see myself in Simon. I guess I also see myself in the other guests. If I was on the sideline of this whole thing and I heard Jesus forgive sins when only God could do such a thing, I probably would ask who he thought he was as well. I would like to think I would follow up on my curiosity and get to know him, but if I am honest with myself, I don’t know that I would.
    8. Do I know, or could I guess, what motivated their actions?
    answered above.
    9. What, if any, unanswered questions do I have after reading this passage?
    What did Simon do next? What about the sinful woman? Did she spread the news like the woman at the well did?
    10. What would my daily life look like if I implemented the “lesson” or teaching of this passage?
    I would not judge people by my perception alone. I would pray for God to show me how he sees them and I would seek to love them as he loves them. I would recognize Jesus to be who he says he is in all things.

    I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Memorial Day weekend!

    - Karen in California

  30. where did the woman get the alabastar jar and perfume? was this a common thing for people to have? was it expensive?
    what was the point of anointing guests' heads with oil?
    was simon the pharisee or were they two different people?

  31. did i miss it or did we not do the book of ruth?

  32. AnonymousMay 24, 2008

    Hey y'all. I haven't really been on recently because I was traveling, but I have an EXTREMELY urgent prayer request. My boyfriend and I just returned to North Carolina from visiting my family in New York. Some of his family friends from Florida are in staying at his house this weekend for a wedding. They have their daughter and granddaughter with them, along with their son. The granddaughter, Ashlyn Marie, is almost a year old. Their other daughter lives nearby and came to see them. Ashlyn Marie's aunt was carrying her down the stairs to change her diaper and she was not used to the stairs here. She slipped and fell while carrying the baby. Ashlyn Marie went flying out of her aunt's arms and slammed her head into a wooden hope chest. She had a huge indentation in the back of her head. As soon as we heard the thud and the scream, I called 911. They took Ashlyn Marie to the hospital and just as they were about to send her home they discovered that she has a fractured skull. They sent her to a bigger hospital for more brain scans and overnight observation, and at this point we have no idea if her brain is bleeding or swelling or to what extent her injuries may be. This little girl was also a premature baby so they are especially concerned for her health with that in consideration. If y'all could be praying for her we would so much appreicate it. Her aunt is pretty tore up about it too, as anyone would be. We keep telling her it was an accident and could have happened to anyone but she is just so ripped up about it. I will try to keep everyone updated but please keep this beautiful little girl in your prayers. Thanks.

    Charlotte, N.C.

  33. I feel like I don't have time to post my answers here. I did answer then in my own journal. I did want to acknowledge this study and note my gratefulness for it and all of you involved. And I want Morgan from Charlotte, NC to know I am praying for Ashlyn Marie as well as her aunt!

  34. I just read Morgan's post about the granddaughter, Ashley Marie and an Aunt. I want Morgan to know that I will add them both to my prayer list.

  35. To Morgan in Charlotte,
    Ashley Marie and her aunt will be in our prayers!

    Plant Lady

  36. AnonymousMay 24, 2008

    Hey again,
    We just got a call that Ashlyn Marie is on her way home!! They did a third head scan this morning and a full body x-ray to check for other breaks or fractures, but she looks good and is playing and eating like normal. Her aunt has some pain in her chest and a scraped up knee but otherwise is doing better. Praise God that this beautiful little girl is coming home!!

    Thank you all for your prayers!

  37. Thanks so much for the update on
    Ashlyn Marie. We give praise to God for the good report!

  38. 1 & 2 - Jesus is at a Pharasee's house for dinner. The other character mentioned is the Sinful Woman.

    3 - While they are eating the sinful woman comes in and goes behind Jesus and washes his feet with her tears, wipes them with her hair and pours perfume on them. The Pharasee thinks to himself that if Jesus was a prophet he would know that she was a sinner. (I find it interesting that he didn't say anything he just thought it. I get a picture of his smuggness). Jesus uses this as an opportunity to teach about forgiveness.
    4. Forgiveness
    5. I need to know how great God's forgiveness is and since I am to forgive as he has forgiven I have no excuss for holding back on forgiving anyone.
    6. God is a great a mercyful God!
    7. I definately see myself in the sinfull woman. Great have been my sins. Like the sinful woman there have been many tears of repentance. I am also a little like the Pharisee because I start to read into his character and decide EXACTLY who and what he is. Since Christ said, he who has forgiven little loves little it sounds like the pharisee's sins were also forgiven and who am I to judge?
    8. How did this woman just wander into this house? Was it a place that she had been to before? Did Simon have a little more knowledge of her than he would have wanted to have admitted?
    9. I would be more loving and forgiving. I would not let what other people say and do get to me and I would never hold a grudge.

  39. To God be the glory for Ashley Marie and her aunt. He is an awesome God and deserves all our praise for the prayers He has answered.
    Have a great Holiday, everyone.

  40. I've noticed that several have asked about Sharon. I had emailed her last week and ask for an update on her. Following is and email I got from Sharon yesterday.

    "Thank you so much for the prayers. Today is sunday and I got out of the hospital yesterday, I am in alot of pain. They did remove my gall bladder, it was pretty bad, they said I have to very careful right now, the tube they closed up have to make sure it doesn't leak or it can kill me, sooo no throwing up and my hubby has to watch my skin color, cannot turn yellow, or I have to be rushed back to the hospital. I can say I am scared, but I know the Lord has his hands on me, and I will be ok. PRAISE the Lord my liver is ok.
    Thanks again for the prayers, Love you all!

    Sounds like she still needs our prayers.

  41. AnonymousMay 26, 2008

    Thanks for the questions Rachel. This makes me think thru what I'm reading and not just read absentmindedly.

    Debrah ~ I appreciate your thought about not defending ourselves. I didn't see that when I first read it.

    AliceE ~ Thanks for the update on Sharon. I've been going back thru the study to try to find out if Sharon had left a follow up message and how she was doing. Continuing in prayer for you Sharon.

    Morgan ~ My heart skipped a beat when I read about your dear little Ashley Marie. My husband slipped and fell, then he hit his head, so I know how serious this can be.
    Then I got chills when I continued to read down the column and you updated with the good news. (Thank you for the update). We rejoice with you. Thank you Lord.

  42. Hi, Rachel! Just returning from some time away in Lancaster County with my precious family. The weather has been gorgeous here...God gave us that wonderful gift!

    Wow....she loved Him much. She was forgiven much. This really ministers to my heart and encourages me. He is so gentle and faithful. I always remember His grace and mercy to me. Keeps my heart humble.

    I am going to print out your reflection questions and do them as part of my quiet time early tomorrow morning.

    Thank you and God bless you for investing your love, time and care in this study of women in the Bible! God's Word is truly alive and active!

  43. Good morning ladies,

    I have an urgent prayer request please. Last night, my husband and my oldest daughter (his step-daughter), got into a shouting match. She was supposed to complete a final assignment for school and did not.

    My husband assigned a punishment that my daughter obviously thought was too harsh,so she demanded to call her Dad. An argument ensued that I stayed out of until he picked up by her hair and began to physically take her outside. I yelled at him, "Stop!", which gave my daughter time to get away.

    I thought it was over because I saw her outside cooling off. I gave her some time to cool off, then went outside to comfort her, only to find out she was gone.

    She turned up at a neighbor's house, finding out from her that she already called her Dad to come get her. She was shaking like a leaf and still crying. This was a good half hour after the incident.

    Her father came and got her to spend the night with him. Needless to say, he was not happy with my husband. This is the first time my husband has ever laid his hands on any of my children. I just don't know what the right thing to do is. I want my children to be safe, but I'm not convinced that my husband would do this again.

    Please pray for wisdom on my part, and that God will shine His light into my husband's heart. He doesn't believe he's done anything wrong--which scares me to death. My other children are pretty rattled as well. I want to make this marriage work, I just don't know where to start.

    If you are willing to stand in the gap for us, please email responses to full_of_grace92@yahoo.com so we don't 'clog up' Rachel's site. God bless you all dear sisters, I am very thankful for you all.


  44. Hi Ladies...

    I am TOTALLY dragging my feet on this one. Don't know why I am being so resistant... must mean God has something to say to me through this... I have printed out the questions and I WILL do it (soon, I hope). Maybe even just writing this will motivate me to get it done.

    Anyway, I wanted to post that I am praying for you all (and no, I haven't peeked at your answers... just the requests). I also wanted Keri in MO to know I will be praying for her throughout the day today. May God speak to you heart!

    Blessings from Somerset, Kentucky

  45. I have read the sinful woman and answered my questions.

  46. Hey Ladies.
    I have read this, answered the questions in a journal I'm keeping about this bible study. I will try to post them here in a day or so.
    I was really afraid that I had missed out on new women to study. My Uncle passed away, then I lost my job after 16 yrs. They said it was because of the economy. I'm totally trusting the Lord to lead me in the direction He wants me to go. I really feel right now I'm to go into a period of rest and to soak myself in His word.
    I'm so thankful for the prayers God has answered for little Ashlyn. Praise God. We serve an awesome Lord.
    Glad to hear Sharon is doing better. And know that I'm praying for all the prayer requests.
    God bless you all, and thank you Rachel from the bottom of my heart for this study.
    Tommie in Ky

  47. Answering questions 8-10
    I believe this woman had an encounter with Christ prior to this day. The encounter had led her to believe Christ was who He claim to be. Their encounter led to a complete transformation. Jesus had overlooked this woman's sins on the surface- He had met her at her level of need- forgivenness-she was a notorious sinner and because Jesus had forgiven her she came to give her thanks, to worship Him for the change He had brought in her life. "Therefore I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven-as her great love has shown." Her forgiveness came before this day of worship she was showing her love for what Jesus had done for her.
    Simon didn't see himself as a sinner in need of forgiveness. He didn't accept Christ as Savior. He thought himself better than the sinful woman. He didn't honor Christ becasue He didn't believe in Him as God's Son.
    10- The theme/lesson worship I would spend more time worshipping and loving Christ my actions would reflect a life of love and worship in gratitude to Christ for forgiving me of my many sins. I would be truly walking in faith-others would see my love for Jesus by the way I live- wouldn't care what others think this sinner Woman didn't care what others thought when she went into Simon's house- her purpose and my purpose would be to worship my Savior- no pretense-no masks. Christ would be my priority everyday-all other goals would bow down to my journey of knowing Him, loving Him and worshipping Him- my actions and my words would match.

  48. Good morning ladies,

    I want to say thank you for those of you who have emailed me with your promise to 'stand in the gap.'

    I would ask for continued prayer as my husband has completely stopped talking to me, and my daughter is now temporarily living with her father for the summer. I cannot tell you the emotional toll this is taking on me. My husband has agreed to counseling, so I should know today when our first appointment is. I am pleased that my husband has agreed to counseling, however, we've been down this road before. I'll believe that he follows through with it when I see it.

    I believe fully in the power of Satan and his demons, and I believe he has a firm grasp on this house right now. So, for those of you who are praying, please also pray that these dark angels are banished from our home.

    Thanks again to all of you who are praying, I can feel His peace in my heart. Rachel, thank you for this study group--they've been a lifeline.

  49. I opened a devotions booklet someone gave me, and guess what the devotion scripture was--yep--"The Sinful Woman." One thing it pointed out was that we need to serve Jesus w/ extravagance, as this woman had done w/ her perfume. Along those lines, I thought about how we should give Jesus our best in everything we do.

    I enjoyed this format of study--it just takes me a couple of rounds to get the questions done!

    Love and prayers to all of you--I have some things going on in my life and my home that need prayer, too. I don't have time to tell you, and some things I'm a little ashamed of, but just pray for my husband and my family and me.

    Because of Jesus,

  50. I did the reading and answered the questions. I know I am very much like the sinful woman in my sin. I really desire to be as eztravagant in my worship of Jesus. I definitely can be like the pharisee proud of myself and condemning others. Need to work on that.

    I don't feel the need to repeat what others have already sais. I so love this format of study.

    Blessings to all and my prayers are with those who requested.

    Latrobe, PA

  51. AnonymousMay 29, 2008

    I like this format too, for the Bible study, but I must admit that it takes more effort to do it. I regretably admit that I went through it very quickly the other day(as I wanted to go to sleep!), and that I learned much more from the other's answers (yes, after I did mine!). But today I wrote down the questions and would like to use them sometimes for my personal Bible study.

    I've prayed for the prayer requests, thank you Alice for the update on Sharon. Sharon, hope that you'll be totally healed, God bless your recovery time. May He bring much good out of this, and protect you from further sickness.

    Keri - prayed for you. It seems that one of the enemy's biggest attacks is on families. I pray God's protection on your family, and that His will, will be done for you guys. One thing that I'm learning and want to do yet, is annoint our home with oil, including every entry way (doors, computer, T.V., phones etc.)and every room in the house, claiming all and everyone for Jesus Christ, and declaring His righteousness and authority and all areas. Praying with someone else in doing this is a good thing to. God bless you and give you peace. Please update as to how its going!

    Susan- I also pray for freedom for you and your family, that God will bind you together in unity and love. May truth, grace and love reign in your home. Please also update!

    Connie, Canada

  52. To all the ladies who are having family problems. Many years ago when my girls were in their teens and we were having problems with our youngest, I did what Connie from Canada did. I went around and anointed all the doors in my house and prayed. God brought us through a spiritual warfare. I would recommend that you all try doing the same thing. God will honor your prayers. He didn't say the trials would get lighter but He did say He would stand beside us and bring us through the fire and He did us. If you get a chance there's a song on my blog written by the father of the Crabb Family entitled Through the Fire. You all are in my prayers.
    Sisters in Christ,

  53. Full of Grace I agree with Alice E
    Get busy with the oil- anoint your entire house with it and speak to those demons. Use the word of God- Satan will flee- he will have to. Reclaim your family

  54. AnonymousMay 31, 2008






    LOVE YA ALL....

  55. Vicki, from Nigeria,
    Tears came to my eyes as I read your post about your son. I cannot imagine what you are going through right now. If you will go to my blog I am going to put a message that I used on cards for people who had suffered a great loss. I did this when I was doing a card ministry. It's not my words as I'm not a writer, but I believe the writer (unknown) says what you may need to hear. You and your family are in my prayers. At least you have the comfort in knowing that he is with his Heavenly Father. There are also some songs on my blog that may be a comfort to you.
    May God give you peace and comfort in the days ahead. My blog address is fromtheheartae.blogspot.com.
    Sisters in Christ,

  56. AnonymousMay 31, 2008

    Vickie ~ My dear sister. I have no words to comfort you ~ words seem so empty at such a time as this. It will take time to ease your deep, deep pain. I am praying for what you asked, but also that our loving Savior will surround you with a love beyond what you can even understand. Thank you for sharing your heart at this hard time when everything is so fresh and raw ~ it must be because you feel safe here and KNOW that all of us will lift you up. Please let us walk thru this with you ~ as you have prayer requests, please let us know.
    In the spirit I'm hugging you right now. You are precious and God loves you. We don't understand these things but we can rest in Him. May you have peace and comfort and may God provide you with all that you stand in need of.

  57. Vickie, words cannot express the pain in my heart for your loss. Know that our God is an awesome God. Be comforted today in knowing that because your son confessed Christ as Saviour that he is with the Lord. We will be praying for your strength in the coming days and the peace that only God can give.

    Linda--Columbus OH

  58. Oh Vickie,
    I am so sad for your loss. I am mourning with you, and praying that the Lord will keep you and your family strong and that He will bring you comfort during this difficult time.

  59. Dear precious Vickie,
    Daughter of GOD. Know that his hand is upon you and your family. I pray GOD's perfect peace to rest upon you and your family during this great loss. I pray HE comforts you beyond understanding.

    In my prayers,

  60. Vickie,
    I am so sorry for your loss, I know the pain you must be feeling,my heart truly hurts for you and I am praying for all your needs. May you all have peace and comfort, May God provide all of your needs during this time.
    God Bless you and your family

  61. Vickie may the peace of God be with you. continue to lean on Him and trust in Him. he will give you the strength You need to get through this time. N=Blessings to you and your family.

  62. Lakeisha (New Jersey)June 04, 2008

    To Vickie and your family:

    Our hearts go out to you and your family during this very difficult time. Words seem so useless at a time like this. But please know that you have sisters-in-Christ all over this world praying for You and your family. May God comfort your family in the coming days when you feel like you just can't take it any more! And may the memories that you have of your precious son bring smiles and laughter to your heart!

    Love, Lakeisha (New Jersey)

  63. I (FINALLY)did it!!!

  64. Oh Vickie, I'm so sorry about your son. I'm praying that God will hold you and your family close. Debby in ND

  65. AnonymousJune 11, 2008

    hie guys its good to be back.av been away for a while.i agree with josie.i long to have that relationship with the lord jesus christ.
    thanx rachel for addressing my query on memorising verses,im working on it.


  66. Where does the action of this passage take place?
    Simon’s, the Pharisee, house.
    Who are the various characters in this passage?
    The woman, Simon, Jesus, and other men at the table.
    What is the main action(s) taking place in the passage?
    Simon and his guests were having dinner, the immoral woman arrived to pour out her love and the expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet, Jesus responds to Simon and others thinking poorly of the woman and forgives the woman of her sins.
    What is the main theme, idea, or point of the passage?
    Jesus touches each of us just where we need it.
    Why do I need to know this?
    So that I can love Him and trust Him to forgive, heal, and take care of me, and so that I don’t misjudge others by their actions.
    What does this passage teach me about God?
    God knows and sees all and He loves each of us.
    Can I see myself in any of these characters?
    Do I know, or could I guess, what motivated their actions?
    Somewhat, but then I know that Jesus knows my heart.
    What, if any, unanswered questions do I have after reading this passage?
    Why would Simon the Pharisee invite Jesus to his house for dinner and not extend the common courtesies of that day?
    What would my daily life look like if I implemented the “lesson” or teaching of this passage?
    I would be more in touch with Jesus; I’d be more understanding and patient, less judgmental with others; and I’d be more hospitable in my home and towards all.

  67. PS Vickie, my sympathy and prayers are with you and your family. May 29th is my birthday, and I have a 14 yr old son/orphan that I'm guardian for, so I appreciate your situation, and will continue to remember you in prayer. God sustains us through all. You are not alone.

  68. I still can’t get the sinful woman out of my head. I can see her, a normal woman with long hair flowing, dressed in normal clothes for the day. It seems she had probably been to the home before, she knows where the guests were seated and servants didn’t stop her from entering the house. I don’t see her as an unwashed beggar type person, maybe she was a servant and that was another reason for the Pharisees to look down on her, but I don’t think so. She had to have been so frightened, sacred, of ridicule, being stared at, and talked about. Maybe she was even afraid for her life, didn’t they stone women who were prostitutes or had committed adultery, but something about Jesus pulled her. She must have met him or heard him speak and maybe the words warmed her soul and filled it to over flowing. Maybe she had been in a desert of dry loneliness for snubs that shot through her heart like arrows. She was probably timid, walking with her head down, when walking in the room where Jesus was, but the minute she saw him she was bold. She knew in her heart that this was a savior and she wanted to do something for him to thank him, to show her love for His mercy. I doubt she heard much of the conversation between the Pharisees and Jesus she was so focused on what she was doing, cleaning, perfuming, kissing his feet, until he turned to her and her breath caught. When she lifted her head he could see tears streaming down her face and she probably didn’t look him full in the face. Maybe she got as far as his chin waiting….waiting for what he would say, have I done wrong, she is thinking, should I not have touched him? I’m not good enough to even be at his feet. Oh, no, he knows all my sins, but then she looks into his eyes and they are warm and understanding, filled with love and she hears the words, your sins are forgiven and she smiles. I don’t know who the sinful woman was, but I am like her, a sinful woman, an imperfect woman, I am so thankful that I have a perfect savior.


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