Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week Before the Cross: Tuesday-Wednesday

Today's readings are longer than the past two days have been. Remember, we are moving chronologically through Jesus' week. So a lot happened on Tuesday.

Interesting, the Bible doesn't say what Jesus did on Wednesday. Nothing is recorded for that day. We can assume perhaps he stayed in Bethany with his friends and disciples. And probably continued praying. If you can't get through all of the readings below today, finish them up on Wednesday since there are no reading for that day. (All the verses in red below are liked to an online Bible for ease of reading.)

In today's readings we see Jesus' authority challenged at the Temple on Tuesday:

We see Jesus teaching with his trademark parables, and confronting the Jesus leaders:

Some Greeks ask to see Jesus on this day, and He predicts His death:

Jesus gives the teaching known as His "discourse" at the Mount of Olives:

Finally, also on this day Judas agrees to betray Jesus and makes plans with the head Jewish priests:

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  1. Rachel,

    It is Friday, and I just finished reading your Tuesday scripture links. My head is spinning and there is so much going I need to ponder. I especially was moved by the lessons concerning the destruction of the temple and the end of the age. I turned to commentaries to help me understand.

    God is being very faithful in His answer to my prayer this Holy Week; to gain new knowledge and find new truths in His word as He walks the path to the cross. You are His instrument for me this week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Have a Blessed Easter!



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