Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And the winner is ....

First, let me say how much I enjoyed reading all the responses to my previous post! They were touching and thought-provoking. A lot of people have told me they too enjoyed reading your posts. So if you didn't find my blog or that post in time for the giveaway, I hope you'll still post a comment with your burning questions for God.

I also went to every one's blog that posted and enjoyed getting to know you.

The truth is we can talk to God anytime and ask what's on our mind, and He will listen. I'm so thankful for that. That doesn't mean that we'll hear an audible voice answer right back to every question we ask, but I do believe we will receive the answers we truly need.

As I pondered the various questions I wanted to ask, I found myself examining the motives and outcomes of my questions. Like who would benefit from my opportunity to ask God a question. Would I ask, "Should I move to a different home this year?" or "How can we cure cancer?" or "Who in my neighborhood needs someone to tell them about You?"

I also wondered what God would think of my question(s) ... would He be pleased with what I was going to ask Him? I decided I wanted to please God with my question. It didn't take long before that train of thought led me to settle on this question: "God, how can I please You today?" So there it was ... a very simple, even very temporary question that left all the particulars to God and just required obedience of me.

Yes, there are LOTS of questions I have and want to ask, and I found it a good exercise for me to think through them - as well as to think through yours you posted. Bottom line for me, I decided, is how can I live today (which could be all I've got) in a way that pleases Him.

Now, its time to announce the winner of yesterday's drawing for the pedicure set so graciously offered by Dawn Ward. I drew the number 7 which correlates with Alene's post number #7. Alene, you're the winner! You will have some gorgeous feet here soon ... maybe we'll get to see them all fancied up in a picture on your blog. :)

Tomorrow you'll see my foot in a picture as I tell you about a special thing that happened to me last week. And I'll be announcing the next spa girls giveaway - this one will be for your hands. So be sure and come back this week to jump in on that giveaway! I'll leave you with this pedicure tip:

"How Beautiful are the Feet of those who bring good news, proclaim peace, bring glad tidings of good things, proclaim salvation, and proclaim to Zion, 'Your God reigns!'"

~ Isaiah 52:7


  1. WOW - I can't wait to get my pedicure kit. You can't even imagine how I need gorgeous feet at the moment. Maybe a picture would be worth 1000 words. ha Thank you, Rachel. Thank you, Dawn! Mostly, thank you for the question. It still has me thinking. I love all your spa-girl blogs. Thanks for always sharing from your heart. Many blessings of thanks, Alene Snodgrass

  2. Congratulations Alene!!! Enjoy your pampering pedicure gift bag.

    I loved reading everyone's questions for God. Let' keep talking to Him and sharing what He is showing us.

    Great post and contest Miss Rachel!


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