Sunday, September 28, 2008

In God We Trust

For several years I worked in fundraising for a Christian university. I made some great friends there, believed in the school, and I knew I was working for a noble purpose. But honestly, much of the time, I didn't enjoy asking people to give. I worried that I was bothering or annoying them. I found that while a few reacted with anger, others would graciously agree to give, or just politely decline.

Why does it feel so awkward to ask for money? Why do people get so offended at being asked?? At the time, I think I had trouble maintaining the biblical view that God calls His people to give, and promises to reward them for it - either here or in eternity.

Earlier this week my teammate Wendy Pope wrote a devotion that illustrated how just one person being obedient to Christ and reaching out to help others can make a difference. If you missed it, read it here. Then ministry president Lysa TerKeurst stepped into that sometimes awkward but necessary role of fundraiser with a letter to our web friends - read here to learn what the ministry's monthly budget is and how donations to the ministry are spent . I would leave it at that and not revisit my days at fundraising, except that I know this ministry is an excellent place to invest in the lives of others by giving. I give monthly to this ministry myself.

So here goes ... would you prayerfully consider being one of the ones that helps us reach others with the truth and love of the gospel? Would you consider giving to P31? Even one dollar would make a difference. And if you can commit to giving on a monthly basis, any amount, that would allow us to accurately budget and plan for the upcoming year of ministry by knowing how much income we can count on coming in.

We would love you to join with P31 - in any way that you can - in this exciting journey of spreading the gospel and building the Kingdom of God in women's hearts and homes. Ask God what He would have you do, and then if you'd like to donate by mail or online, simply click here. We are trusting God to provide the funds we need in these trying financial times, and trusting Him to provide for you, sweet friend, as well.

Stay tuned for details of my recent trip to California ...


  1. Living with a husband with an addiction to alcohol means that money is a scarce commodity in this household. However, my time in prayer I can give and do.

  2. Rachel,

    I can relate to not being fond of making fundraising calls. I am a horrible "seller" and didn't even do well selling Girl Scout cookies in my youth!

    However, when God supports the efforts and the cause is in line with His work, He provides willing hearts. I have P31's fundraising efforts in my prayers.

    Be blessed,


  3. I responded to Lysa's letter. It feels like so little, so insignificant. But then lots of littles can add up to much.

    I'm praying God sells the cattle on His hills for you.

    I use to do fund raising too when I was on staff with InterVarsity. I was on staff 11 years and raised about $30,000 a year to cover salary, benefits, office supplies -- everything.

    One thing I learned is that sometimes the people you least expect will be the ones to give.

    Make that two, if you never ask or tell the need you do not give them a chance to be a blessing.

    Thanks for sharing about the need! I will pray that everything will be multiplied.

  4. Oh my, do I know how hard it is to ask for and raise money. We have a non profit to help Chinese Orphans and boy is it tough out there. I try to say over and over again that a single dollar is so valuable and can really help, but people just feel like if they can't give a lot, they aren't going to give at all. Anyway, I have been blessed by P31 and will give, not a lot, but I will give. Thanks for this opportunity to do so. God bless, Shelby


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