Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The drum

Shout out to my new friends in Warner-Robins, Georgia.  Had a great time (and a great steak!) with them Monday night at the Christmas banquet.  I stood onstage beside a half lit tree, which is better than the "naked" tree that's been standing in my living room for over a week now.  That's OK because my message was about majoring on the essentials this Christmas season. (Note: tree decor is not essential.)

I'm over at Karen Ehman's blog today talking about The Little Drummer Boy and giving away my book, a magazine subscription to the P31 Woman, and a gift card to Barnes & Noble. Pop over there to read it, then come back here and - for another chance to win my book - leave a comment telling me what your "drum" is. 

If you don't know what your "drum" is and you're trying to figure that out, you can still comment here to enter.  Just fill out this online spiritual gifts questionnaire, and report back here what it identifies as your top 3 spiritual gifts.

I'll draw the winner on Friday.

Meanwhile, here's the video of The Little Drummer boy from the animated classic that first made me fall in love with this song as a child.

Off to do an interview with Renew FM in New England, then WPOS in Toledo, and then make some cocoa before decorating my tree.  I hope last year's strands of lights still work ...


  1. I do LOVE this song, too! I suppose my drum is encouragement. I love to give it whether it's through a spoken word or a written word. I do pray that the words I share through my blog and the words I speak to people with whom I come in contact will be full of His grace and seasoned with salt (Colossians 4:6).

    Sweet Blessings to you this Christmas!

  2. I remember the LDB as my favorite holiday show. Something about the humble gift...

    My strongest are Exhortation and Shepherd tied as strongest, and a tie for second is Wisdom and Discerning of Spirits.

  3. That was a poorly written comment! Ha ha! And I missed leaving my url...

  4. My drum according to the test is Administration (Organization) and then a 3 way tie with faith, knowledge, and wisdom. I love the fact the drummer boy gave what he could give. It reminds me of the song by Point of Grace that says "what can a woman lay at the feet of a King. I'll sing you a love song. It's all that I have to tell you I'm grateful for holding my life in your hands." Our lives are the love song we sing to Him - I want my song to be pleasing to His ear. Loved your blog today - love your site! Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Thank you so much for posting that link! I've been thinking a lot about my potential spiritual gifts lately. (Wondering if I had any, to be honest)
    Faith, Hospitality, Service.


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