Monday, February 20, 2012

Feverishly typing

FYI : This week I am in the throes of completing a book manuscript for my publisher. So I may be a little quiet around here.  All my creative juices are going elsewhere. I know you'll understand. And I hope you'll pray for the project.

If you are local and you see me with my keyboard this week in the public library, the Salt Shaker cafe, Port City Java or Barnes and Noble, please don't interrupt. Unless you come bearing decaf. Or chocolate. And you are ready to read drafts of my chapters and give me feedback. :)

But if we're at the public library, don't offer a latte or to chat about my chapters - I understand they highly frown on both of those things there. Nonetheless, it's my current "happy place" to write from.

Hope you have a great week! And I've love for you to pause and say a little prayer for this project.


  1. Cute photo, Rachel! Praying for you and the project. May your words, creativity, and joy flow freely.

  2. You will be in my prayers this week, Rachel! I know that any who read in the future the words you so feverishly write now will be blessed beyond measure! Happy writing!

  3. Just prayed for you my sweet good morning girlfriend :)



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