Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Giving God, a Giving Woman

Hi all. I have one more She Speaks story to share that ties in with the woman who wrote today's P31 devotion about going deeper with God. (If you're looking for the discussion on the widow with 2 coins, see below this post but don't missing reading this post too.)

On Thursday of She Speaks, the book tables were set-up in preparation for the attendees that would arrive the following morning for the start of the pre-conference track. Now, yall know I love books! A table full of books is like a gigantic magnet to me. So when I got a chance, over I went to look at all of them. P31 carries a lot of terrific books, but one in particular really grabbed me: Pierced by the Word: 31 Meditations for Your Soul. I wanted to buy it on the spot, but we weren't even prepared to sell them yet.

All day Friday I looked longingly at that book as I passed by on my way to meetings or sessions. But I thought to myself, "Rachel, don't buy it. Just leave it for the attendees to buy because you can always purchase one from the ministry or your local store later." Same thing on Saturday. I would periodically check and see how many had sold and if it looked like there might be a copy left over for me by the conference end on Sunday. Only on Sunday I was too busy to get over there before they began packing up the book table. No matter, I assured myself.

Then, just before I was leaving to head home, LeAnn Rice passed me and said, "Rachel, there is a gift that was left for you at the information desk." It was a lovely gift-wrapped package with a pretty purple bow. If I weren't so tired and ready to go, I would've torn into it right there. But I was aching to get on the road home to my family. Normally I have lunch with all the P31 gals on Sunday after the conference - it's a highlight of the weekend that I never miss - but this time I just wanted to head for home.

On down the road, I needed to stop for some lunch. I grabbed my Bible to read since I was eating alone and then noticed the pretty package in my bag. I grabbed that too. When I sat down to eat, I opened the little card attached. It said this gift was from Sharon - a sweet woman I know, but not real well (at least not yet). When I opened the gift - you guessed it - it was that book I wanted!

The next day I emailed Sharon to thank her, and ask her why she had given it to me. I wondered if she had seen me looking longingly at that book all weekend. She explained she had wanted to give me something just to bless me (she participates in the online Women of the Bible study here, and is a great supporter of P31 Ministries too) but she was unsure what to give. So she simply prayed and asked God what would be a good gift for Rachel. Then she got this book and wrapped it.

What really gets me is that she did all this in the weeks before the She Speaks conference. She carried that book all wrapped up for me in her suitcase. I didn't even know that book existed until I saw it at the conference. So God knew what I wanted before I even did! He truly knows the desires of our hearts ... even better than we do.

As I sat there in the restaurant holding the small, blue book in my hands, I felt God's love wash over me. The Creator of the universe had paused to give me the little book I wanted and to say, "I love you, dear one, and always remember I've got you covered." I realized why I was not having lunch with my P31 girlfriends that day - I had a lunch date with my Lord.

All this happened for me because one woman had a giving heart and a praying spirit. Pop over and check out Sharon Sloan's blog "Joy in the Truth".

What will you let God do through you today?


  1. Our God is an awesome God. He truly cares about us. We just need to ask and if it's right for us, He will do it. And what a great friend. Rachel, you are truly blessed.

  2. That is out of this world. The story just kept getting better and better and even so more divine! I mean that it would have been divine in and of itself if she purchased it at the conference but for her to have purchased it before the conference. Wow. That gives me holy bumps. How awesome and powerful He is. Now, we as His children must be so in tune to Him to hear this instructions. I wonder how many blessings are missed because we don't hear Him or misunderstand Him. I know I do.

    Thanks so much for sharing that. It has truly blessed my heart to see the power of God. To me, that story tells it all...how does one explain that there is no God with that happening. I'm sure people can explain away the beauty He creates on this earth with water, flowers, trees, sunsets with "science". But this story, let them explain to me there is no God with this.

  3. I had tears in my eyes as I read your post. Oh...He is SOOooo good! What a wonderful lunch date with HIM! Thank you so much for sharing that. You made my day.

    PS-Thanks for your encouragement about the Bible study! :)

  4. What an incredible story. I am always humbled when God pauses to meet with one of His specifically. Thank you for sharing this truly uplifting story. Thank you too for your faithfulness in leading this band of women through this Bible study. You are blessed!


  5. Dearest Rachel:
    I am humbled and blessed beyond measure that our mighty and awesome God would use this cracked, but so willing, vessel to serve Him and bring glory to HIS name in this way! HE is amazing! HE is gracious!

    Oh, Rachel...He loves you so! He shows us His love in these details of life! He placed His desires in your heart because you delight in Him!

    I am tickled pink that He used me to bless you! Thank YOU so much for serving Him so beautifully and in His truth!

    Truly for HIS glory and HIS honor!

    Love you, sweet sister! Our hearts are joined in His perfect love!

    If it is OK, later today, I am going to add a link to your blog. This is a "His Story for His Glory" story!

    I am off with the kids to a visit at my mom's! :)


  6. Wow! Don't you love when God surprises us like that? He does care about every detail of our lives! I'm so glad He blessed you this way!


  7. I had a very similar situation. I saw a packaged offer of a couple of books and a CD from a ministry that I support. Well one of the books I already had and wished there was a way that I could let them know that I only wanted the one book and CD, however I vowed that I would give it to someone that wanted it. Several months later we had an real urge (it wouldn't go away) to get in touch with some friends we hadn't seen in 3-4 years. So we got together and spent hours catching up on our lives and families lives. Well eventually our friend mentioned that she liked the ministry that I liked and we started talking about different books and tapes I had when she mentioned that she had borrowed the book from the library but hadn't been able to finish it before returning it, and was waiting to buy a copy so she could finish. It was that other book. I said hang on I think I have an extra copy I'd love to give you. I went and got it and gave it to her. When she realized it was brand new I told her that God had arranged months before that I get it for her. I knew that's where the extra book needed to go, I just felt right.

    Be Blessed
    Lynn - OR

  8. PS I am so glad you got blessed you are such a blessing to all of us.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome story with us!

  10. Praise GOD! How my heart rejoices with you! What an Awesome Father we have! I am crying right now because of HIS faithfulness, HIS tender mercies and HIS love. You deserved that blessing and may HE continue to rain many more upon you and your family as you continue to obey HIM and do HIS will! GOD bless you!

  11. As I read your post I am listening to sweet Lindsey Kane sing "How Great Thou Art". I love our awesome God. Isn't it amazing how His work in our lives touches others in ways we cannot imagine!! I hope I can be open to God wants to do through me, every day!

  12. AnonymousJuly 08, 2008


    I was in tears by the time I finished reading your post. God truly knows the desires of our hearts. That he would bless you the way He did shows just what a loving God we serve. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Just want you all to know that I've joined the ranks of all you bloggers. I never thought I'd do anything like this because I didn't think I had anything to say, but apparently I do. :) It's still in the beginning stages, but I'd love your feedback. Thanks!

    Blessings to you all!


  13. AnonymousJuly 08, 2008

    Wow! What a fabulous story!! Awesome, the way in which God bestows his blessings!

    Thanks for sharing this with us!


  14. what a wonderful "Praise" Report
    God is a Wonder

  15. What a great story!! I love it when God shows up in our hearts this way! Precious thoughts and what a great reminder to allow God to be in all the details!

  16. Hi Rachel,
    Can I share my story real quick?
    When I was nine years old, I was to have an operation on my leg to help me walk. A nurse friend gave me a children's devotional book called "Birdlife in Wington" by John Calvin Reid. I loved it, in fact, I read it at least once a year until I was in my 30 somethings. In the midst of two quick moves back-to-back, I discovered I had lost the book. I tried to find a copy but it was out of print. I have periodically tried to find a copy in various book sites. Most copies I found were either in bad shape or cost over $200! Can't afford that on a Minister's wife salary!
    I started teaching kids with Learning disabilities this year at a Christian school.
    Several times I wished I had that book to use.
    About two weeks before school was out, I walked into the teacher's workroom to discover a stack of books with a sign "Free" on them. I began slowly running thru them and about the fifth book down.. you got it.. there was the book.
    Needless to say, after I almost had a heart attack, I grabbed it! It is in great condition! The reason this story means so much to me is that same afternoon our family was turned upside down.

    As I cried out to God about the injustice of our situation, I remembered the book and my faith returned. If God can place the book I have desired and sought for over 10 years right in front of me, then He can handle this situation.

    It was His way of preparing my faith for what looked like the impossible. As for the situation, we are still waiting His results But believing He will accomplish whatever He delights in doing!

    Pamela R.

  17. So proves how he hears us and answers our prayers/request.
    You were truly blessed day! What a wonderful friend you have as well.
    Thanks for sharing your great experience with us. What a truly awesome God. He deserves all the praise and glory
    Enjoy the book Rachel

  18. What a wonderful story, just what a needed to hear today to remind me God has me covered. Thanks for sharing.

  19. God is great that way!

    Plant Lady

  20. Beautiful Reminder of ADONAI works and wills to do according to His Good Pleasure...

    Shalom Rav!

  21. WOW sisters in Christ Rachel
    I'm reading and reading the blogs from you and were you direct to and God is giving me so much prove in these day to day experiences what He can do and mean in our Lives...
    I get so excited and so motivated to "grasp"what He wants to do in my own life...
    I took this week also the challenge to start blogging this is totally out of my comfort zone but i go for it please keep me in prayer...This is also the link to it.....http://www.revelife.com/godsown

  22. The whole weekend was filled with Godincidences! I heard them over and over. He met so many of us just like that. It just shows us how much he was there in that place at that time for those that have given their hearts and lives to serving Him. It was truly a weekend of blessings. It makes me smile to see you worn out from pouring out and God loving you so personally! What a great life we have in Him! AMEN!

  23. I love it when God does that! :) It just gives me the feeling of having a daddy loving give me- His child- a gift. I just have to say, "Thank you, Abba!"

    It sounds like a great book, by the way! :)

  24. AnonymousJuly 12, 2008

    I am speechless! Rachel, I have read this site for months and never posted a comment. I couldn't resist any longer! I have been so blessed by reading your site! Thank you!

  25. Wow Rachel! What an incredible story of how God cares about every tiny detail! Thanks for sharing!!

  26. Rachel,
    I was so blessed by your She Speaks story. I'm always amazed to see how detail oriented God is and how He loves to show Himself in our lives. Thanks for sharing your faith-growing, real-life story.

    Much love,

  27. I love this post. God is so good, awesome, amazing! And he does know the desires of our heart. Amen.

  28. Rachel:

    I re-visited here to read the comments. We all love to hear how God works in the details of our lives to show us His love for us so personally!

    Just another "thank you" for sharing how God works! He is alive indeed! He tenderly cares for the smallest of details in our lives. I LOVE hearing His stories like this.

    For my own heart personally, He is reminding me and sweetly re-confirming to me that indeed His sheep hear His voice. I am still amazed that the God of the universe speaks to our hearts! That is beyond words!

    Sharon :)

  29. AnonymousJuly 20, 2008

    That is so awesome. Those little things that we think may not matter if we don't listen to God, can be very negativaly consequential. Those "liitle" good things of obedience I'm finding are bringing awesome results. May my ears be open to hearing His voice, and my heart be open to obeying, even in the littlest thing.
    Connie, Canada

  30. I love this story. God can rock our world when we least expect it. Having the honor of being in your speakers evaluation group I am so in agreement with God that you needed a "gift" that was exactly what you truly wanted!!!

    My life is forever impacted by your heart and excellence during those hours we were blessed to have you lead us with grace, strength and love.

    Life got too busy for me to join in this Bible study but I will be back soon.


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