Friday, June 11, 2010

Sand and the end of myself

Several months ago I imagined an intimate gathering of female Christian writers - just to have a relaxing yet productive weekend away together. Like a girlfriend's writers' retreat. I thought we could read, write, talk about our latest projects, brainstorm together, walk the beach, pray and write some more. Then in the evenings, we could cook together and share a meal.

Well, I'm happy to say I'm spending this weekend with several writer friends - Marybeth Whalen, Mary DeMuth, Lisa Whittle, Lisa Shea and Alice Whistler - doing just that. We congregated at this beach house yesterday on the southern coast of NC - the setting for Marybeth's novel The Mailbox which just released. Have you gotten it yet??

This morning before our writing session began, Alice opened our day with a devotion.  And a short writing assignment.  We were each handed a note card and asked to write one single word that comes to mind when we think of the NC coastline.  I wrote down the word "home." Then we passed the cards back to Alice and she redistributed them, ensuring we didn't get our own word. Our task was to take the word given us and, in 2-3 minutes, fill the front of the card with whatever came to mind with the word we received.  We each began silently scribbling down thoughts with our pens.

My card said "sand."  And this is what I wrote:

Sand ... A billion tiny particles, each one small as a mustard seed, each able to be brushed from the back of your leg with the flick of your wrist.  But together, they hold back the ocean in its place.  They cushion the fall of toddlers, beach balls and lovers alike. They give shelter to crabs, mollusks, and imaginary knights in child-made castles.  Individually they can do nothing - much like us apart from God - but together they are glorious enough to be worth the drive.

With that line I reached the end of my card space -- and with that thought, the end of myself.  Which is a good place to be when you sit down to write for his glory.

Off to write - hoping that if you find the end of yourself today, you also discover that God is right there ready to be more than enough for what you lack, need or do.

Thankful for sand.


  1. Love this! Am posting a link on my blog!!

  2. What a beautiful weekend. Thanks for sharing it on your blog.
    Blessings, AE

  3. Oh I love what you wrote about sand! Beautiful!

    Enjoy your weekend with all those gals. :) I was going to make you giggle through cyber space and say you were a "name dropper"....yet the way you ended this post was just so perfect....the end of yourself....all for Him. Now...there's some great Name dropping.....His! :)

    God gave me this scripture on Thursday morning during quiet time (Thursday was the cherubs' last day of school). It is coming to my mind again for you this weekend.

    Isaiah 26:12-13 -- "LORD, You establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished You have done for us. O LORD, our God...Your name alone do we honor."

    Going to read some John Piper... :)


  4. Just beautiful, Rachel. Enjoy your beach weekend with your writing buddies! And yes, I have read Marybeth's book and it is wonderful. Going to visit the Kindred Spirit mailbox myself in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to feel and smell the ocean breeze, get a little sand between my toes, relax on the beach with a good book, and get some inspiration for posts on my blog.

    Happy Weekend!


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