Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny

Thanks so much for praying - I think it made a difference. It was great to see Marybeth in Virgina. We stayed up late Friday night drinking Bengal Spice tea, catching up with one another, and laughing a lot. Then on Saturday afternoon we squeezed in a trip to Starbucks and a Christian bookstore before going out to dinner with the larger group. So you know I was content.

These women were so kind and accommodating. After my session on Friday evening I was in the elevator with a couple of the ladies from the church. One of them said I looked familiar to her. Turns out, she was my middle school Geography teacher! She even went home and found her yearbook from my 9th grade year. How fun it was to look at pics of my grade-school girlfriends, my school gymnastics team and my cheer squad. What's more - since I didn't have any yearbooks from my middle school years - she gave it to me! That was a real treat. So, thank you, Ann!

The glitch came when I realized I'd booked my 8:00 AM flight home on Sunday for 8:00 PM. I realized this on Friday afternoon and called Expedia right away to see about changing my flight time. They told me it would cost $400. GULP. So I prayed and decided to head to the airport at 6:15 Sunday morning and see if I could catch a flight as a stand-by passenger. I got on a 7:30 AM flight and was home in time to go to church with my family - which for me is bliss so thanks for the prayers.

Oh, and my scary looking cut healed rather quickly too. I just kept slathering it with antibiotic cream.

The name of this post - not that you care - comes from the title of my former state's state song. It was the state song of Virgina until 1997 when it was retired over racial controversy about the lyrics. Yet some say the song, written by an educated African American, is satire. The song was "American Idol material" at one time ... sold a million copies in 1916 ... plus Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis recorded it as well. If you are easily fascinated with trivia facts - or just plain bored - you can jump over here to read about the controversy and see what you think.

Meanwhile, for all you song writers out there, there is an on-going contest for a song to replace it as Virgina's state song. So get out your keyboard or guitar.

Me? I'm content to sing James Taylor's "Carolina on my Mind."
And happy to be home again ~ Rachel


  1. Glad to have you back safe and sound. So glad you had such a good time and an extra treat from your school teacher.

    Tomorrow is April 1st. April is the month you started the Bible Study on Women and a lot of us started our own blogs. So there are probably a lot of 1st year Blogoversaries for April. The Bible Study and the blog has been a great inspiration for me, thanks to you.
    God's blessings to you,

  2. Rachel,

    I am glad you are back! I'm glad the weekend went well and that you were able to join your family at Church on Sunday! God was definitely with you. I admit, I was traveling and did not get to check up on your blog until today, so I missed the whole scubby incident... Glad the God of all healing dealt with that too (though I admit I laughed out loud, but not at your expense I assure you... :))!

    Be blessed this week and enjoy the nothingness on you calendar for the coming weekend!

    Karen, CA

  3. Rachel,

    I am glad your trip was good and you were able to get home in time to go to church with the family. What part of VA did you go to? I live in Chesterfield, right outside of Richmond.
    Glad you didn't scare them with the Friday the 13th cut.:-)


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