Monday, March 21, 2011

Resurrection Life

Did you read Melissa Taylor's devotion at P31 this morning? How timely it was for me as my own grandmother passed away last week.  I stood in the sun on a hill at that grave site on Friday morning placing all my hope, soothing all of my fears, and banking all of my faith on the notion that there is a grand party awaiting those who die in Christ Jesus.

I'd been to that hilltop before. I've buried several other family members under the branches of that same tree in years past. Some of them I buried before I knew Jesus. Those deaths were much harder to take. 

In fact, everything about life and death is harder to take when you don't know the One who made you. The One you were made for. And His plans for your life, death and resurrection.

It seems fitting that I stood graveside during this Lenten season, thinking about the agony of death and the miracle of raised-again life.  It's made me all the more willing to die with Christ -- to lay down myself, my "rights," my insistence on avoiding pain, my plans, my ego -- and join Jesus in God's resurrection life.

Are you doing anything particular for Lent this spring? I'm doing something a little different for Lent this year; I'll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, are you giving anything up for the season? Thought about sacrificing anything for Lent?

PS. Consider joining Melissa for an online book study of "It's No Secret."  Details here.


  1. Rachel,
    Hugs to you on your recent loss.

    During Lent, I'm sending cards out to two people a week and letting them know that they have been added to my weekly prayers.

    I saved the Christmas cards we received so I have addresses handy when I get my cards ready to send.

    Holding up these loved ones is giving me more time in quiet prayer.


  2. What a terrific idea, SueBE. I know those people will feel blessed. And well loved.

    Smiles ~ Rachel

  3. So sorry for you loss Rachel.
    I said good-bye to sugar for Lent. Whenever I crave it I think of the people on my prayer list and I lift them up in prayer. So far a lot of people have been prayed for!

  4. Rachel ~ so sorry about the loss of your grandmother. Mine are 89 and 91, so I know that I will dealing with that much sooner than I'd like to. Loss is hard.

    I had thought about giving something up for Lent, mainly because I had begun reading this neat book about the Liturgical calendar. But then it fell to the side of the read pile for other things... I have never done the Lent thing because I wasn't raised in a church that acknowledged the practice, so I don't have a good grasp of the meaning. Maybe next year. :)

    Prayers for you and your family during the mourning process!

  5. V- can I get added to that prayer list? Then I KNOW I'd get prayed for often! :)

    Wink~ Rachel

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. My grandparents died many, many years ago. I must have been in my teens.

    I was not raised in a church that observed Lent so I have never done anything either.

  7. Yes, I'm giving up being on the computer on Sundays.


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