Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Bible Study Plans

Since Ecclesiastes is my current favorite book of the Bible  I was excited to learn that Pastor Tullian Tchividjian is preaching a series on the book this fall, and the videos are available online. If I've got you pondering Ecclesiastes, watch this one today or the next time you're spending some time in the book.


Tonight I begin a Bible study with a great group of women in my local area. We're using one of Priscilla Shirer's video studies - Discerning the Voice of God. I'm looking forward to it as I've not done one of hers before and I hear they are fabulous.

And tomorrow my new online quiet time/Bible study accountability group begins. I'm joining my friend Karen Ehman and a couple of other women who live in other states in this cyber accountability group through the Good Morning Girls program.

If you're looking for an online Bible study and some accountability to do it, head straight over to Good Morning Girls (then page down for enrollment info) and see if you can get set up in time to begin with everyone tomorrow. The 12 week study is on the book of 1st John.

What are your Bible study plans for this fall?

Hilda - as comment #2 you won the giveaway of A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. Congrats!


  1. Hello Rachel,
    I would love to study with the GMG but I am afraid to committ and not be able to keep up. I have been praying that God will open up some time for me to get involved with a womens Bible study..just hasn't happened yet. Add me to your prayer list if you have room. :)

  2. I have joined a GMG group, too. What fun! My Bible study did one of Priscilla Shirer's video studies last year. It was wonderful. After missing one lesson, I borrowed the video and watched it at home. My husband watched it with me and really enjoyed hearing Priscilla speak. She's awesome!

  3. Hi Rachel!

    Now you have totally overwhelmed me - lol. I just signed up for the GMGs Bible Study because this is exactly the kind of Bible Study that I LOVE & ADORE!!! The format and how they're studying the Word not to mention that 1 John is one of my favorite Epistles. But I have signed up for other Bible Studies as well and I love them all. Is it possible to have Bible Study Overload? :) I hope not, I don't believe you can have to much of 'The Word' but I know I need to to be more selective in the future. I will have a very busy fall but it is a wonderful busy. I'm doing 'A Confident Heart' with Melissa and Hebrews with Wendy Blight I know Rachel, I bit off too much right? :-)

    I will manage this time but be more careful next time. The web has so many wonderful online Bible Studies and they're all wonderful. I love the GMG format and there e-book was FREE!!! That is so awesome!

    H-E-L-P !!!!! I love this but I want to keep up and contribute.

  4. Oh my gracious, Bippy! That's a LOT of Bible study!!

    I pray none of it becomes an exercise in "just getting it all done." You could always use your Hebrews study with Wendy to do GMGs, but I know you said you were excited to do 1 John with the SOAP method.

    Oh well, you'll be soaked in the Word this fall!

  5. I know Rachel, my fear was that they would become a chore to keep up. So I must scale down my list because it's not effective. It becomes WORK and that is not the purpose and that is not rewarding.


  6. Thanks to you,I have joined the GMG bible study and am excited about this SOAP method. I love it! I love GOD's holy word! Thanks for posting the link on your blog. Blessings!


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