Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Tree is Up

Today was decorating day at my house. That means almost a whole day enjoying some of my favorite things: Christmas carols, the Christmas tree, hot chocolate and time with my family. We put up the tree, set out the nutcrackers, hung the garland, wreath and mistletoe, and arranged the nativity scene.

I say "we" but mostly it was Rick and I doing the work because we also had 5 of the neighborhood kids in and out of our house all day playing with our 2 kids. I should also clarify that further ... the four girls did offer to help me decorate the tree but I just couldn't bear the thought of turning over my breakable ornaments to four giggling pre-teen girls. I also know myself well enough to know that if the lights and ornaments aren't placed on the tree in a somewhat balanced or symmetrical pattern, it will drive me nuts for the next four to five weeks! So the kids have their own mini Christmas trees they can decorate themselves and keep on their desks in their rooms.

Every year I like to do our Christmas tree a little bit differently. This year I've got kind of a theme - "The King's Tree" - going on with various crowns and wise men. What about you? Does your tree have a theme? Are you one of those laid back moms who lets the kids decorate the tree? Are you empty nesting and doing a tree differently than you've ever done before, or not at all? I'd love to hear about your tree, or your decorating traditions!


  1. Each year we lay out all of the ornaments and each pick a favorite ornament to put on the tree. I record it in a little notebook and we take turns from youngest to oldest putting the ornament on the tree and having our picture taken. We always look back to see what was picked last year.

    Decorating the tree is a family affair. The past several years we have gone to a tree farm where you can tromp through the fields of trees to pick your own. Then my husband and two sons take turns sawing it down and carrying it back to the car. My oldest son is a Junior in high school this year and I realize how precious our time and memories are!

  2. Hi, Rachel,

    I'm a little hesitant to comment, I've been commenting and now the Proverbs 31 devotional didn't come today. I'm not sure why.

    Anyway, Christmas decorating for us starts before Thanksgiving. I'm the laid back mom. I allow my kids to do the decorating. I help when they can't get the lights right or whatever, but they enjoy decorating the tree and get creative. We normally do not have a theme. But, that to have a theme is awsome.

    On Christmas Eve before we open presents, My husband tells a Christmas story (Christ's birth), then we pray and the kids open their presents.

    However, this year, I'm just not into it. So, have not decorated it yet. Maybe this weekend. Appreciate your prayers.

  3. We have our first real tree this year and we didn't know it's branches were too weak to hold ornaments, so our favorites are back in the box and the kids made snowflakes and chains. It's kind of nice to not worry about the cat breaking any, and the kids love it, but I am really wanting an artificial tree next year! Your theme is a great idea - and the ornaments are beautiful!

  4. I admire all you laid back moms out there! I have lots of holiday traditions and maybe I'll post some of those later, but letting the kids do the tree isn't one of them (spoken like a true tree perfectionist).

    MrsProverbs31, you are always welcome to comment here. We're having technical glitches with our server in getting the devotions sent out so that's why you hadn't received yesterday's or today's yet. Please pray for us to get it straightened out!

    Jonatha - way to make lemonade, girlfriend! I agree, get yourself a sturdy articifical tree on clearance this year and put it away for next year. Meanwhile, enjoy those snowflake cutouts and take pictures of it becuase the kids will always remember decorating this year's tree. :)


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