Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Art is the Gift

If you've spent any time around here this year, you know that my one word for 2012 is CREATE.

So this post by my friend Ariel Lawhon today - and Tolkien's words specifically - connected with my heart. Big time.

In fact, I threw my head back against my chair, closed my eyes, and let the waves of identification, truth, realization and hope wash over me.

If you are a creative type, or even long to be. Indeed if you dream of creating something and yet never quite complete it. Or never quite capture in your creation the beauty and glory that it has in your mind. Ariel's post is for you.

Yes, I'm aware that my punctuation in that last paragraph is wonky. But I'm too tingly after reading Ariel's post to care. Go now and read it. See if it gives you the tingles too.

Thanks, Ari. Your words made my day.


  1. YOU make my day!


    PS...thanks for the words and the link. You are the best thing since Nutella.

  2. i am a wanna be creator, a used to be creator, a hope to be again one day creator. For now I will just continue to dream.

    1. Dreaming preceeds doing. It fuels it.

  3. Wow, how very encouraging to all who create, want to create and envy those who create or are awed by them and their porcess. I must read Niggle.

    And i msut confess that I have been tryign to think of a word for my year ever since January when you possed the question. And so funny, it truns out that the only word that could be me is also create.

    I am sitting in retirement mode/ not necissarily fulfulled looking for my next step and all I see when I look and dig in deep is my joy of creating ( anythin). Life to me is a creatove process. I am a musician and I have creatd music my whole life as a director, but I also create wehn I cook. I cant just cook, I have to create a dish ( differently) and I am also a quilter, and novice poetry writer, so I can not live a successful day without creating something.

    Keep stimulating us; thanks so much for your insipiring posts!!!

  4. I loved your comment. And I "get" you. Keep creating, dear one!


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