Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Help me fix this please.

My to-do list is kind of long today. I have work to complete. A cake to bake. Writing to do. Nails to paint. Pants to try to save. A grocery store run to make. Packing to begin. A Bible study lesson to complete for tonight. Emails from my college students to respond to. A retreat I'll lead next weekend to prepare for. And several errands to run as I get ready to leave town at the crack of Friday morning for a family wedding this weekend.

Oh, and I still don't know what shoes I'll wear to the wedding.  And I need to wrap the wedding gifts.

I like to be productive, but when my daily must-do list grows larger than about 4 things, I can get a little uneasy.  I usually head for the kitchen to swallow a Stress B-Complex vitamin.

I forgot to take my vitamin today so I found myself a few minutes ago just staring at the website of the resort we're heading to on Friday. I wanted to crawl through the screen it felt so peaceful. And nice music plays. The kind of piano playing that grabs you by the soul and whispers relax.  Not quite as lovely and soothing as the sounds that play at Ann's blog, but almost.

So I'm hoping maybe you can help me with one of the items on my to-do list today: Pants to save.  Rick has a great black suit with a really subtle micro-stripe to it.  Perfect for the wedding. (Plus I hate the color of his other suit - shhh don't tell him that.)  But he wore the black suit a couple weeks ago and then threw the pants in the wash.

The dry clean only pants.

They aren't totally ruined. Even though they are 100% wool, they didn't shrink. And they aren't puckered much at all. But they do now look a little less less shiny and smooth. Not majorly so, but enough to notice if you are really looking at him with the jacket on too. So ladies, is there anything I can do to these suit pants to make them look more smooth like the jacket? Any laundry product I can use?  Spray starch?  A cool iron? Should I take them to the dry cleaners and have them pressed? 

Will vinegar and baking soda work? Every household cleaning, Real Simple type article claims you can fix anything with either white vinegar or baking soda. :)

Clearly I need to hear your best advice.


  1. I suggest you throw the suit jacket in the wash too so it will match the pants. :} Sorry, I couldn't resist. I have no remedy for you since my household skills are not the best. Please forgive my humor on such frenzied day for you. I can pray. That may help you feel better and get more done.

    Remembering you today,


  2. I'll totally take the humor, Vicky. And don't think I haven't considered washing the jacket too!


  3. Like Vicky I'm not very domestic so I don't know what you should do. I'm fairly certain that you should not drench it in either vinegar or baking soda though!

    Enjoy the wedding!

  4. you could call your dry cleaner and explain the situation, and they could probably tell you what could or could not be done...

  5. Emily - wise advice. I think I'll do that.

    I giggled at your phrase "your dry cleaner" ... as if I had one that knew me by name or something. I avoid buying dry-clean only clothes at nearly all costs!

    SO FAR the presents are wrapped. The cake is baked. I've been to the grocery store and about 3/4 of my writing is done. About to paint the toenails to match my dress. Feeling better at this point!

  6. When I read "pants to save" I assumed it was a typo and you meant pLants. But, no, you literally have PANTS to save. Let's see what I would do... google it, ask Pinterest, and see if there's any advice. I would guess, though, that if they aren't puckered, you could just iron over them on low heat and they'd be okay. This is where I am thankful that A) my husband does not own a suit, and B) he doesn't know how to use the washing machine. GOOD LUCK. :)

  7. Tamara - yep it's pants. Although I'm dangerous with a houseplant.

    When you count your blessings tonight, give thanks that your man doesn't do laundry. I bet you've never given thanks for that before.

  8. You'll be in PA!?!?!?!? Wowzie!! Welcome!!! I have never heard of that resort, but it looks lovely! Relax and enjoy...and don't think about any LISTS!



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