Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Q&A, Bible study plans, prayer request

Madalyn asked: "Hey Rachel I was just wondering are you planning on continuing the women of the bible study or is it through? I miss it!"

I do want to finish the remaining women of the New Testament in our study of women of the Bible. I've just been in a busy season. I keep thinking I'll start us back up when this busy season lets up. But looking at my calendar, deadlines, and speaking schedule, honestly, it's probably not letting up anytime soon. If you'd like, starting in October I can begin posting the readings for us, and then let you gals take it from there with the comments. I just can't promise I will be able to post my usual lengthy essays about the characters. Though I might be able to sneak a few comments in here and there. Would that work for anyone?

Kathie T. asked: "Do you do your writings in cafes because it's more peaceful or because you get more inspiration or something else?"

First of all, yall do know I don't spend all my days sipping lattes and writing in cafes, right? I also teach classes part-time, grade quizzes, scrub toilets, do laundry, run errands, volunteer at my church, watch the travel channel with my daughter, sweep floors, do more laundry, make beds, work for Proverbs 31 part-time, prepare for speaking engagements, travel and speak, do more laundry, spend time with with my family, drive carpool, grocery shop, etc.

But I do a lot of writing - as a ministry, a hobby, and a job. I do probably 70% of that writing at home (particularly in the cold winter months). I like to write at home. But sometimes I need to come up for air and venture out among people for a change of scene. Cafes are not as quiet or as comfy as home, but then again I'm not responsible for cleaning the floors there, or doing the dishes there, or waiting on the customers there. So though it may be busy around me, I can focus on my task because I'm not surrounded by 12 other things I need to do. Plus, a change in my environment, a little people watching, or browsing the bookstore shelves can spark my creativity when I need it. Plus - they have frappachinos. :)

I leave town on Thursday morning for San Francisco. I'll be gone 5 days to lead a women's retreat in the Santa Cruz area. I'm really looking forward to it! But I've still got a few loose ends to wrap up and all my packing to do. Will you please pause and pray for God's anointing on the retreat, my sessions, and the attendees? Also for safe travel, and for my family I'll leave behind for several days. It makes a difference I can feel when God's people pray.

Got a question you want to ask me? Fire away and I just might answer it here. Oh, and Happy Birthday to Kelly T!


  1. Rachel, I've already said a prayer for you. May God richly bless.

    I wish I could concentrate well enough to do some of my writing at cafes, etc. It sounds so
    "artsy" :) I would get way too distracted, though -- not to mention that I like to read my stuff aloud at times to see how it's flowing. Maybe one day, I'll be able to hang out at B&N and look writerly :)

  2. Hi Rachel:
    said a prayer and will continue to keep you, the retreat and your family in prayer. Enjoy your time in Santa Cruz and San Francisco.
    I used to enjoy studying at Starbucks or some other cafe or coffee shop...I also get a lot of reading done when I do laundry since I don't have a machine at home...I pack up my books and sometimes have been known to put a few extra quarters in the machine in order to continue my quiet reading time...
    Have a blessed time at the retreat.
    In His Love,

  3. Just said a prayer! I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Have a safe and fun trip!

  4. Hello Rachel,
    I am praying for you! I too miss the studies but I totally understand. It will not be the same without your input though.
    Enjoy all that you do, maybe things will be calmer for you after the first of the year.
    Blessings to you and your family
    Miss you!!!! :(

  5. With that busy schedule and you still take the time to listen and respond to individuals in need. God bless you for the ministry that you exercise and and may He continue to support you in all you do.

  6. God bless you as you are walking in the giftings God has given you!
    I miss our study, but I totally understand. We need people like you out there, writing and speaking! May you continue to draw close to God, have your cup filled to overflowing, so that you can minister afresh to those around you. Many blessings!
    Connie, Canada

  7. I really would like the Bible Study to go on, there are still many interesting ladies in the Bible that we haven’t read. I find that Rachel’s blog makes me more likely to study because I am with a group of women who know more about the Bible than I do and it’s wonderful to hear so many different stories about God and how He has been faithful in all of your lives. I have gone back and looked at what we all have written and learned and it’s wonderful. I hope I’m not the only one that feels this way. Rachel thank you for all you do to further God’s kingdom here on earth, have a safe trip and a wonderful retreat. Alpharetta, GA

  8. Rachel, Of course I will remember you in prayer. God said He would not put more on us than we could bear, however, sometimes we put more on ourselves. You have a great ministry and I loved the Bible study. It has put me back in touch with people. Because I have not has driver's license since 2003, I'm at home by myself a lot so this has been wonderful for me. You are the glue that holds us together and I enjoy the posts you do which keeps us in touch with you. I have found a lot of new friends and they do a lot of ministry also which is helpful. Agsin I have to give you the credit for that. I've learned to reach out to others and for that I give God all the praise.
    I look foward for your return to the Bible Study, but you also have to follow where God leads you.
    Thanks for being here for us when we need you.
    May your family and you be safe and secure while you are away knowing that a lot of people will be praying for you.

  9. thanks for the birthday wishes. Had a beautiful birthday with my husband and 2 children. Like I said, just really blessed and thankful to be alive. I too would love for you to continue the posts. I enjoy so much reading along with these other women. Will miss hearing your take on it, but maybe you could squeeze a few sentences in here and there.
    Kelly T

  10. Rachel, I too pray for a great, safe trip and retreat for you. I do hope we can continue the Bible study. It was been interesting and I look forward to reading all the comments. At my last count, we had people from at least 20 countries and 40 U.S. states (plus Wash., D.C.)participating!!!! WOW

  11. Father, bless Rachel on her trip. May Your words come easily through her lips. Protect her travel to and from the conference and open up the hearts and souls of the listeners. I pray You will touch many women through Rachel's work. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

  12. I know i've never posted but I have been following along the readings from the beginning. I did also sign the committment post. I agree with you just posting the readings. You don't have to write your essays as long as we finish what we started and that is diving into Word. We must hold each other accountable so LET'S FINISH WHAT WE STARTED! God Bless.

  13. Posting reading sounds great. I like the learning, but understand the busy season, I mean life. :) I love your insight so even little essays when you can squeek them in will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your dedication to the many you inspire with your love for God.
    Blessings and prayers,

  14. Hi Rachel
    Just before the summer i came accross your blog and i love the set-up of the study. In short time i learned so much about woman in the bible and from the comments
    I brought this study also under the attention on the ning-page of p31 and we were planning to discuss "the woman of the bible" also overthere
    Posting readings sounds good to me and i will comment overhere and also on the ningpage if we will continue the discussion
    I keep you in prayer Rachel and will keep on coming to your blog.I love so much your writings and get encourged by them.

  15. Hi Rachel...

    I pray the retreat went well and that you had smooth travels.

    I too, have really enjoyed our study on the Women of the Bible. I would love it if you posted the readings and just "popped in" when your schedule allows. I enjoy reading the other ladies comments and am more motivated to do the reading with a group rather than on my own.

  16. I have another prayer request. The grandfather of the twin (the twin's father's dad) who died in the car accident has been in the hospital for quiet sometime. He has a really bad heart, congestive heart failure and some pneumonia. I talked with his wife today and he seems to be holding his own. He spoke at the funeral for a few minutes and did great and wants to continue his ministry as a pastor. I'm sure the family will appreciate your prayers. We have known them for a number of years and dearly love them.

  17. An update on my previous comment. Our niece's father-in-law had two heart attacks yesterday but were able to restart his heart (his request). He's a minister and still wants to work for the Lord.
    We will be leaving after lunch today to go to see him (almost to the Kentucky line in Tenneessee). Please pray that we will have a safe trip.

    Also I found out yesterday that one of my cousins is having a lumpectomy sometime next week. She needs prayer also.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you,
    You all are the greatest,

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  19. riverview said...
    Hello ladies,

    When do we begin holding the fort for Rachel? I am very anxious, as I am sure many of you are, to continue with these studies and our wonderful discussions. I certainly hope that we will expand our studies after we finish the Woman of the Bible. I feel that so many of us have been purposely brought together through Rachel to enrich the lives of each one of us. It would be a terrible shame if we were to end our studies and lose contact with each other.

    I'm ready to start today! I had surgery 9 weeks ago and have been placed in a nursing home here in town to rehabilitate. I am by far the youngest lady here. The majority are in their 80's, 90's and we even have one woman who is 103!

    I know that our Lord has placed me here so that I can be a blessing to these woman in whatever way I am able. I have become very fond of each and every one of them. They are all so special in thier own individual personalities.

    I am in the Alzheimer's Unit, even though I am fully lucid and here only until my ankle heals. The Unit is separated from the rest of the nursing home by a code-locked door and a separate closed-in patio area so that the residents don't get confused and walk off and disappear (a common behavior associated with the disease.) These ladies are so beautiful and special and just need lots of love and attention, which through the grace of our Lord, I am able to give them plenty of!

    They are planning on sending me to an Assisted Living Facility, either across the street or another one a few blocks away. I am waiting to find out the details. I was very upset at first, having to leave my "ladies" and all. I figured God wanted me here, but after sorting it through my mind, I finally realized that HE wants me to move on now and help others in another capacity. I really feel that I can be much more effective in one of these facilities than I can be from home. So, now I am anxious to move onto the next step. I will still be very close to the Nursing Home so will be able to come back and visit my gals here once I can walk again.

    Your prayers would certainly be appreciated. I don't know how much longer I will have to be wearing this double-haloed external fixator (Taylor spatial frame). The halos support the high gauged wires and one good-sized rod that goes through my bones and is controlled by adjustable struts which move the wires by minute increments so that my bones are in alignment as the new growth forms. There are 9 different sites of entry and exit areas in my leg. It is quite the "contraption" and one that isn't too well known at this date in time. However, as I previously mentioned, I think that my accident and my 3 previous unsuccessful surgeries were all masterfully orchestrated by our Father to bring me to this place in my live in order to better serve HIM.

    God bless you and keep you, all of my dear Sisters in Christ. And let us begin our study where we left off! Who's game to go first?

    In His name and Glory,
    Bonners Ferry, ID


  20. in reference to Madalyn's question about the women of the bible - I like her keep going thru your blogs looking for what I missed.
    I was unhappy with your response -- you started the women of the bible...then just poof you went away... yes I realize you have a busy schedule and that's what happens to us we get busy and put aside what the Lord had us to start - and most time we never come back to finish it.


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