Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy girl

Decided to hold off until the start of the week on the topic of physical intimacy in marriage - it's a big topic. Plus, readers are still finding my Soul Mates devo from this week and responding to it ... glad I'm not the only one who has trouble getting to all their emails on a given day. Or maybe people are just forwarding it to friends. I'm praying it reaches everyone who needs it.

Tonight darling daughter was invited to an end-of-school-year party from 4:00 - 8:00 pm and then, surprisingly, a neighbor offered to have our son over and take him to the movies during that time. Which meant a 4 hour window for a spontaneous Saturday night date night! Rick and I were ecstatic.

We stopped in at a gourmet shop we go in from time to time and the owners there recommended a fabu French restaurant to us. Yes, it was a bit pricey. More expensive than we would have gone to on our own had we planned this date night, but we felt obligated to try the place they raved about. Oh, wow. I'm telling you, the food was soooo good I'm considering sending them a thank-you card.

Instead I thanked Rick for the yummy meal and the great conversations we had. Date night + French restaurant + laughter with Rick = super happy girl.

Off to tuck the kids in bed ~ catch y'all a little later.


  1. Wow, I must have just gotten to this after you posted. Those windows of time sometimes the best, because they are unplanned.

    The Chef in me is curious as to the menu.
    By the way I love the blogs lately.
    Thank you for your boldness to address these issues.
    God Bless,

  2. Hey Diane. I had melt in your mouth flounder in a brown butter, lemon and capers sauce with flavored green beans and some kind of potato (that I let Rick eat most of but I did taste it, so I can confirm it was good).

    He had sea scallops with a dark, almost raspberry colored glaze (don't remember what that was) served with spinach nestled on top of a creamed leek concoction that was really tasty.

    For desert they serve "minis" which amounts to a few spoonfuls of desert served in a clear glass about the size of a dixie cup. We orded the key lime, the dark chocolate mousse, and the Baliey's cheesecake. I sampled each - shhhh, don't tell Lysa, Holly or Melissa on me - and all were good. Have I ever mentioned I'm a complete sucker for key lime pie?

    Must figure out how to earn more money so I can eat there more often. As the other Rachel says: YUM-O!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful night. I am so glad you had a little down time.

    In Him,

  4. Sounds like you had yourself a fabulous dinner. I only like certain seafood dishes, not fish. I can make some really good stuff like Crab Cakes and Ginger Lime Tilapia.

    Now desserts are my thang, pastries are my love. I have a great recipe for Key Lime Pie. Someone once told me it was "good enough to smack your mamma." I think that was a compliment, but not sure.

    So your on this diet as well. How's it working for you?

  5. AnonymousJune 08, 2009

    Sounds like a lovely date night! I love your food descriptions in the comments! I'm so glad hubby and I have time for a night out together now that our ministry obligations are a bit less.

  6. That's the thing, Diane, I don't like fish either! I can tolerate shrimp, but I don't get exicted about it. I'm a cheap date!

    Only once in my life have I had a piece of fish that I liked - until Saturday night. Now I will go back there just to order that founder.

    Desserts are my thang too. I'd consider driving to VA just to try your "smack your mamma" key lime pie.

    I'm not doing the complete diet program Lysa is - but I'm doing it about 90%. I'd already given up my beloved but evil Diet Coke when Lysa challeneged me to fast something for She Speaks. So I gave up yummy carbs, I mean bad carbs. Hence I went to a french resturant and ordered fish and didn't eat my potato. I did enjoy a few forbidden spoonsfuls of dessert and then got back on the carb-wagon.

  7. It is the texture of fish in my mouth that makes me gag. (bad word picture) I love to cook it and the smell of it. Flounder, brown butter and capers are simply a devine combo.

    I will be at She Speaks and if it wouldn't be a sin, maybe a "smack your mama" key lime pie could find it's way to you. :-0 (Don't tell Lysa) tee hee Isn't that why they make coolers?

    What is the name of the place you went? I would love to look it up on line.

  8. Well, by She Speaks my reason for fasting will have arrived. And I've never seen a verse in the Bible that says pie is sin. So if a couple slices of a certain pie were to arrive in a cooler, I'd quietly smuggle you to my room and not even tempt the others to smack their mamas. :)

    Here is the resturant - the menu is online.

  9. Rachel...

    Wishing I could join you and Chef Diane for some S.Y.M. pie! Sounds like it'll be a fun 'girl time'!

    P.S. I don't 'do' seafood (of any kind) so I am a "cheap date" too! Maybe we should start a club! Ha!

  10. Maybe that club should be called

    "the cheap dates that smack your mama's" lolololol

    Oh my I need to go to bed, that was so bad.

    Rachel, I have never seen a verse declaring pie as sin either. Unless something happens, count on some to show up at She Speaks. It will be just our secret though. tee hee.

    Who is your roommate?
    Good night,

  11. Ooh, Diane, I can't wait. Only 52 days until key lime pie, I mean She Speaks.

    I'm rooming with Micca - who is not on the crazy diet to my knowledge so she will not knock the spoon from my hand. Love her.

    If it's too much trouble to transport pie, just bring me the recipe.


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