Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer's Swan Song

I woke early this morning to get my daughter off to her final camp of the summer. For her, this is summer's final swan song. Tomorrow I'll go into the university for my first obligation of the fall semester. I can't believe the summer is nearly over.

Seasons come and seasons go.

Seasons of school and learning. Seasons of love and honeymooning. Seasons of work and sacrifice. Seasons of mothering and nesting. Seasons of investment and retirement. Like the seasons of the year, most of these seasons circle back round and round again.

As a book writer, there are seasons of researching, seasons of writing, and seasons of launching what you've written. As a teacher there are seasons of planning (the one I enter tomorrow for a few weeks), seasons of teaching, and seasons of vacation - namely, that beautiful block of time called summer.

Summer ... With it's sunshine and laid back days. With it's watermelon and water park slides. With it's Hawaiian Tropic sent and fresh garden taste.  With it's outdoor concerts, dinners on the patio, and trips to the beach, all made in flip flops. I'm going to miss you, summer.

Though I love summer {and right now it feels I don't want it to end} life's changing seasons are a large part of what keeps it interesting. So the challenge is to live in the here and now, while anticipating the next season as it approaches. To let summer have it's swan song and then go gracefully into the fall.

Honestly, my favorite season of the year tends to be whatever season is about to start. And I find that serves me well in life. So this week I'm switching gears.

As I milk the last of summer's halcyon days, I'm also embracing pencils and backpacks, schedules and planning. I'm telling myself I'm looking forward to more structure and more productivity - that it will be great. I even burned a fall scented candle yesterday during a rainstorm.

I don't want to give up too early on summer and miss what is still here at my fingertips: hot days, warm ocean temps, green grass and sweet basil. But I also don't want to stumble into fall feeling anxious or unready. So I'm transitioning now.

How about you? Are you still firmly living in summer? Or have you already gone "back to school?" What usually helps you make that transition?


  1. I live in Arizona...very much summer! Loving my pool & thankful for air conditioning. I look forward to open windows & cool breezes!

    1. Jewels, here on the NC coast we won't get fall-like weather until November ... but I'm looking forward to those open windows days too!

  2. This will be my first fall in 15 years that I am not going back to my job in middle school, so am feeling a little lost. We moved last December from NJ to Midwest to be near family, but we are empty nesters and miss our daughters, who are still in the East. I know God has a plan for this season of my life and I look forward to it.

    1. That's hard, Diane. I've paused and prayed for you today. Glad to see your faith is strong.

      If you ever get to the point that you feel you could use some assistance figuring out this next season of your life, visit my "coaching" tab here, perhaps I could be of help.

  3. We have been remodeling the kitchen this summer and work has also been very busy. I have not had time to kayak or camp. Don't tell me that summer is over! At least we have enjoyed a bountiful garden crop. And we will have a pretty kitchen to enjoy by Fall.


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