Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another pic of the tree

I'm still adding the just-right-thing here and there, but here's a full shot of this year's Christmas tree. Click to enlarge. Not all the lights are turned on. If you've got a picture of yours up on your blog, post your web address so we can all see it!
Today I need to address Christmas cards, run to the post office, run a few other errands, do some baking for tomorrow's Christmas party for my department at the university, and get a lot of writing done. I'm trying out a few cookie recipies I saw on the Food Nework - could be super yummy or turn out disasterous knowing the way I am in the kitchen! Thankfully, chili is already made and in the crock-pot for tonight.
Happy Holidays to you today.


  1. Our tree isn't up yet. Hopefully this weekend we'll get to the tree farm and start our search for the perfect tree. I smiled when you said about baking cookies today. It has been snowing all day so I told the kids we were taking a break from school today so we could finish decorating the house and do some baking. Well the house is almost completed. I just ran to the store for some eggs so I can bake some cookies. All our afternoon/evening activities are cancelled because of the weather, so I am looking forward to time together relaxing and baking. Hope your day goes well and you get a lot accomplished! :)

  2. beautiful tree! Here's my blog - scroll down to see the tree and the oldest ornament on my tree!

    thank you for the beautiful job you do with Proverbs 31 Ministry! I enjoy reading your blog!

    Diana Castellanos

  3. My husband and I have shared 40 Christmas trees. That's a long time. For most of those years ours was always a "Memory Tree" with gift ornaments from friends and family, multi-colored lights, and ornaments made by our children over the years.

    However, in May, 2001, our oldest child died. I dreaded Christmas. By October I was an anxious wreck. By November I knew I could'nt bear to pull out those ornaments and relive all those memories.

    So, after Thanksgiving I bought new ornaments. From a cute little hodge-podge memory tree we went to a tall, slender, elegant tree decorated in silver, gold, and white. Making that change really did make that Christmas easier for me to endure.

    It took five years, but last year I was actually able to enjoy putting the tree up again. I even added some fanciful angels to the decorations.

    Our tree serves a new purpose for me now, I think. Our old trees brought back wonderful memories. Now, our new trees add beauty, light, and hope to our Christmas celebrations.

    Isn't that what Christ does for us? He brings beauty, light, and hope into our broken lives.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. DIGGER - my baking went quite well, hope yours did too. I haven't gotten to the Christmas cards yet though.

    DIANA - so glad I got to see your tree. You even have presents underneath already! Mine are sill stashed in the attic awaiting a massive wrapping session.

    JEAN - what a touching and beautful post! My mom died when I was 17 and I don't know what ever happened to our ornaments but I never got them. So I too had a year when I went out and bought all new ornaments in hopes of bringing light and hope to my holiday, and to my future. Thanks for sharing that.

    Blessings, gals ~ Rachel


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