Monday, April 27, 2009

Trapped into Domesticity

Yesterday evening I enjoyed some fried chicken and fruit salad at the park with a few of the Christian faculty members from my university. The weather was truly blissful as we ate, chatted, and played bean bag toss and ultimate Frisbee.

I must've been sooooo relaxed when I got home that I didn't realize my purse was still in the back seat ...with my keys in it ... and darling husband locked its doors once I went inside. I realized all this today after I made my errands list, showered, and then looked around the house for my purse for 20 minutes.

Gracious, now I'll just have to spend the day cleaning house and doing laundry. Ugh.

I can go days (literally) without leaving my house and be perfectly happy. As a lark. As whatever kind of bird is even happier than a lark. I do it all the time. But a soon as I CAN'T go anywhere, it drives me crazy. Remove the option and my lark flies the coup, leaving me stuck there alone with my crazed notions of hitch-hiking to Barnes & Nobel.

I seem to be a strange mix of eager world traveler and total homebody. What about you ... are you a happy homebody or full of wanderlust?

My email is not back up yet so if you've sent me an email, please be patient. I'll eventually get it and respond. Pinkie promise.

Off to fold more clothes ~ R


  1. I am like you, some days I'm completely content to just be home busy doing things but then at other times I want to go, go, go!

  2. Glad y'all had a great time...that fried chicken sounded delish!!! I like to be at home, but once I go run errands or whatever, it's hard to pull me back to the laundry!! Until carpool!! Enjoy this gorgeous weather!


  3. I am a happy homebody! Very rarely, do I want to go, go, go unless it is to get away to relax. You see, I am on the go so much during the week with various activities, that when the weekend gets here, I just want to recover from the hectic week I have had.
    Love the fried chicken with the fruit salad and then followed with some outside time. Sounded awesome!

  4. I'm sorry, I just have to laugh at your situation. I'm with you...I have sudden urges for obscure errands when I'm car-less. The worst was when the boys were 2 and an infant and I discovered my husband had taken the carseats with him to work just when I was walking out the door to a playdate that was going to save my sanity (and that I'd probably been packing/getting ready for over the past hour!) Now that was bad.

  5. Well, I'm stuck here at home just about all the time since I can't drive anymore. About the only time I get out is when my husband takes me for a drs. appoitment, get my hair done, etc. things I have to go out for. I told someone it was a good thing I liked myself because I am with me most of the time (and of course my Heavenly Father is just a prayer away).
    Enjoy it ladies.

  6. Alice ... where are you in those times when you are not with yourself?!?!!

    Smiles ~Rachel

  7. Rachel...

    You make me smile!

    I think we are born with the want what we can't have syndrome. Ughhh!

  8. I'm the same way. I could happily stay home all week, until I'm forced to leave and then realize there's a whole world going on out there! Or until I don't have a car (it's currently in the shop) and then I feel trapped and think of all the places I need to go.

    :) Michelle

  9. I'm the same way, I can be busy for days and days. When I'm home I love it. I love the house clean, and the towels folded and placed neatly in the closet. The second the car breaks down or I catch a cold and have to stay in doors. I wanna go mad, and run away.

    I love my home though, and can't wait for the weekends!

    - always.

  10. Rachel,
    I'm right here at this computer reading all the posts and making comments.
    This morning the ones I read took me through a morning worship time. It's amazing how addicted you can get to all this, but on days like today it is worth it.

    Sometimes (very rarely, I watch TV), read or play games on the computer.

    I decided to read the Bible through this year so that takes up some of my time.

    My husband is partially retired so he is usually home by lunch time so I'm not totally alone as I use to be and God is always with me.
    God bless your week-end.


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