Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a week!

Whew, has this been a week. Up and down it went. My precious nephew was born after a somewhat difficult delivery. And he's so cute with dimples!  Then I got sick with a head cold.  Plus, my grandmother fell and fractured her pelvis. My husband got promising news about a promotion at work, and on the same day I got in a car accident. I came through the accident fine, only to strain a muscle while lifting a crate of winter clothes down from the attic yesterday.

Oh, and I had to make 46 gingerbread men cookies for my son's class party on Friday.  That took a while. And thankfully I only decapitated a few of the spicy men before delivering to the class party.

By Thursday I started declaring aloud, "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life!"
It helped.

It also helped to join some friends Thursday night for a Christmas party.  Matt and Chris' house is beautifully decorated for the holidays every year, but this year I fell in love with what they did in the entry hall. I even took pictures so you could see it. Walking in the front door is like stepping into an enchanted forest:


And looking back at the front door:

And here's the view into the dining room, you've got to see what they do over the table!

Yes, that is a Christmas tree hanging upside down from the ceiling.

So today a new week begins - Christmas week!  And I am declaring Psalm 27:13, "I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living."

Under 2 days left to complete all my holiday preparations by the 21st. I think I'm going to make it.
Leave a comment telling me how close you are to ready, and you'll be entered to win a copy of the novel The Mountain Between Us by my good friend Charles Martin.

Thankful for God's protection and grace, and the blessing of friends.


  1. My goodness - you take the Christmas decorating thing very seriously! Each year I put out my cedar Nativity set - I call it my scratch & sniff Jesus. But I never feel ready for Christmas in Africa - far too hot. I think I'll go carolling in the freezer section at the supermarket to see if that helps!

  2. No tree...just a wreath. I will also be sharing along with you in declaring Psalm 27:13 starting now! Wishing you a blessed Christmas :)

  3. I have a ways to go, but made progress over the weekend. Monica

  4. What beautiful decorations. I love to listen to Christmas music all day long. I am done with everything and now to pick up our son today. What a delight to have him with us for more than a week. As, I get older, I can appreciate all the beauty of Christmas and the scenery outside is sooo beautiful ...with the snow covering the trees and ground what a beautiful sight to behold! For unto us is born a chld!

  5. Oh, Rachel, my goodness you've dealt with a lot this week, but I love your response "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life"! How great it is when scripture comes flowing forth instead of um . . . what could come out when struggles are at every turn.

    The pictures you included of your friends' house made me smile - how beautiful!!! I do love that idea for the entryway and the upside down Christmas tree as the light fixture - ohhhh, I love it!!! I'm sure after your hectic week it was nice to admire these beautiful decorations and enjoy a great time with friends.

    I do wish you and your family Christmas blessings this week as the hustle and bustle winds down and we all take a day to remember the Christ child.

    Christmas blessings,

  6. I am still working on it. I have a couple of gifts to buy and the wrapping left to do.

  7. Emily B ( 20, 2010

    Gifts are bought and wrapped and under the tree...1st family gathering was this past Saturday! Next one is Wednesday night, then another Friday night and Saturday! I was able to enjoy the family on Saturday, which I was worried that I would be stressed and exhausted from cleaning, wrapping and cooking. And yes, I was exhausted, but good time was had by all!

  8. Love the decorations...I so don't have time to do anything like that! Plus my kids would have it torn down :-)
    I'm done shopping...well, almost!
    Glad you're OK!

  9. I am ready! My daughter surprised me and flew in from Switzerland Thursday night so now nothing seems too overwhelming to me! I am going to relax and enjoy the Christmas countdown.

  10. I would love to share my blog post with you today. It tells of my favorite Christmas moment. Please check it out if you have time.

  11. We had one family celebration already. So I just need to cook/bake a few things for this coming weekend, and I'm going to enjoy that.

    Good luck with the rest of your Christmas preparations. I love your verse for the week. And just remember: Christmas doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, it only has to be Christ-centered and filled with love!

  12. I am completely done except the santa presents for my step-son! He can be tough to shop for, so I'm hoping I find something special for him!

    Krystal D

  13. Getting close..I think! We have my son's stocking left to do and I'm still trying to figure out a way to take a picture of the kids in the back of my dad's 57 chevy pickup without him knowing, but he guards that key like a hawk! :)

    Praying you have a blessed week, especially after such a crazy one last week!

  14. Just got to wrap the presents and I'm done. Woo Hoo.

  15. I am nearly done. I have a few gifts to wrap and that's it. Leaving town tomorrow, so I better be about done!!! =)

    Merry Christmas!

  16. Let's see - I still have cookies I want to bake, I haven't wrapped even one present and I haven't even finished my shopping! Oh well, what ever doesnt' get done just won't happen. A few years ago I was so late writing my Christmas letter that I turned it into a New Year's letter and that has become my new tradition.
    Kate S.

  17. I have everything purchased except groceries. That shopping will happen tomorrow! All the presents are wrapped and under the tree. Thursday is the annual baking day with my daughter and brother - a tradition we are not willing to give up yet! Merry Christmas!

  18. I won't make it by the 21st, but my focus has been more on Christ.

  19. I have wrapping and baking left :o) I think this is the earliest, ever that I've been done with shopping! (I finished today!) :o) Merry Christmas!

  20. The gingerbread man is cute. The pictures of the Christmas decorations at that house are beautiful.
    Have my decorations up.

  21. I have a few gifts to wrap & baking to finish.
    Thanks for sharing the pics. What awesome decorating.
    Merry Christmas

  22. What a beautiful home and your son is adorable! I love old homes - all the detail in molding & windows...

    Okay, I'm taking my boys (10&14) shopping today...yes, I'm brave - LOL! They get to pick out gifts for the people special to them. Then we are baking cookies & I'll be done!

  23. We still have quite a bit of wrapping to do. Each day, as I see a friend, I put together their gift. I need to do my hairdressers', as I see her Thursday...SO MUCH TO DO! Lord, help me!!
    The pictures are beautiful. Looks like a haven of rest in a winter wonderland. Hope things get better for you after all of the craziness, especially as you reflect on the amazing gift of salvation...Merry Christmas!

  24. We scaled way back...only a tree, wreath and nativity scene. It's actually a little bit freeing to not be completely overwhelmed. Still have some things to do, but nothing major.

  25. Clearly, my invitation from Chris and Lori is lost in the mail. :) (who are Chris and Lori?) :)

    WOW WOW WOW!!!! BEAUTIFUL decorations!!!!!!! LOVE the upside down tree. And what a Christmas wonderland walking into their foyer!! Looks magical!!! Please tell them I am so sorry to have missed the par-tay! :)

    Ready for Christmas! I think I am more excited than the cherubs! Today, we were invited to go horsebacking riding in the snow and snow tubing "up the mountains" where our friends have a home for the week. We are bundling up and heading out!

    Hugs and Merry Christmas!


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