Friday, November 14, 2008

Will you pray for this event? updated

UPDATE: Thanks so much for praying for this event. I was at the Lone Star Cowboy Church in Montgomery, Texas on Saturday night for a holiday event. I loved the cowboy church, by the way. They were great to work with and their sanctuary was beautiful, in a rugged cowboy kind of way.

These women's hearts were open to the Lord, and many responded at the end as we prayed. Please keep praying for this community. As I was driving there from the Houston airport before the event, the pastor's wife, Darla Weaver, called to let me know their community has suffered tragedy this past month. Seven different teenagers at different times have died in the last few weeks. They had two funerals right before I came last week. So many families are grieving, and the whole community feels shaken at the multiple tragedies in rapid succession. I know you'll pause and pray.

Pastor Randy, wife Darla Weaver

Here are some more pictures ... I'm guessing you all want to know what a cowboy church is like. I was certainly curious before I went.

The main church building on their property, which included other buildings, plus a pen and a riding area. You can't see it but there was a sign that says, "Please do not tie horse to fence."

However, most people drive there in cars.

But not always!

This is the bar in the foyer where they serve coffee and about 75 dozen donuts every Sunday.

I attended the first of their three church services on Sunday before heading back to the airport, and very much enjoyed worshipping with them. These cowboys rock.

I had to stop and refuel my rental car before returning it at the airport. In the process, I managed to lose my debit card. Only I didn't realize this until I was checking in at the airline counter. It was my only means of money other than the $12 cash I had left after paying a couple of road tolls. Not good.

You should have seen me trying to figure out how to eat lunch and dinner at airports (home of the $6.55 plus-tax plain hot dog) for just $12. And the airlines no longer pass out free Cokes and pretzels on the flights either.

Without the debit card, I couldn't pay to check my luggage. Airlines now charge about $20 to check a bag - even for one small bag. Fortunately, this one was small enough to qualify as a carry-on, but the bottles inside the bag were not. So I had to throw away my voluminizing shampoo and conditioner. It was a brand I love that was recently discontinued too.

Plus, or shall I say "worst of all," I had to throw away a big bottle of hairspray that I'd just bought last week. Doesn't Homeland Security know it is dangerous to make a southern woman part with her hairspray? ... We're talking threat level RED dangerous. Especially when it's a hungry southern woman who can't afford to buy a Starbucks to soothe her nerves.


Hey Friends. I leave tomorrow for a Christmas outreach event in Texas. I'm very excited to go and to see what God does in the hearts of these women. Would you pray for this event? Thanks so much, and blessings to you.


  1. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers! May God bless you with travel mercies, protect your family while you are away, and may He use you in mighty ways!


  2. Will be praying indeed! :)

    And loved reading Psalm 131!

    Love you!

  3. May God be with you at your event.
    Be Blessed and be encouraged.

    In his presence.

  4. Stopped here today and wanted you to know I will be praying for this event. It may be over by now but still praying!

  5. I actually read this after your event, but I can't wait to hear the details and how it went.

  6. Lord Jesus I pray for You to comfort and strengthen all the families who lost a child in Montgomery, Texas. Although they cannot understand why You have allowed their son or daughter to die so early in life, please fill them with faith in You and give them courage to face each day. May Your Spirit help them during this holiday season. Lord Jesus I also pray for Rachel as she returns to Texas this week for an outreach event. Please equip her to speak about Your love, mercy and grace to all who attend. Lord speak through her by the power of the Holy Spirit and do mighty things on the hearts of all at the event. Lord I pray that You bless and protect Rachel as she travels and may she encounter no complications during her traveling. I pray all this in Jesus name, Amen.

  7. You are definitely in my prayers.
    You have a great calling from God on your Life and I know that He will protect, guide and give you the wisdom you need.
    God be with you,

  8. Will lift those families up in prayer. May His perfect love comfort their hearts.

    Wow...Rachel, quite an adventure. And those seized hair products...ouch...I feel your pain!

    Glad you are home safely and hope you have had a warm Starbucks!

  9. Hi this is the youth pastor's wife from the "cowboy church" - I briefly met you afterwards! We truly enjoyed having you here and thank you for the laughs that night - I desperately needed it after losing two teens out of our very own youth group. So thank you! And I have been drinking my tea more too! I was the one who told you about the Christmas blog and the NC event so here are the links for you. This first one is to her regular blog that has the post explaining the event - you can get ahold of her about where and when:

    And then this one is to the christmas blog (by the same lady):

    I hope you enjoy them! I can't wait to try your Christmas Tea! And thank you again for coming it was such a delight!

    God Bless,

  10. Hey Ivy. I remember you! Thanks for giving me those blog addresses, I'm going now to check them out.

    Blessings ~ Rachel

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