Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chewing on Thankfulness

I'm feeling ready for Thanksgiving.  Which is good because it's only about two weeks away. 

(Anyone besides me feel like time is speeding up?)

In truth, this whole year has been a Thanksgiving of sorts for me. Not that I've eaten roast turkey and stuffing with any regularity - although I have fallen asleep in the recliner watching football a couple times -  but that I've tried to continually notice and give thanks for the good things in life. In life in general and in my life, both big and small.  Perhaps you noticed I've ended many of my blog posts this year with a line of thankfulness. I'm finding gratitude a powerful thing.

So here's a quote I've been chewing on of late - one that you might want to chew on as you celebrate Thanksgiving at your table.  It's by Francis Frangipane:
"When God give us less than we desire, it is not because He is teaching us poverty but He is teaching us thankfulness.  You see life, real life, is not based on what we amass but on what we enjoy. 
At the core of our lives God seeks gratitude."

I highly recommend adding that thought to your mulling spices this month. Read Luke 12:15 as you do. 

Thankful that when my thoughts grow confused, or my priorities become skewed, 
God's Word always points me to what is real.


  1. Love this. I have indeed noticed how you have been ending your posts! And I love the quote: "At the core of our lives God seeks gratitude."

    I believe that's how we enter His presence -with Thanksgiving!
    "Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name." Psalm 100:4

    I am ready too! And I can smell the turkey roasting.....


  2. Emily B ( 11, 2010

    Thank you for the quote to ponder...I'm much more conscious of being thankful this month, and wanting it to merge into the rest of my year as well.

  3. What a great quote. Gratitude is such a powerful thing. There is no better cure for a grumpy heart then to remember and be thankful!

  4. A very good post. I have so much to be thankful for. I owe you a "thank you" for the Bible study in 2008 that led me into blogging and gave me something to do to keep me busy as I had just ended a card ministry. With all the surgeries I have had God has been so good to be and spared my life and gave me two things to do as I thought I could never do anything for Him.

    Yes the years are going fast especially since my last birthday. I have looked back and wondered where all those years went, but I lived them with the help of my wonderful Saviour. I want my last years to make a difference in others as God leads me.
    Blessings, AE

  5. Thanks you for this . Thanksgiving is may favorite season, and it flys by to fast. Jackie

  6. There is power in gratefulness! I gave beautiful journals to our staff last Christmas and asked them to record what they were grateful for throughout the year. The impact shines in their countenance!
    Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

  7. Many many years ago, someone told me to be grateful for what I have and not for what I don't. Those simple words keep it all perspective.

    ps. I wanted to thank you for the kind comment, it came at the perfect time.

  8. I so love this quote. I think if we truly look each day we can see God's hand at work and be grateful He is.


  9. Very powerful & beautiful. Thank you!


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