Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Talking about Mary & Martha

Hey girls, we’re going to discuss this reading in “chunks” over a couple of posts. First, I want to start discussion by asking you to consider this scenario:

Imagine with me … it is 2:00 in the afternoon, and you are at home when your friend calls to say she is bringing JESUS over to your house for dinner that evening at 5:30. You hang up the phone … amazed, excited and even a bit nervous … What do you do next?

You have known Jesus for a while now, but still – HE is coming to your house to eat and fellowship tonight!

How will you spend the next few hours until 5:30?

How will you spend the few hours that He is at your house for dinner?

Honestly, what would you probably plan or do? Why?

Me? I would certainly feel the urge to go into serious cleaning mode. And I'd worry over what to serve. I might even consider serving take-out from a restaurant that cooks better than I do. I can imagine myself wanting everything to be, look, and taste as good as possible.

Then again, I can also imagine myself feeling the urge to break out my Bible and read like crazy before His arrival. Not necessarily to "commune with the Father" so much as to brush up on my biblical memory and facts so I could talk intelligently with Jesus. I might even make a list of questions I wanted to to remember to ask Him while I had His ear.

It's also entirely possible I'd become paralyzed with indecision and call my friend back to say, "I can't do this! Can we just meet at your house for dinner with Jesus tomorrow night?" In fact, I'd probably do all three of these in this order!

What came to your mind when you considered the scenario?


  1. It is a bit scary to be the first respondent! I have a new appreciation for all you other ladies that have done this before!

    This is an interesting scenario Rachel, thanks for posing it.

    I, like you, would go into a cleaning frenzy! House, yard, husband, self… I would stuff everything I could into the garage (since these houses in CA don’t have handy basements or attics). I would probably want to repaint and replant. I would also probably worry about the conversation; would I be able to hold up my end? Would my pride, independence, self-sufficiency have blinded me to having actually learned any truths? Would my inside insecurities and scars be too obvious? Would I be accepting of Jesus’ unconditional love while He visited, or would I be hiding and feeling unworthy?

    I guess when it comes right down to it, I am a Martha although I think I missed the party when they handed out the gift of hospitality. I care about the outside presentation as I think it allows me to hide the inside imperfections. There is much more to ponder here. Looking forward to what others have to share.

  2. AnonymousJuly 15, 2008

    I cook, clean, bake like crazy when getting ready for my parents and mother-in-law! I can't imagine what a tizzy I'd be in preparing for Jesus! I'd probably suggest we rent the church's fellowship hall, and have it catered...then sit down and read the Bible!

  3. Rachel,

    Oh you surely had me laughing! So loud my husband had to come see whats up. I go crazy when My Pastor and his Wife come over. I work till I am ready to drop.

    I am Martha!!! Yes cleaning would be the thing I would start with.
    And I can tell you I don't think I could get my house clean enough for him. I would also want to call my friend back and say NOOOO I can't do this.
    Dinner, now that I can do, but I would stress so bad over not knowing what he would like.
    I wouldn't doubt my mouth would freeze up. I would forget everything in the bible. I am sure that I would feel so unworthy to be in his presence, I am sure I would probably cry. I am also sure I would fall to my knees.
    and I know when he got ready to leave I would ask for forgiveness.

    O-k now this got me teary eyed.
    I would be in awe.
    It's like the song "I can only imagine" what it will be like.
    surrounded by his glory what will my heart feel. will I be able to speak at all. I can only imagine.
    Could I stand in his presence, no I know I will be on my knees.

    Blessings to all

  4. I also would go into a cleaning frenzy! I usually tend to "hang" rather then gather in the kitchen. I'd much rather participate in the discussion and let the dishes wait until after the guest leave. Karen, I think that there would be a good possibility that I would be hiding and feeling unworthy...although I am hopeful that as I grow in the Lord and spend more and more time with Him that I would rather be in His Presence than anywhere else.
    Rachel thanks for this thought provoking study.

  5. AnonymousJuly 15, 2008

    This is a very interesting way to get us thinking! ;)

    When I read the passages, I thought, "Martha is missing the big picture by focusing on details that Jesus doesn't really worry about; Mary has got it together, she KNOWS what is important & wants to learn MORE!"

    Then...when I read YOUR questions, I thought, okay, I am TOTALLY Martha because I would definitely go into cleaning & cooking mode! lol! I guess my head & my heart DO NOT match up! ;)

    Then again, when I think about it further...there really is no point in cleaning like a manaic since Jesus knows EVERYTHING about me anyway! He KNOWS my place is, shall we say, "lived in"...I think what he would rather "see" is our "clean" hearts, ready to welcome Him & His Word.

    Ya know, I NEVER would have thought this deeply about this had you not posted these questions to us! THANK YOU!!!

    Pat in nyc

  6. I love to cook so I would wonder what to make - then make it. Then I would be cleaning. And I totally agree with Sharon. It's like the song "I can only Imagine" And yes too many times in life I have been Martha too concerned with the details and not with the company. I am getting better, Much Better.
    I actually enjoy my guests now.
    Be Blessed,

  7. I think I would sit in awe for a few hours and then go into panic mode. Im a Martha that's for sure! But after all the cleaning and cooking is done Im not entirely sure Id be able to do much once He got there! Id probably sit with Jesus there unable to speak, heck, sometimes it's hard to find the right words when it's just Christ and I in prayer. Like most of the others here my mind would probably go blank and Id forget all of my Bible "smarts". Pride and doubt are awful when they take hold...those would probably be my reactions.

    This question really makes you think about what you put first, after all even if I clean He's going to know what it looks like on a daily basis. Thank you Rachel for this question, and Bible Study.

  8. Like most I would probably begin cleaning trying to make sure the house was perfect. I would then go into panic mode about what I would serve, coming up with no menu I thought worthy. At some point I would probably call my mother about what to serve. I would probably be devising questions in my head and trying to remember the word, His miracles etc. I would be in fear that I would be a disappointment to Christ. At some point in allthis madness I hope I would come to my senses and know Jesus cares about none o that stuff and I would begin to wait in eager anticipation. It's great when you have learned from your sisters who have walked before you.

  9. Good evening Ladies,

    I am a Martha all of the time and I keep my housework up (actually I am a cleaning fanatic, which isn't always the greatest attribute,) except in my library. My desk is a constant mess, so I would definitely put everything in order there and then dust, vacuum and freshen up the guestroom (just in case He wanted to stay.)

    Then I would go to the freezer and the pantry and raid them for provisions for various hors d'oeuvres, rush to the store for some fresh salmon (I'm sure He loves fish), salad makings, fresh fruit & veggies. I usually have enough on hand to whip up a great dessert or two so would do that when I got back home. I would then prepare the salad and get it in the fridge, put the salad bowls and forks in the freezer, chill a bottle of wine, sweep, mop, set fresh flowers around the house, shower, change my clothes, put on some worship music,light some scented candles and start the remainder of dinner. I imagine that my adreline rush would be at it's highest level, therefore allowing me to accomplish all of this in record time (I believe Rachel implied that we only had three and a half hours until the GREAT MOMENT.) At that point, I think I would totally collapse in a heap because that would be when the reality would sink in that the King of Kings was coming to see ME!!!!

    Even if time allowed, I don't think that I would brush up on scripture at that time, I would never be able to concentrate. Besides, I would have the greatest opportunity of all to hear it first hand, and what could be better than that?

    Knowing how He felt about Mary's behavior when He visited her home, I suspect that I would do my best to emulate her (and of course I would have stopped off at one of the gift shops in town on my way home from the maket and purchased some fine perfumed oil)! Once I picked myself up off the floor, I would prepare Him a footbath and
    probably collapse again, this time in awe, at His feet.

    I would definitely have to have someone else serve dinner, I'm sure that I would not be in any state to do so myself.

    And all of the above, as Karen so aptly put it ~ I can ONLY imagine!!!

    Rachel, what a great concept you have added to our study with this approach. Thank you. It was tons of fun imagining!! And just think, someday we won't have to!!!! God is good!

    And, now I am exhausted from all of that rushing around!

    God's blessings & favor to all of you,

    Bonners Ferry, ID

  10. Wow this question Rachel......
    I read it and honestly my first reaction was to let my thought go instead of answering ( i do not like to confront myself ,if it is up to me.....) "I got this q before".....( and i think i did not let it touches me, i went over it...)"What is the reason for this q to know if i'm Martha or Mary?"..."Bernice you know you are an Martha"......"This will never happen in real"....
    Then i hear.."STOP,STOP,STOP...."!!
    Honestly Bernice look at what you think....WHY.....
    1st of all you don't want to believe that Jesus will visit you....
    2nd You feel not "good enough".You don't want His visit yet b/c you don't want to be confronted .....You think you are "unworthy"......

    I must say it makes me sad to see( hear) my instant responses....
    But it is that i want/must be honest here and if i do not i cheat myself b/c Jesus knows me the Father knows me', It's the Holy Spirit who is urging me to be honest to God,myself and honest ..Otherwise i can never become what God had planned for me!!!...
    But i'm a Martha in real life when i get visitors and i want to be an Marry and a Martha especially when "My Lord and Savior will visit me.....".
    My daily struggle is to dear to be honest...esp to God because otherwise i "fool"myself...
    "Father God please forgive me my inadequaties,my sins,the thoughts what are not your thoughts for me.....also my precious sisters in Christ....Thank you for them that you put us together to learn...To know you and what your thoughts are for us..Thank you for your daily mercies to us .I love you ,honour you and praise you Lord.
    Amen Amen.....

  11. Hi, Rachel.

    I honestly would hope that the Lord would visit on a day when He knew my house was tidy and guest-ready! I would want to serve Him a delicious meal on a beautifully-set table...I'd want to give Him the best. I think I'd be so excited though that I would probably just dance around the house and be totally unproductive! I'd be calling family and friends and telling them to come over (and bring a dish while you're at it!).

    With late notice (3.5 hours is not enough time!), I'd hope that I have a few meals I've prepared ahead of time in the freezer. I know He'd be happy with sitting at our kitchen table with our every day dishes...afterall He is coming to spend time with us, not our dishes! But I still would want to serve Him with our best.

    I would love to linger over coffee and dessert with him! Wow....can you imagine?

    Well, this has me thinking of a pretty picture we have hanging on our family room wall that says, "Jesus is the Head of this house...the unspoken guest in every room". Truth is, He really is here. (I am going to start dancing around now!)

    Now, the question is...am I giving Him my best...my surrendered heart, my selfless heart?? More than a prepared meal, table and home, I pray He would find prepared hearts here in our home. Only by His grace....

    You have given my heart much to ponder...and much to prepare! :)


  12. AnonymousJuly 16, 2008

    Like everyone else I would also go into serious cleaning mode. I'd probably have the kids and even my husband working to try to get everything ready. I am definitly a Martha as well. And just as I saw others write I'd probably be questioning my cooking skills and be wandering if maybe I should order the food from somewhere else. By the time Jesus arrived I'd probably be so exhaused and nervous that I wouldn't even be able to enjoy his visit. I'd be worrying about what we would talk about and the family's behavior. I'd be so concerned with everything measuring up and my insecurities about myself that in the end even though I'd have the wonderful opportunity to sit with Jesus and truly fellowship, I would miss it!

  13. AnonymousJuly 16, 2008

    One of my favorite songs is “I can only imagine” and it is so true I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in the physical presence of Jesus. I’m not a great cook so I know whatever I had would be a simple meal but prepared with love. My house is always clean with the exception of my 19 year old sons room, so cleaning would not be an issue. I think it would be too late to brush up on scriptures because I know he knows me and my thoughts. I know I would be in awe and not know what to do. Like the song says “Will I sing hallelujah or would I be able to speak at all?” There is a song we sing at our church “The presence of the Lord is here” so when I think about it like Sharon said He is already here so my life should line up daily with him. I should live everyday as though He is going to be the special guest that is not just visiting but lives at my house. I can sit at his feet every morning and through reading his word, talk with him and he will talk back with me.


  14. You know, as I read all these comments, it occurred to me that some of the best times I have had of visiting and fellowship were actually in the simplest of settings. My parents were missionaries in Romania when I first married. I remember going to people's very modest homes for meals. In one home the meal was served in the bedroom - because the bed itself offered much seating. The hostess never apologized for her mismatched dishes and flatware, or rickety tables all smushed together. And I must say that was one of the most memorable times of Christian bonding I can remember in my life. I learned a lot from that sweet lady, and the many others like her who offered what they had in order to bless others. It was very apparent that the heart issues were what were really being served.
    I came home determined to entertain more freely and worry less frequently. I am sad to say that once I was re-integrated into the "real world" in my part of the country, those fears and intimidations began rearing their ugly heads again. It takes such a conscious effort on my part to stay grounded in the things that are REALLY important to God.


  15. I would freak, and start cleaning everything. haha. I would be so excited but clean and cook, and go shopping, and clean the cat even!!

    I would fix the porch up too, and put candles out, the house would be tidy, clean, and filled the smell of fresh food. At least that would be goal.

    I wouldn't even think about how the evening would pan out, I would just worry about the home being prepared. (when it should already be prepared to begin with)

    I'm a Martha. Definately.

  16. I would go crazy cleaning. I've done this before when I know guests are coming 1 week in advance much less in 3 hours or less. Living in a rural area, I would have to go to the grocery store, since we are "empty nesters" my husband and I eat what's available in the house, maybe cereal, leftovers from the weekend, or if my husband is working late, I make do on dill pickles, carrots and ranch dressing.(my favorite). Also living in a rural area, there is no takeout, so I would be trying to get groceries, clean up, and then be so tired not enjoy His visit. I would want to shout, "Will someone help me, I've been getting everything ready for everyone to enjoy and just look at all of yall just sitting around enjoying visiting." Yes, I've been called Martha many times, and this really hit home. It has before.

    When my children married and moved out and would plan trips home to visit for the weekend, I would get into a frenzy cleaning, cooking, etc. I would spend all of my time exhausting myself that when it came time for them to arrive, I would be sooo tired and become grouchy, then regret it after they had gone. Being from the South, I was raised cooking, eating, and visiting around the dinner table every Sunday. I truly love it but I've learned to enjoy the moments when my children are at home. Yes we still eat but I've learned not to stress the small things in life and cherish the time spent with them.
    Having a special visit with Jesus and being able to sit at His feet would be a cherished moment that after He left I would remember the rest of my life. Cooking and cleaning would be forgotten in a few hours.
    Thanks Rachel for sharing with us. I'm blessed again.
    Sharron in Louisiana

  17. Loved this question!!! I would call that girlfirend back and ask what HIs favorite meal was---hopefully something I could whip up! Then, I would fix a pound cake, fresh strawberries and ice cream for dessert. Then, I would commence to a cleaning frenzy like some of the other ladies mentioned! When Jesus and His disciples arrived at my home, hopefully all of the dust bunnies would be caged! I would then want to be like Mary and just hang onto his every word! We'd sit around the table and just talk--the way most of us do when we have family or close friends over. How fun!! Can you imagine hearing his voice--wow!

    For a good summer read, check out Joanna Weaver's "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World"--it was great. I read the sequel this summer--even better!

    Thanks Rachel for your thoughts for us to ponder and pray about.
    Have a great day!

  18. I think at first I would panic and then go into a cleaning frenzy even though my house really isn't that bad. I would stress about what to serve for supper. I am a Martha. But then as I looked at the comments, I have to agree with Sharon, Jesus is always with us. Am I giving him my best? I truly would like to sit at his feet and hear what he has to say. This question gave me a lot to think about. Thanks Rachel.


  19. Rachel, what wonderful questions.

    I know that I would definitely cook a really good meal. I love to cook and it would be no problem.
    I'm sure I would pick up around the
    house but housecleaning will take longer than a few hours. Like some of the others I know Jesus already knows the daily chaos of my household. I watch my eight grandchildren from 5 months to 6 years in age on a daily basis. I would definitely want to prepare them for Jesus visit.

    I can only imagine what it would be
    like to know that Jesus was coming to my home for dinner and fellowship. I can't wait to get to heaven to enjoy that often.

    Blessings to all of you. We are so blessed to be in this Bible study. Keep up the good work, Rachel.

    Latrobe, PA

  20. i would go into panic mode and start cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! i would want my house to be perfect for Him. then i think i would go crazy tring to find the perfect dinner to cook for Jesus and make sure everything was just right.

    as i think about my first reaction, it makes me wonder why it is. is it for the apperance sake of it all or is it i think Jesus really cares about a SUPER CLEAN house and what i cook for Him for dinner? Wow!!! great question rachel!

    i guess i am a martha!

    blessings ~

  21. Hey, girls, I'm back up and running with my blog. Took me a while and I lost all your wonderful comments, but that's life. Thank the Lord I had saved a copy of my blog on my computer, so I just copied and pasted most of it. Plant Lady, my feeds are right now. You shouldn't have any trouble.

    If Jesus came to my house, well first I would call my husband since he does most of the cooking. After the surgery I had in 1999 I forgot how to put a meal together. I would probably straiten up the house and hope He's coming right after the cleaning ladies had been here.

    He already knows me better than I know myself. Remember He looks on the inside of me rather than the outside or how my house is. I would probably be so nervous that I would not be able to speak at all.

    Wow! I hope I would rush up to Him and welcome Him with open arms, then I would like to ask Him to heal my body and make me well again so I could do the things I use to do.

  22. Good afternoon Ladies,

    Karen, In my earlier post I forgot to mention that I think that you did a great job for your first time at being the "first" to comment on a story!

    I have been thinking all night and all morning about my imaginary visit from Jesus, plus reading all of your comments. I truly believe that if we were all faced with that scenario that we would not be so engaged in the process of trying to "impress" Jesus as we might think. After all, who knows us better? He knows our every thought, our every need, our every talent, and our every fault, so He wouldn't be expecting us to be perfect nor to know exactly the right thing to say or do. I am sure that He would want us to simply worship Him and absorb every single word he uttered. He would want us to listen in magnificent wonder to His teachings. He doesn't need to know anything about us; he already knows everything there is to know, including the number of hairs on our heads. He wants us to know Him and to open our hearts with great expectation and delight to all of the wonders he has to share with us. I believe that all of us would be at his feet gazing into his gentle, loving, beautiful eyes with so much love and adoration that our own eyes would be so overflowing with tears that we wouldn’t be able to see clearly.

    Can't you just feel the peace that would overwhelm your entire being? I sincerely feel that all anxieties, pain, self-consciousness, doubt and feelings of unworth would dissolve and that the peace that passes understanding would envelope us like it never has before. Remember the song ~ "Come, just as you are to worship, come, just as you are before your God, come.” I sense that all of our worries
    and imaginary scenarios would melt away and the Holy Spirit would properly prepare us for our Lord’s visit by guiding us and showing us exactly what to say, what to do, and what to serve; leaving us just to bask in HIS knowledge and glory.

    God bless you all.

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Karyl ~ Bonners Ferry, ID

  23. This was an excellent post. Two years ago, I would have answered much differently, but today knowing what I know, I'd say I'd do my best to spruce the place up and make it feel warm and cozy and then I'd order take out and not worry about the rest...just be able to sit at His feet and learn and praise Him...because He already knows what my home looks like messy and he also can see into my heart and I'd rather those rooms be the cleanest in my temple

  24. I must say, that I learned from my mother-in-law a very important lesson that I believe applies here. Up until about three or four years ago (maybe a bit longer than that...) I would go into a panic whenever anyone was coming to visit. One evening they came to visit us and she told me that they did not come to see our house, they came to see us. I need to preface this comment with the fact that my mother-in-law is by far the CLEANEST woman I have ever met. I seriously would eat off of her garage floor. But I digress... Ever since that day, I have come to the realization that when people come to my house, they are not coming to see my house, or my rooms, or the items in my house...they are coming to visit me/my family. I vacuum once a week...or so. I dust when I remember. I get the laundry and other cleaning done as it needs it. My house is not dirty, by any means...but lived in and cozy.

    So, after all of that, I guess I am not a Martha. My husband, on the other hand...well you did not ask what he would do if he found out Jesus was coming! LOL

    I would try to prepare something simple to eat that would be delicious (no pork! VBG) and easy for clean up - so I would not have to be in the kitchen for clean-up for a long time after dinner.

    I would be certain to have batteries in all the cameras and camcorders, and maybe a marker or two for an autograph. I might think of some questions for him, but mostly I would thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to have Jesus in my home.

    Also, I would call my grandmother to tell her she was having dinner at my house and she had to cancel any other dinner plans she had. She is in her late 80's and I have never met a more devote, God-fearing woman in my life. We do not always get along, but if there was one woman who deserved to meet Jesus, it would be her.

    Thanks for the question! I appreciate the thought-provoking look into my heart, and the way I got to see how others answered.

  25. AnonymousJuly 16, 2008

    My first gut reaction was that I would clean like crazy, prepare food and make everything perfect for the impending, AMAZING visit. Then I cracked up at the thought that I could make anything perfect, or "fool" the Lord like that! He knows what I'm like every day and let me tell you - it's FAR from perfect! So in reality, I would probably fall short of perfection in EVERY way, fall at his feet upon his arrival, thank him profusely for honoring us with his presence and beg him to have mercy on me!

  26. I think I would do your first thought- clean like crazy- worry about dinner- go to the store- make some fancy meal with a cheese tray and a big fancy dessert- then by the t ime he got here I would be so tired and grumpy I couldn't enjoy his company.

  27. AnonymousJuly 16, 2008

    i would probably start planning what i am going to serve i would clean my house i would be nervous about all the preparations for the food and what i would serve i would be thinking and planning

  28. Hi Rachel.. hmmmm
    Well here in Hawaii when visitors come to visit we have a tendency to cook every type of Hawaiian dish, tell our visitors to take off your shoes, make yourself at home, you know my house is your house lol. Knowing me I would make his plate full of food sit across from him
    and maybe ask him about my loved ones in heaven, but knowing our loving Lord he would probably have something to say to me, because he already knows what's in my mind, heart, and soul, Wow can only imagine huh? Hugz Lorie

  29. This is soooooooo interesting.
    First of all, it took me a while to actually picture/imagine Jesus coming for a visit.
    Like almost everybody here......i will clean and wash and oil the pourris and dust and cook.
    But i will def take a look into the bible mostly to find out if i could get a hint as to way he would like certain things......like what kind of food or how the house should be....etc.

    Or maybe i would simply be too nervous to do any of the above and end up working myself up....... Worrying and worrying about the stae of things....

  30. As I was reading this question my mind went instantly to my kitchen floor that desperately needs cleaning this morning. I would wind up making a to do list and trying to cross off each task as quickly as I could. Shopping, cleaning, weeding, etc. would all be on the list. Stopping to pray is never on my list and maybe I should start every list with that! - Sylvia

  31. Hi Rachel,
    I love this question!!!
    I had to stop and take a day to think about this. My gut reaction was...Oh no! I've got to CLEAN! What ever you do Pamela close that office door! My office is a work in progress (for 12 years and 4 homes.) It is my junk space. It is the ugly room in my house. As soon as I thought about the office, I realized that it would really be a waste of time to clean like crazy and hide stuff in the office...this is Jesus! He is the Son of God...He would already know about any material ugliness/junk I am hiding and He would also know about any spiritual ugliness/junk I was trying to hide. So I would moderately clean up the house, (Make it presentable but no hard cleaning) I would put on a crock pot of my best vegetable chili to cook all day, then I would spend the rest of the time at our family alter (my yellow couch) on my knees getting right before God. Lasyly I would call my extended family that do not know or live for God and invite them over as well. Oh yeah, I KNOW that I would have a list of at least 20 questions I want to ask Jesus personally, because I already have that list made out in my Bible. I Believe it would be interesting conversation!

  32. Riverview, Sharon, kimkirtley and Lynn,

    I believe you all have it right. If our Savior were coming to our house for dinner, we would be wise to open our arms, our hearts, and our minds to His presence and drink it all in fine wine or the very best food for the soul! I think we would remember every second and feel loved and blessed beyond measure, even if the house and family looked like they always do.

    God doesn't notice outward appearances, but sees the inside of each of us. Thank you for reminding us of this very important truth! And if this every really comes to be, I hope I won't forget the lesson you all have taught me.



  33. Bless you Rachel...

    I did not read past your question, so as not to influence me.

    I know I should say I'd be getting ready...making the plan for "sup", cleaning up...etc. but my first reaction was CALL ALL the people
    I could think of...email...put up posters directing to my place...
    start a chain reaction of prayer!

    I will not have time or know how to prepare a feast or reception, so for the King (and His ensemble)I
    will have to have catered food or the stuff you select prepared...
    and plenty of "bread baskets" and
    water!(in case, He's thinking of doing any miracles!!!Hopefully)
    Because I expect an outpouring of people gathering out back in my yard...no chairs, or not enough so they will just have to make do and sit on the lawn(oh, is it cut?
    ...call the neighbor boy to cut
    cuz I surely don't have time and don't forget to pass on the invite to his family)!

    However, I will crank up the stereo with PRAISE music and then quiet adoration...and when HE comes, quietly in the background...but I will sit at His feet...notebook and Bible in my bag...waiting, anticipating, watching,...

    OK now that's all the questions I can read on the scroll...so back to reading what you say RACHEL...

    Nope, I couldn't do the Cleaning now...too much, too late...sad to say...He will have to accept me and my place as is...hopefully I have daily kept up with tidying it.

    From there on...you are aMazing! That's why I love you and reading every morsel I can that you share.
    That is if I remember to click on Firefox where you are one of my feeds or is it RSS?rather than IE7

    When I don't do that I do alot of back reading after reading your current one. I have so enjoyed when you study and write on the women of the Bible. I have learned so much and LOVE your love able style!

  34. Hi Rachel,
    I haven't been following your online Bible Study, only because I couldn't pack any more into my life! But I did tune in today and thought it was interesting what you posted on. I think we've all planned this scenario out in our minds every time we hear that story. I even have the Mary/Martha book(still yet to read it). But I had those same thoughts run through my mind that you posted. Except for asking the friend to do it at her house the next night. But my first thought was...GET THE HOUSE CLEAN or cleaner. Then I thought, Oh, maybe I should break out my Bible and cram before the final exam! I am one of those that sometimes needs that motivation of someone calling to say they are coming. Boy, we can really get a 3000 sqft home clean in 30 min. to an hour.. Thank goodness for big closets! haha!

  35. ladies, i have and urgent prayer request. my dear friend just called and asked me to pray for her sister-in-law. she is on her way up to the doctors office to be with her right now. she 15 wks preg. and just found out that the baby has some complications. it seems the babies intestines are growing outside his/her body. if this is the only problem, this usually can be fixed with surgery after birth with minor complications. the problem is that they are not christians and she called her husband and he said he wanted her to have an abortion, that they could not care for a baby with "problems". it sounds like she doesn't want to abort her baby and is really confused. please please pray for God to reveal Himself to her right now and that my dear friend will be able to show her Gods love and also that her husband dosn't talk her into doing the abortion. thank you for lifting this family up for us!

    blessings ~

  36. Oh man, JESUS is coming to my house?!!! I will probably be frozen still at first and then think about all the things I have to do before HE gets there. I will be trying to clean house, praying, making sure everything is just right for HIM! My goodness, I would be just a mess :) LOL!

  37. ising4himJuly 17, 2008

    If I found out Jesus were coming for a visit, my initial reaction would be panic. I'd think of all the cleaning and organizing my apartment would need. As for dinner, I don't normally cook for myself, so that would easily be taken care of with take out. (How sad!)

    However, I'd like to think that I'd come to my senses at some point and realize that Jesus knew from the beginning of time what my apartment would look like today and that I should be humbled that the King of Kings would want to visit me in the first place. What a humbling thought indeed.

    It's obvious to me that Mary and Martha both loved Jesus and were anticipating His visit. Martha just temporarily lost focus. Jesus is with us everyday. May we not lose our focus and look to please Him in everything we do.

  38. thank you, thank you, thank you! your prayers were felt this afternoon. lauren just called and told me that her sister in law has decided to keep their baby. the doctor said that this was the only problem that she saw and that she should be able to carry the baby to term. the baby will need surgery right after birth ( she is due in jan.)she will prob. be in the NICU for up tp 1 month.

    her husband jim said that he could not ask her to abort their little girl after seeing her on the sonogram and seeing just how perfect she is.

    if you think of them could you still lift them up in prayer? i pray that the Lord gets all the glory from the life of this little girl and that through her life and story they might find salvation in Him.

    blessings ~

  39. Christi,
    Praise God! I will lift the whole family up in prayers.

    I am truly thankful for the piece of technology known as the sonogram. I understand it has changed so many people's minds about abortion.

    I was watching a program about it not long ago. I think it really makes one realize that they are carrying a human life- a baby, not just a mass of tissue.

    Plant Lady

  40. I read it. I know that I would pray first and thank God for the opportunity to be with Jesus, in my home! Then I would get a little frantic, planning the meal, cleaning the house. I would put in my Bible on CD while I prepared for the visit. Then prayerfully while He was there I could just sit and listen AND ask questions.

  41. AnonymousJuly 20, 2008

    To sum it up, I would also want to have a clean house and a great meal ready. I usually am frantically running around trying to get everything done before our guests arrive, then I have a hard time slowing down and relaxing when they get here. Would I be different with Jesus? I don't know, but I would like to hope so.

    I also know that I wouldn't want Him to leave for a long time. I'd want to talk and talk and talk all night if I could with Him (with Jesus doing most of the talking and me asking some questions). I would love to hear the truth about things right from His mouth. It would be so awesome!

    Connie, Canada

  42. To be honest, I would probably be in the corner, in the fetal postion, thumb in mouth, rocking and crying!! I would be a total mess. But doesn't Jesus come to my house everyday in spirit? Hasn't he seen all of the garbage, and sat at my table for meals?
    In reality, I would probably bankrupt myself calling a cleaning service, maid service, and caterer to take care of it. Wait at the door to invite Him in. Then stress so much that I could not enjoy just being in His presence.

    Good questions.

  43. Rachel,

    I had to repost after rereading the scriptures. I was reminded in John 11:2 "It was that Mary who annointed the Lord with fragrant oil and wiped His feet with her hair, whose brother Larzarus was sick." Mary from scripture was forgiven much and because of that loved much. She could not do anything but worship at Jesus' feet. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt who her Savior was. Can you imagine, having such a for Jesus that is so great that at the sight of Him, the rest of your world just kind of fades away till He is all you see, hear, or touch. Oh to have the love of Mary for my Savior.


  44. I think I would be too busy calling my family & friends inviting them to come over for a potluck dinner! We'll cook on the grill, you bring the side dishes and desserts! (No need to clean house when everyone is outside, right?!)

    We'll set up some horseshoes, volleyball, maybe even a lawn sprinkler for the kids - after all it's still hot, and it stays light until 8 pm.

    As evening falls, we'll light the tiki torches (a campfire would be nice, but our city won't allow that!) Everyone can gather their chairs around and listen to Jesus tell stories.

    Many of my family members are not saved, so I would want them to experience Jesus first-hand! To be in a casual setting with make them feel comfortable and relaxed. I've been praying for these people for years... so I would willingly give up my place so my loved ones could sit at Jesus' feet and hear His message.

  45. Good morning ladies,

    Some of you may have noticed that I've been 'offline' for awhile. I won't go into a lot of detail except to say that my husband and I are going through some struggles and I was away from my PC for awhile. Many of you have ministered to me during this time and I'm eternally thankful for that.

    On to my answers to this post.....

    My house is always a mess so I'd probably stress myself and the rest of my family out trying to get it clean. I might even consider going to Wal-Mart and purchasing a new place setting and tablescape materials to make my table 'Martha Stewart-ready'.

    I would scour all of my cookbooks looking for a meal suitable for the occassion and spend time all over town looking for just the right ingredients.

    After spending so much time stressing out about these details ,I would quickly take a shower and try to get ready as fast as I can so that it can appear to my guest that all of my work had been a 'breeze.' No use in letting my guest know how much trouble I went to. I might even lecture my family about not telling our guest how stressed and possibly mean-spirited I was towards them.

    When He arrived, I would do my best to make Him comfortable and begin asking Him all sorts of unanswered questions I have about all manner of spiritual things. I would attempt to reign myself in, but I don't think I could. I would literally be in the presence of Glory and Majesty; I can't imagine at least asking about some of the questions I have. Considering His nature, I'm sure at some point, He would have to tell me to relax and simply enjoy the moment. Since He is God, He would know how I treated my family and how stressed I had been before He arrived, so I'm sure He would gently chide me the way He did Martha.

    Yes, I would love to think I'm Mary,but being my true self, I'm sure looking more and more like Martha : )

  46. Good morning ladies,

    Some of you may have noticed that I've been 'offline' for awhile. I won't go into a lot of detail except to say that my husband and I are going through some struggles and I was away from my PC for awhile. Many of you have ministered to me during this time and I'm eternally thankful for that.

    On to my answers to this post.....

    My house is always a mess so I'd probably stress myself and the rest of my family out trying to get it clean. I might even consider going to Wal-Mart and purchasing a new place setting and tablescape materials to make my table 'Martha Stewart-ready'.

    I would scour all of my cookbooks looking for a meal suitable for the occassion and spend time all over town looking for just the right ingredients.

    After spending so much time stressing out about these details ,I would quickly take a shower and try to get ready as fast as I can so that it can appear to my guest that all of my work had been a 'breeze.' No use in letting my guest know how much trouble I went to. I might even lecture my family about not telling our guest how stressed and possibly mean-spirited I was towards them.

    When He arrived, I would do my best to make Him comfortable and begin asking Him all sorts of unanswered questions I have about all manner of spiritual things. I would attempt to reign myself in, but I don't think I could. I would literally be in the presence of Glory and Majesty; I can't imagine at least asking about some of the questions I have. Considering His nature, I'm sure at some point, He would have to tell me to relax and simply enjoy the moment. Since He is God, He would know how I treated my family and how stressed I had been before He arrived, so I'm sure He would gently chide me the way He did Martha.

    Yes, I would love to think I'm Mary,but being my true self, I'm sure looking more and more like Martha : )


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