Monday, October 10, 2011

October Reading List

I'm in the middle of a busy season. Lots of speaking events, lots of writing assignments and lots on the family calendar.  So my reading time is somewhat limited at the moment. But here are my current selections:

Fiction: The Baker’s Wife

Non-Fiction: Do More Great Work

(I'd like to buy the Evernote Essentials eBook but the steep $25 price is stopping me. Anyone read it?)

Bible: the book of 1st John

What are you reading? Is there something I should make room for on this list? Do you think me crazy for reading a Christmas ebook in October? If so, you might just need this ebook! :)


  1. Where do you find the time for all these books, LOL! I've got time for one...maybe two at a time, otherwise none of them get finished!

    Bible: Random right now, but I'll be reading Hebrews for Wendy Blight's next online study {so excited!}

    Bible Study:A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. Doing the online study through Melissa Taylor.

    I'll read a fiction book every now and again, but it has to really grab me, because my attention span stinks! Ooooo, something shiny over there!!

  2. Heather, I so understand the "ooh, something shiny over there" syndrome!

    This really isn't much because the ebooks are short and all the non-fiction stuff here is workbookish type stuff with a practical focus.

    I'm not reading one of John Piper's or Dallas Willard's books right now for instance. But I do always have multiple books going. One beside the bed, one on the treadmill rack, one by my recliner ...

  3. Rachel,

    I really am the slowest reader ever! However, I am reading a book called by Stephen Mansfield (with the purpose of review and deadline for motivation to finish!) Where has Oprah Taken Us?, Blogging for Dummies (ok, this one is starting to get dusty- from neglect), and King David: Trusting God for a Lifetime (ladies study)... My book piles runneth over but my reading time doth not!

  4. Modern Day, my book piles runneth over too!

    That book about Oprah sounds really interesting - let me know when you post your review so I can read it.

  5. Rachel, love your reading list!

    I am reading:

    Bible - Galatians

    Book - A Confident Heart by Renee Swope and Faith Training: Raising Kids Who Love the Lord by Joe White

    Magaine - totally with you Southern Writers Magazine is an excellent resources for writers. Packed with encouragement and resources for the author journey!

  6. Rachel, thanks for sharing your reading list. The books I read daily are the Bible, Oswald Chambers devotion book, My Utmost for His Highest. Currently reading Earl David's book, 8 Days of Holy Week,and of course the magazine I am reading is Southern Writers Magazine. I get to read about different authors that are interviewed as well as the helpful articles.

  7. That's two votes for Southern Writers Magazine (Shannon and Susan) and two votes for Renee's book A Confident Heart - which I already read and enjoyed.

    Evidence for the saying: Great minds think alike!

  8. Pretty much on the same boat with everybody else, but trying to find time here and there to read apart from my job (translating books!).

    1. The Bible: James and Psalms
    2. One Thousand Gifts
    3. I used to be so organized
    3. A Confident Heart

    Now it takes me longer to finish a book for the same reasons we all have. But I still love it!

  9. Hi Rachel,

    Bible - doing a Precept Ministries study with Kay Arthur on Ezekiel right now so that's keeping me pretty busy. And I pretty much camp out in the Book of Psalm on a daily basis.

    Just received Athol Dickson's The Opposite of Art and can't wait to dive into that one when I get some extra time.

    Really enjoying Southern Writers Magazine - learning lots of new tips for promoting and marketing there. A friend of mine said it was like a mini writing conference and I agree! And of course I can't wait until my Biblical Archaeology magazine arrives to scour it for new info on what's going on across the Big Pond.

    Then there's the stack of books I haven't read that keep calling me. So many books. So little time.

    And the book about Oprah and where she's trying to take us really does sound interesting. Can't wait for Modern Day's book review on that one!

  10. Wendy, so glad you mentioned Glynnis' book "I Used to Be So Organized" - don't you love that cover?

  11. Hi Rachel, great reading list. I have to join Modern Day and say I'm a slow reader too.

    I'm randomly reading the Bible and love it when my husband reads it to me.

    I'm also reading the new Love is a Verb devotional since sweet hubby has a devo in it. His FIRST major publishing credit. :) He's April 4th if you have a copy.

    I really enjoy Southern Writers Magazine. I read it online and then I order a hard copy. I like how specific the magazine is. It never gives me half a secret, if you know what I mean. It gives the entire HOW-TO. LOL

    I'm reading Deed to Death by D.B. Henson that I picked up at the Killer Nashville conference. Sorry, ladies. I do like my murder mysteries!

  12. I am reading Bill Thompson's book "Strengthen Yourself In The Lord". Actually it is my 3rd time reading it for a study group that I facilitate regularly.

    One Thousand Gifts is something I read a little of all along

    Cold Tangerines........absolutely love this and Bittersweet. (both by Shauana Niequest (sp?) I cannot say enough good things about these books.

  13. I am having reading envy!!!

    I have good books on my "list" but in reality am only getting to my daily Chrono One-Year Bible (starting new testament in a few days!) and my Gather & Grow Bible study book (Holiness by Nancy Leigh DeMoss). I have other books lined up and staring at me...but they will have to wait a bit!!


  14. Vicki - I was just talking about The Opposite of Art with a couple of friends last week. Would love to hear what you think of it when finished - I haven't read it.

    V - I totally love Cold Tangerines. A big favorite of mine.

    Jess - Congrats to your hubby!

    Sharon - You are reading the ultimate book.

  15. Lots of people for the Southern Writers Magazine. Is that writing with a glass of sweet tea next to your computer, while rocking on the porch, watching the kids play in the crick? I'll have to check out their website ;) {seriously, I'm heading over there now}.

  16. Yes, Heather, it is ... "God willing and the crick don't rise."


  17. It's so good to be normal, knowing I'm not the only one reading many different books at one time :)

    Bible: Book of 1st John, & Chronological Bible

    Kindle: (Fiction) 1105 Yakima Street (I love Debbie Macomber)

    Non-fiction: A Confident Heart by Renee Swope (truly loving this Bible Study)

  18. No, you're not crazy for the Christmas book in October. I just read Lysa's blog, and it looks like a great read! I'm reading the Ragamuffin Gospel and the book of Exodus. Hopefully I'll finish the two by the month's end. You have a more challenging list...

  19. Hi Rachel,

    I have been savoring and imapcted by Ann Voskamp's book "One Thousand Gifts." It is revolutionary!

    Have a great week! May God help you juggle your speaking schedules, writing duties, and family life with grace and peace. :) I am looking forward to speaking with some MOPS groups next month. You can pray for me too that I would reflect God's beauty!

    Jennifer Dougan

  20. Lakeisha - you are very normal among my circle of friends.

    Tamara - thanks for telling me I'm normal and not crazy. Years ago I'd have all my Christmas shopping done by Oct. 31. Not anymore. But this year I'll be on top of things.

    Jennifer - I just prayed for you and your MOPS talks next month.

  21. Bible: Well, the Book of James always keeps me humble. I'm reading "The Patriot's History of the United States." It's a little book of around 850 pages! Also, I'm reading Rick Bragg's "Somebody Told Me." And, of course Southern Writers Magazine.


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