Friday, June 25, 2010

She Cooks (mostly)

I have scarcely cooked all week. My entire family has been out of town this week - away at camp - so I've been home alone. The first evening I cooked myself dinner and it was quite good. I was sorry they missed it. After that, I didn't cook at all. Not breakfast, lunch or dinner. (I did throw a pre-made pizza in the oven one night, does that count as cooking? I didn't think so.)

Today they return and tonight I'll return to cooking. That is if I can remember how. Actually I'm excited about doing some cooking again because one of the best cooks I know - LeAnn Rice - just launched a new cooking site called She Cooks. Go check it out and comment to win a set of Rachael Ray knives and year's subscription to the Food Network magazine.

Plus, Ann Kroeker's Food on Fridays post has inspired me to try cooking some kale. (Yeah, I know, me too. Ann was persuasive.) Oh and before I forget, for Father's Day I bought Rick some Alder wood grilling planks. We've never grilled on wooden planks but I figured we'd give it a go this weekend - your tips on using those are welcome.

Hope you make something yum-ray this weekend! 

(She's Rachael Ray and says "Yum-o," I'm Rachel O. and say "Yum-ray." Cheesy, right?)


  1. Kale. It's what's for dinner.

    When the family's away, I sometimes end up getting more creative in the kitchen because I don't have to worry about or cater to picky eaters. I have the freedom to make whatever I have a hankering for, and so it unleashes a lot of experimentation and recipe searching.

    Hope you enjoy your transition back to Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.

  2. Thanks, Rachel!

    Love you BIG!

  3. I'm gonna have to check out LeAnn's new site :) Thanks for suggesting it. I've kinda been in a cooking rut - and need a little culinary kick in the rear :)

    I plan on making a new lemon checking recipe this week - maybe that will get me back in the swing of things :)

    Blessings to you!

    - Kate :)

  4. Hi Rachel!

    My hubby uses those 'planks' to grill salmon. I don't eat any seafood but he LOVES grilling fish on those wooden boards! Just don't forget to soak them first! Have fun!


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