Friday, November 9, 2012

The President, Donuts, My One Word and God's Provision

Happy post election. Some of you, perhaps even most of you, are not happy about the post election results. But I am rejoicing because with the closing of the polls on Tuesday evening, my phone now lets me live and work in peace.

I live in North Carolina. Battleground state. State where the Republican National Convention called my house easily six times a day, seven days a week (yes even Sundays), for the last month. Mitt called my house several times. So did Ann. Seriously, I would now recognize Ann Romney's voice if she were talking behind me on the subway.

That's assuming Ann Romney would ever ride a subway. And I happened to be in the city at the same time ... sorry, I'm digressing.

Obama even sent someone to my door on Tuesday. In the rain. He did not deliver pizza or donuts though. If you want to swing some votes, you should show up with chocolate. I'm just sayin.

So here's my update for this week. I told you in this post - I'm Torn - that I was on the fence about participating in NaNoWriMo this month because I have too much to do marketing-wise (in addition to my other jobs) for my book releasing next month. I let my one word for 2012 - CREATE - guide my decision on that.

I signed up and I went to the write-in on the very first day.

A girl in the back of the room didn't have a copy of the "getting started" packet, so I invited her to come sit beside me and look off mine. Turns out, she is a student at UNCW where I teach. Turns out she wants to teach college too. Turns out she is a marketing major. Turns out she goes to my church. And she obviously loves words and writing because there she sat beside me typing her novel.

So as I was in the process of being "obedient" to my one word at NaNoWriMo, God, in His Providence, hand-delivered me the perfect marketing assistant. She can do an internship with me for academic credit at the college while helping me launch My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word.

So God provided for My One Word through my obedience to my one word. That's pretty cool.

Even better than chocolate donuts I'd say.

What is God calling you to do through your one word? How has God provided through your one word, or in response to prayer? Maybe it's time to ask Him for what you need.

Legal Disclaimer: Writer is not responsible for any additional calories the reader may consume after viewing this post. (Donuts courtesy of Dunkin Donuts.)


  1. Oh, Rachel, God is soooo good to provide for us in ways we never even imagined because HE loves us that much. I'm so happy he "dropped" this one in your lap : )

    Thank you for being consistent throughout the year with your one word commitment. You have inspired me to not forget my one word commitment and keep moving forward even when it has been less than easy. My one word for this year is HOPE. It has helped me to keep my focus on HIM and the hope HE gives regardless of our circumstances. I am happy to report that my husband has a job now and with each new day GOD is helping us to see HOPE in the future HE has planned for us : )

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm SO GLAD he found work, Pam.

      Sounds like your task this year was to find HOPE where it could be found (in Him) when it couldn't be found in your circumstances. That's big.

      Blessings to you and yours.

  2. What an awesome story! I love it. So glad you listened and obeyed and were blessed in return.

  3. I have preordered your book as I am intrigued over choosing one word. I am not sure what my word for 2013 will be yet...anxious to see how God leads me on this. I love the idea of chocolate and I am going to need some now after reading your post...hmmmm maybe some tea too. Blessings on your writing. You are a blessing

    1. Thanks for ordering the book, Tammy. I have no doubt you'll have a word for 2013. And may I recommend an Earl Grey or maybe a chai tea with chocolate donuts?

      Blessings right back to you.

  4. Thank you for sharing your personal miracle, Rachel. Confirmation like that needs to be displayed so that others can see how trust, faith, commitment and obedience to our Lord and His guidance is always the best choice.

    I have to say that my one word for this year, "contentment", has been a challenging one to stick to. But, I am so glad to have had it as a guiding light through this challenging year. I feel all of the reworking and upheaval I've been experiencing in my spiritual life has been set in motion because I am truly seeking contentment. God, in His infinite wisdom and mercy, knew I needed to do some closed door opening and major cleaning and re-wallpapering in those dark and ignored rooms before I could truly experience His contentment (a.k.a. peace). Currently I am in a quiet space, rebuilding and reassessing things. I wouldn't say I am completely in my one word, but I am much closer than I was at the beginning of the year. I may have to make it my word for 2013, too...there is still an awful lot of work to be done!

    Good thing you have that book coming out. I'll be needing it to help with all that elbow grease. :-)

    Bless you and thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration!


  5. It's a time of huge change in my life. I haven't decided on my one word for 2013 but have been praying about it and plan to order the book. I love the thought of one word for the year and I'm also choosing a verse to guide my year.

    I'm so glad you found a marketing director--isn't it awesome when God so clearly shows us what happens when we listen to Him, or our commitments? I have been praying for someone to do some promotion and selling ads for my Christian monthly newspaper ( and, after my comment on a post on Facebook got to know someone new to our church a little bit better...and we're getting together later this week to talk about her doing just that for me! And the really neat part...I had prayed for someone to do that, every day for months...but hadn't been for the past few weeks. God answers even when we've stopped praying...and forgive me Lord for my little faith.

    God bless you and your writing, Rachel!

  6. Looking forward to your book. I never came up with my word for this year. Your post reminded me to begin praying about it now for next year!

    My phone is soooo quiet too. Loving it! I had calls from Clint Eastwood and the Romney's and a former governor.....the list was e.n.d.l.e.s.s.


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