Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sometimes at the dinner table my family does "high-low" where we share with one another the lowest and highest points of our day. I thought we should try that here - it's fun to learn about each other's daily lives.

LOW: When I arrived at my gym last night there was a sign on the door that as of April 1st the gym would be closed, indefinitely. Was this an April Fool's joke? No, it was signed by 2 lawyers and it is legit. What?!

I still have 3 months of membership left that I've already paid for, and I'm told today I'd have to file an insurance claim to get that $ back. More importantly - we're only talking like $30 - this is my favorite gym and so close to my house. It's the place where I reduce stress and get in shape - two needed things in my life. And I think it's the only gym in town with a steam room. I love the steam room!

HIGH: The upside is I worked out hard last night. Feeling that it would be my last opportunity, I cranked up the music in my earphones and ran like crazy on the elliptical machine for 3 miles. Then I hit the weights with a vengeance. I burned calories and reduced lots of stress - woke up today still sore and starving!

Today I had to run a few errands. While out I discovered that my favorite brand of "energy bar" now comes in some new flavors. I eat one of these nearly every day for breakfast, so that excited me. I bought and tried the chocolate-pecan flavor and loved it! (Note to self: tell LeAnn because she loves these bars as much as you do.)

MORE HIGHS: Next I had to stop by a consignment shop where I had left a few items of clothes back in February. My contract was up and they had sold all but one jacket. So I got a check for $25. In my twisted girl-logic I decided that my clothes shopping habit could actually fund itself now that I found this consignment store. (Note to self: Don't think any further about that. A close examining of that logic won't leave you feeling as happy as you are now.)

Then I had to return a blouse at the Belk's department store - due to that clothes shopping habit I mentioned. While there I found a cute pair of casual, low heels on sale for just $10 including tax! (Note to readers: Do not ask why I was shopping in the shoe department when I was there to return a shirt.)

So those are my highs and lows from the last 24 hours - what's been yours?


  1. I LOVE this idea! I think I may have to start a new way to discuss our day at the dinner table tonight! Thank you for the idea!

    As for me...

    I think my low was when my puppy woke me up at 6:48am for the second day in a row even though it is Spring Break and my kids sleep till after 8! (I have to admit this isn't such a bad 'low') I couldn't go back to sleep... aghhh! I love to sleep!

    I guess another LOW is finding plastic bugs all over my house because my 9 and 7 year old boys have gotten carried away with the whole "April Fool's" thing (I'm talking like on the toilet seat, in the fridge, in the pantry... EVERYWHERE)! Enough already!

    My HIGH: Going to church this morning with all three kiddos in tow to work on this week's Preschool Lesson. We are starting a new unit so this means a whole new 'set' in our teaching area. I am in my element with Children's Ministry so it was exciting for me to plan and get ready for Palm Sunday.

    An even bigger high: My two year old is just waking up from an over THREE HOUR NAP (usually I have to wake her up to go pick up my boys from school) So... I had time to cut some craft things out for Children's Ministry, eat lunch while it was hot, do some house cleaning, take a NAP :o), stand outside for a few moments and soak in some SUNSHINE, AND check my e-mails! I think this is the type of Bliss you've been mentioning!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Hey 5SKIS - about 20 minutes ago my kids scared me with a plastic scorpian!

    Oh, and I can totally understand your low being woken up when you had more time to sleep!

    Smiles~ R

  3. I'm still waiting on the high although I think I have reached it.
    My low was going to the dentist to have a new cap put on and a filling in another tooth. The pain underneath the cap did not go away until after I took some Tylenol and hopefully by tomorrow there will be no pain at all.
    Not a good day except for reading all the wonderful blogs. They always lift my spirits.

  4. High- Having 60 women at bible study tonight whose lives are changing!! It's amazing!!!

    LOW- Having to stay up VERY late blowing yokes out of 90 eggs for our mom's group craft thing tomorrow. I'd better GET OFF this computer!! =)

  5. My low was when my daughter casualy walked by me while I was watching a tv show (rare for me) and informed me that the freezer was leaking.(so much for the tv show again). the freezer was surely OUT!.

    The high of my day is when my husband called me and told me because the freezer went out, he would take me to dinner. After dinner it was shopping for a new freezer. Found one and really nice to have a freezer that will defrost itself. The old one, I had to defrost. I guess that over 10 years on a 21foot freezer is along time. bought a 17 foot.

    The children are SUPPOSED to be gone on their own now. (How did my daughter walk by me in the livingroom?

    Oh!thats right, I still have one living with me! And her 2 year old, my granddaughter; the high light of my day.

    I guess you can say I have more HIGHS than LOWS. Good for me!

  6. We do this sometimes too, but havent done it in a while, so I'll have to try it again tonight!

    One of my highs was when I became mom-of-the-year yesterday, because I made muffins for breakfast before school. Everybody came running down the stairs with great excitement, yelling "yeah! muffins!". You would think I never feed them. But it brought some smiles to everyones face.

    Another high was receiving an email from my daughters boyfriend's mom, telling me how absolutely wonderful she is and what a great influence she is on her son! I was a proud mama.

    My low was hearing about how much pain my sister was experiencing during the day, due to muscle spasms in her shoulders and migraines.

    But all in all, it was a great day.

  7. My high was being able to spend two days watching my 6 week old grandson while his mom went back to work.

    I guess my low would be that my grandson's mom has to go back to work so soon.

  8. My high was going grocery shopping and out to lunch with my wonderful husband. I love going out to lunch with my husband. (Normally grocery shopping would not necessarily rank as a high but we took the sales ad and found many things on sale!) I love it when the freezer, fridge, and pantry are full.

    My low was cleaning up after our kitty after she got sick to her stomach and tossed her kibble on the hallway carpet.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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