Friday, November 2, 2012

Taking the Nanowrimo Plunge

Remember this post: I'm Torn

Well, I decided around 8 PM on 10/31 to sign up for and start national novel writing month the next day (yesterday). Nothing like putting a decision off until the last minute, eh? I literally decided in between door opens for trick or treaters.

NaMoWriMo, for those uninitiated, is a program whereby approximately 300,000 would-be novelists attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. I'm told about 3% of them actually complete the task.

I very likely will be one of the 97% who do not.

That's because if I showed you my to-do list for the next three weeks it would look like one of those ancient scrolls that when unrolled, extends down from the hand, onto and rolls out across the floor. It's that long. You think that is a metaphor. It's not.

But my one word for 2012 is CREATE. And I want to create a novel. So I signed up and began, putting little pressure on myself to finish 50K words. If I get to the end of November and I've only written 20,000 of the 50,000 words ... well, that's 20,000 more than I had yesterday morning. So I'll count that as gain.

What are you doing, needing to do, or wanting to do, that you think if you can't do it 100% you shouldn't bother at all? Maybe you are correct. Or maybe you should just lower your expectations.

Yesterday was day one. And I was too busying working on work all day to work on the novel. No worries, we had a local nanowrimo "write in." You go sit in a room for 2 hours with other lunatics fine people who are also trying to write a novel in 30 days. You pick each other's brains. Trade ideas about how to kill characters. And challenge each other to write 435 words in 15 minutes.

Those who hit the mark even won prizes - Starbucks gift cards or Barnes and Noble gift cards. These are soooo my kind of people.

My posts here might be a little short, or a little sporadic this month while I'm nanowrimoing. Then again they might be my most creative yet. Maybe I'll poll you guys to see what you think my characters should do.

I'm off to work on the novel. You go think about that question I posed in bold earlier.


  1. Girl, more power to you! I'm due in just under 7wks and the thought of adding one more thing to my list has me breaking out into a cold sweat! My poor blog hasn't been touched in almost a solid month, but little BB needs me now more than anyone who might pop by my blog...even if I've had posts swirling in my head like crazy! Best of luck as you CREATE this month! Sending my muse your way, I think they're starving over here, LOL!

    1. YES, please send your muse. I need all the creative help I can get.

      Watching your little BB grow over Facebook pics has been fun - keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you! The question you posted in bold is exactly what I need to think about!

    1. Yay! Glad I could spur you on. Thanks for telling me.

  3. Until about 15 minutes ago, although I'm aquainted w/ Proverbs 31 Ministries, I had never heard of you and had no idea who you were. I stumbled upon your blog while doing a little research on something entirely unrelated. I read that you were beginning work on a novel. I have thought about the doing the same for several months. Friday night (11/2)I decided to take the plunge and spent several hours writing and working on an outline while my son and husband were on a retreat with Outback America. Since they weren't due to return until Sunday, I spent a few hours at Barnes and Nobel reading how-to books...pretty overwhelming. I've never written anything of any consequence but feel it's time to at least try. Do you recommend any specific how-to book?
    Another coincidence: I've recently downgraded my professional life to follow the goal you mentioned setting for yourself: CREATE. I'm pursuing a few other creative interests such as painting and photography as I am able. It's amazing to find your blog at this time of my life. I'll definitely be checking in on a regulary basis.

    1. Hi, so glad you found the blog - we might be kindred spirits. :)

      Yes, it can be overwhelming when you start looking at all the how-to books. I'd suggest starting with reading "Writing the Break-Out Novel." Your library might have it. It's a good place to start. That, and Writing Fiction for Dummies. (Think about that title a minute, the order of the words ... it always makes me chuckle.)

      Keep me posted on your progress!


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