Saturday, August 4, 2012

You Need Some Beach Time

Everybody needs some time off. 

Time to refuel. Time to reconnect. Time to dream. Time to reorder prioirites. Time to set new goals.

That's why you need a few days away at the beach.

What's that? You agree but you can't afford it?  Well then, win it.

The Sunset Beach Inn

My friend Marybeth Whalen, in honor of her new novel The Guest Book and inconjuction with her publisher Zondervan, is giving away a vacation for two at The Sunset Beach Inn on the sandy shores of North Carolina.

It includes a double occupany room, plus a travel and food stipend. Anticipated retail value is $2,000!

And they say you can't get something for nothing these days.

There are even prizes for runners up, like copies of The Guest Book for you and your friends or book club. Here's a little about the novel:

     Twenty-five years after she began exchanging drawings with a mysterious boy in the guestbook of a Carolina beach house, Macy Dillon is back at Sunset Beach—this time toting a hurting heart and a broken family. Will she be able find the man whose drawings moved her so deeply when she was a child? Questions of childhood, loss, and longing for love are explored in author Marybeth Whalen’s touching and thought-provoking, The Guest Book.

Interested in winning?  Click here for details and fill out the entry form on Marybeth's blog. Should you win and need a "plus one" to make the trip with you, call me maybe. I'll supply the sunscreen.

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