Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dear Hallmark,

Dear Hallmark Corp,

First let me say "thank you" for so many of the blessings you provided me while I was growing up. My parents owned a chain of Hallmark stores in Virginia. I still recall each and every store, along with its backroom, loading dock and many of the store managers. My very first job was clerking behind the register. I learned to count money and make change ringing up Shoebox cards, wrapping paper and gifts.

But I feel I have to let you know something today. Last night I stumbled across the Love Comes Softly movie you were playing and it caused me great emotional distress - plus, roughly a half a box of tissues. Those were my tears you jerked out of me.

Today - after the some comments left by friends - I turned on the TV again to see if you were in fact running other such movies in what they told me was a series. Sure enough, this is a 14 hour marathon. OH HELP ME LORD! So now I've lost an entire Saturday afternoon, and at least 2 quarts of salt water, to you and your movies which play with my emotions like a kitten with string.

I really need to go to the grocery store for more tissues, and for ingredients if I'm going to make dinner tonight. But how can I do that when you run movie after movie in this series back-to-back? Besides, the store clerks would wonder why my eyes are so swollen and my nose is red. I fear my kids and I just might starve. (Good thing hubby is out of town this weekend.)

I thought I was going to get a reprieve tonight at 9:00 pm when the saga concludes with Love's Unfolding Dream, but no - the series is not concluding! At 9:00 pm comes the "world premiere" of the newest movie in the "Love" series: Love Takes Wing. Now I ask you, how can I miss the world premiere? ... Unless I'm in the hospital by then due to starvation or severe dehydration.

And there's more, next Saturday evening is the premiere of the 8th movie in the series, Love Finds a Home.

I'll tell you what "Love takes" ... this love movies series takes a lot of time to watch. And and lot of tissues to get through. And a lot of chocolate to soothe me. And the phone number to Domino's.

Oh, and a heart of stone not to love it back. So I have a feeling it's also going to cost me a few dollars at the bookstore to purchase the entire series to read. Hallmark, I guess now you're taking after all those years of giving when I was young. Well, I reckon that fair.

Y'all let me know if you watch it tonight.


  1. All I can say is "God bless you". That's a lot to see them on all in one day. It is so hard to find decent movies to watch. I guess I'm not a very emotional person. I don't think I cried at all and I've watched them several times. I definitely will be watching the one tonight.

    I have to confess, but I got my movies through and I never read any of the books.

    Will be thinking of you at 9 pm tonight.

  2. I did not know that a new one was coming on tonight! I'm going to have to search and TIVO it for later!!! Thanks for the heads up! I love love love these series and you are going to LOVE the books! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to read them...she still has a few years! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

  3. When I left the comment I had no idea it was going to be THAT weekend for them. are going to have to tell us your thoughts about the new one tonight.
    They do tug at your heart a little..don't they?
    Make a note for next weekend. I'll be joining you also..:-)

  4. I so wish they would show those one night a week until one can see them all. There is NO WAY that I would or could sit through all those in one day and even two. Too much to do with little ones around. I can't get my dvd thing to record so I will have to do without or buy them somewhere. I read those as a teen even though at that time I wasn't a christian. They were good stories then and still are. They will stay in the classic hall of fame for sure. I have those tissues with lotion in them for those tear jerkers. I hide them in my closet. Want to keep face soft during those times.

  5. I own all the movies except the new one for tonight and the new one that will be on next week! Even tho I own them. I still find myself watching them on T.V. when they come on. My husband told me last night "haven't we already watched these" I laughed and he said they are good we can watch them again if you want too. Of course I did and we loved the new one! I think he likes them as much as I do. LOL
    I haven't read the books but, have thought about it. Just wasn't sure after seeing the movies.

  6. I have missed a whole week of your posts! Bless your heart! YOur gym closing, the darling shoes from Belk's(I just love Belk's! I actually worked there in college!), the the movies! I am in crying mode right now after reading Elaine's post at Peace for the Journey! I told her I was stocking up on Kleenex for Holy Week! I am quite interested in those movies! Is it a book series as well?? And the author is??? Please let me know!!



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