Friday, April 3, 2009

Pass the tissues

I'm watching Love Comes Softly on the Hallmark channel.

Oh my is this movie is a first-class tear-jerker, or what?! Brutal! But I'm loving it. And I've gone through no less than 7 tissues already.

Anybody seen it or read the book?


  1. Haven't seen it... and since my DVR is out of commission (momentarily, I hope), I haven't been able to tape 'MY' shows! I'll have to see if "Red Box" has it. Do you use "Red Box"? It is a $1 a night movie rental! Way Cool!

    I want to let you know, I am so loving the "High Low" chats we've been having at the dinner table! My kids love it too! Thanks again, for the idea!

    Now go back to your tear jerker! We all need a good cry every now and then!

  2. Yes, I have the entire series! My Sunday School teacher from my junior high years gave me the book "Love Comes Softly" for Christmas one year! I LOVED the entire serious! Such a sweet, sweet story!

    Now we own the movie. My 10 yr old daughter loves them too! We sit and cry together!

  3. I read the entire series when I was a teenager ... LOVED IT! I forgot the new one was coming on ... I will have to find it and DVR it!

  4. I have seen the gotta watch them all. Sometimes Hallmark will show all of them back to back on a Saturday or Sunday.
    I see you are a tissue girl. If they run the series, get yourself a box LOL

  5. Yes, all of the Love Comes Softly moview are great. I have them all. If you watch all 6 of them you might need several boxes of kleenex. There's another one coming soon. I can't wait to see it.
    Here's the list in case your interested:
    Love Comes Softly
    Loves Enduring Promise
    Loves Long Journey
    Love's Abiding Joy
    Love's Unending Legacy
    Love's Unfolding Dream

    I just discovered there are 3 more that I haven't seen. You can go to the folllowing sight to see a list of all these
    They are really good.

  6. I read all the books as a teen. Loved them! I'll have to see the movies sometime since you all love them so!

  7. 5SKIS, so glad yall are enjoying the high-low conversation starter. That's wonderul! Redbox is great isn't it?

    How great that so many of you read these books as teens. (I didn't know Christ or go to Sunday School as a teen.) I can't wait to read them with my own daughter.

    Thanks, Alice, for the list. I must see them all!

    And thanks, Angie, for the tip as this is the perfect weekend for me to watch them - and they're on!

  8. I have read the books and I have seen the movies. I like the movies and they are very good but I was dissapointed because the movies change the story line and even some of the names in the books. The books are so great, I'm not sure why the director, writer's, producer's etc thought they needed to change the story lines. Sorry I didn't want to be negative on this I just think the movies could have been just as great without the changes.

  9. Hi Rachel,

    I just read your daily meditation "Afraid to Fail", and wanted to thank you for sharing your insight. God has been speaking to me about "stiring up the gift" within me, but I've run amuck instead. Your words spoke lovingly to my heart, and I desire to try again to be used by Him to bring His healing to His broken children.

    May God continue to bless you and use your ministry to touch others.

    Richard Lubbers


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