Thursday, March 26, 2009

Medac, help! - I'm in the shower

It's Thursday evening and I'm preparing to leave town tomorrow to speak this weekend - yes, my 3rd weekend in a row. Next weekend I plan to savor the nothingness on my calendar!

But I'm looking quite forward to this weekend. I always look forward to the opportunity to meet and encourage other women, and that's on the agenda. Plus, I'm not the only speaker this weekend. There will be 3 others besides me to share the load. That also means I'll get to hear someone else speak for a couple of sessions. And selfishly, I'm excited that one of those 3 is my own P31 teammate Marybeth Whalen. So that means some girlfriend time.

I won't be able to post any pictures of our girlfriend time, unless Marybeth takes them and sends them to me. My camera was stolen out of my car a few weeks ago, and they took my GPS too. But it may be a good thing I can't post pics since I currently look like a victim from a Friday the 13th movie.

As of this morning I have a long - like 5" long - cut that runs across the base of my neck. And it's nice and red too. How did I manage that you ask? With a plastic bath puff of course.

Yeah, I know. (Remember last spring when I burned the white part of one eye?)
I'm just talented like that.

I use body wash with those bath scrubby puff things like you get at Bath & Body Works. My old one was falling apart after much use so I bought a new one and used it for the first time today. Evidently there was something sharp on there because it cut me good. Then it stung like crazy when the soap and shampoo hit it. In fact, that happened over 12 hours ago and it still stings!

So ladies, I hope you have a good weekend, but please be careful with your bath puffs - it's not a toy!!


  1. I apologize for this... but some of your stories make me smile! It reassures me that I am not the only one who has some crazy injury stories to tell!

    I do hope the sting has gone away. I like to use aloe vera gel whenever I get that type of 'rope burn'(yes, I have some experience with injuries that are a bit embarrassing to admit!)

    Anyway, I've prayed for your trip and will continue to pray for travel mercies and for your family in your absence. I also pray you get time to savor girlfriend time and that God will speak to you through the other speakers you get to hear. Maybe, I'll also pray that God will gift you with extended "Bliss" when you return!


  2. Rachel,
    I knew I felt a connection with you. Sounds like a day in my life.
    Well have a fun blessed time at your event this weekend. I am praying for your safety. :)

  3. Rachel,
    Will be praying for you and MaryBeth this weekend. Also praying that your cut heals!


  4. Rachel,
    I too use the "bath body puffs." I am praying for healing for you. Thanks for the heads up. I just threw away my worn out one and replaced it with a new one about a week ago. You take care and be blessed.

  5. How awful that you got scratched by an innocence bath scrubby.

    I know you are busy this weekend, but I'd like to ask and invite you to come visit my blog when you return. I have a special post announcing my blogaversary. The reason I specifically want you to read it is because YOU are part of the reason I was introduced to the wonderful blog world. You will always hold a special place in my heart for what begun in my during your Bible study and what wonderful things I learned. I'd love for you to read my post from today and comment.

  6. May God be with you and give you a fabulous, spirit filled weekend.
    I stepped into the tub (after it had been cleaned) and the mat was not secure so I've got a small bruise on my left leg. I know, I should have remembered but I guess it was one of my senior moments. It's not as bad as some have been.

    God bless all of you and give you safe traveling,

  7. I have to admit that is the first injury from a bath sponge that I've heard about!! Hope it is feeling better soon - and that you have a great weekend away!

  8. Rachel,

    Thanks for leaving my a note and the prayer. Check out my blog for the pictures and menu of the competition. I will be posting the recipes as well.

    I am so sorry you were injured while showering. I didn't realize that personal hygiene could be so dangerous. Yikes!:-)

    Prayers for your speaking and time with Marybeth. Then take the time needed for rest.

  9. It's my blogaversary and I just wanted to say Thank you from my heart for all that you did during the studies through my tuff times and what you taught me. You are truly an inspiration!
    I will never forget you and I talk often about you!
    God Bless you Rachel


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