Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Need your input

Hey everyone. So sorry I've been quiet for a few days ... just working under a couple of deadlines. I'd love your prayers for the book project I'm working on. Also for my speaking engagement next Monday.

And finally, what I'd really like for you to do is tell me if you subscribe to P31's daily devotions and if so, what are your impressions of them? Do you have a favorite writer, or two? Is there a favorite topic you like to see addressed? Or is there a particular style of devotion that grabs you such as personal story-focused, or scripture teaching-focused, or practical everyday living focused?

Please let me know your thoughts on what makes a devotion meaningful for you so that we can better serve you with the devotions. Thanks so much and I promise to be less quiet next week!


  1. Hi Rachel! I have been subscribing to the Proverbs 31 email devotions since 2004! I can not even begin to tell you how many times God has used a P31 daily devotion to confirm something He has been telling me, or to initiate dialogue with me about something He desires for me to know. My best friend and I call them 2 x 4 moments. God has used P31 devotions to hit me over the head more times than I can count!

    As for the type of devotion, I think personal story tied to a particular verse or passage of scripture appeals to me the most. However, I always enjoy reading them whatever the style of delivery.

    Ya'll keep 'em comin', 'cause I'm lovin' 'em here in NC! (I promise I don't really talk that way! :->)


  2. Rachel,
    I couldn't agree with Dawn more. I love receiving the daily devotions and they almost always speak to something that God is already dealing with me on. I think it is so cool how God works that way. I too enjoy personal stories tied to a verse or passage.
    I'll be praying for your book endeavor.

  3. I love the daily devotional right in my in-box. I really like that they come from a variety of authors and various topics. Some make me think more then others but overall I haven't read one that I didn't enjoy. Thank you!

  4. Hi Rachel - I started receiving the P31 devotioins in my email several years ago. But since P31 Ministries has started posting the devotions in a blog I have switched my subscription from email to an RSS reader -- http://www.curiostudio.com/ -- that I use to keep up with other blogs I read.

    I like the variety in the devotion styles and the different writers. It's pretty amazing how God uses the devotions to speak directly to me.

    One thing I really like is the area of further study. . .additional verses, books, follow up questions.


  5. Hi Rachel,
    I have been receiving the email devotions for quite a while now. My favorites are the personal stories and lessons learned from them.

    My favorites authors would be Lysa, Micca and Renee. Also enjoy reading ones from She Speaks graduates.

    Suggested topics: marriage relationship, and spiritual walk.

    Thanks for all you do with the devotions.

  6. Hi Rachel,
    I have been receiving the P31 devotions for several years. My favorite authors are Lysa, Micca Renee, Rachel,Marybeth and Melissa T. I like the ones that are focused on our spiritual walk, but I love the personal stories that help us realize we are not alone in our experiences.

  7. Rachel,
    I have also been subscribing for several years to the devotions. These have spoken to me for years and I even print out the ones that were "meant for me!"
    As for the type of devotion, I like the personal stories tied to scripture passasges. The application and reflection steps are the best part for me as I can use these to understand what God is trying to get into my thick head! :)
    My favorite topics tend to be on marriage, motherhood and spiritual walk.
    Thank you!

  8. I just started receiving the E-devotional and it is such a blessing to me!! A friend of mine that I met on a chat board and I started getting them and we e-disucss them daily through emails. We are both new moms and were needing a little (ok alot) of help when it came to balancing motherhood, marriage, and faith! It has been so wonderful to capture a few moments while reading the devotional in this new hectic life I have!!
    I am still learning about the authors, etc. I love the ones with personal experience related to a passage or verse...and I love the snippets about parenting (since I am a brand new mom!). Again, thank you for such a wonderful ministry!!!

  9. Hi Rachel..
    Good to hear from you again!
    I do recieve the devotions. I do not have any particular favorites. You are all very talented and blessed. I think you are doing good with the topics. As women, we need devotions that deal with women's issues...husbands, sisters, mothers, fathers (ok, family) our children. How we can relate hobbies (cooking, scrabooking, etc) to our walk with the Lord. Issues that women deal with that we don't always want to "deal" with or admit too...depression, anger, intimacy.
    Hope that helps!

  10. Hi Rachel, I've subscribed to Proverbs 31 e-devotionals/encouragements for about 9 months now. I've enjoyed it very much. I have to be honest. I don't read every one of them. And, as my children have told me time and time again, I have such short memory, I don't remember who wrote what.

    You all have been great writers. And, every time I read, I get encouraged. I don't want you to change too much.

  11. Dear Rachel,
    When I read your post I just had to respond. The P31 devotionals are sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day! I love to read them early in the morning, so that my perspective will be set for rest of the day!
    I love every single one, but my two favorite writers are Van and Micca. They have a special way of sharing a part of themselves, but not making it about them, do you know what I mean? I love the way they use experiences from their life to illustrate a Biblical truth. As far as the type of devo I like...hmm. I love the ones that encourage me to develop a closer personal relationship with the Lord. But they are all beautiful and encouraging!

  12. Dear Rachel (and anyone else who happens to read this that has already responded in this blog),

    First Rachel, thank you for asking these questions about the devos! You know what a dry spell I've had lately, but I feel the writing well filling back up again and I'm so anxious to get started! This post has encouraged me.

    To all of you who have posted, thank you for your honesty and comments. It's so helpful as a writer to see and hear what touches your heart. I pray before I write and I will pray with your words in mind. Thank you. I know I speak for all of the ladies at Proverbs 31 when I say, we could not do what we do without you. It is your kindness, encouragement, personal stories, and love that keeps up going. (and the Lord too, of course!)

    Love you Rach!

  13. lexianddaltonsnanna.blogspot.comFebruary 01, 2008

    Rachel, I love you and the other Proverbs 31 writers. I have my quite time with the devotions. Some days they are ment just for me and other days it's like ohh I never thought of that in that way. Every time I get a new email friend I forward the Proverbs 31 devotions to them.
    Be Blessed
    Your Sister in "Christ"

  14. Good morning Rachel - I want to say thank you for the Proverbs 31 devotions. They are such an inspiration to me. I have the blessing of serving as chaplain of a women's group @ our church & I will often forward the devotions I receive out to each of the members and/or they provide inspiration for a message I may bring to our monthly meetings. I enjoy the ones that weave scripture into annecdotes of 'everyday living' & the 'opportunities' we face as mothers, wives, christian women...Thank you to each & every one of you for your words. I have especially enjoyed Micca Monda Campbell.
    With love,

  15. My two best friends and I read the P31 Devotions everyday and then when we get together we discuss the ones that have been personally meaningful to each of us, we love them all!

    I like the personal story that teaches a Bilblical principal or has a focus on a prticular Scripture.

    I enjoy the writing of Mary Beth, Micca, Lysa, Renee, and of course Rachel! Everyone is really good and I like the different styles.

    I'm not sure there is a way to improve but if there is I'm sure your team will come up with it.


  16. Like the other ladies here, I love the P31 devotionals. A friend introduced them to me several years ago and now I get them in my own in-box. I love that I can relate to them and that your writers are so real-life. On those days when things get off to a crazy start, seeing P31 in my in-box helps me slow down and center myself. Thanks for the blessing you all are to so many readers!

  17. HI Rachel!
    How did your talk go...was that yesterday?
    I have been receiving the devotions for a few months & love them. I love the different authors & the verses & questions at the end. I like the personal stories also.
    P31 has been the best discovery since Starbucks! ;)
    Love ya,

  18. Yes, I subscribe and love them. I like you and Zoe, and Lysa, and everyone!! I look forward to reading them each night at work with my other email; how often God uses them to get me back on track! And I have visited many blogs on account of the links in the devotional and been EXTRA blessed! I love you all and will pray the Lord helps you with your book.
    God bless,

  19. Thanks to each of you for taking the time to offer your input as we seek to make the devotions the best they can be.

    Your encouragement lifted me up as I read the comments. Lelia said the P31 devos were the best thing she's found since Starbucks - now that's some seriously high praise in my book!

    Thanks again ~ Rachel

  20. Have read the passages - Lord teach me through your Word. The Holy Spirit teaches all things. Maria J

  21. I love the proverbs 31 devotions. They have been such a blessing to me and I told my daughter all about them and she reads them also. Thank you for all the time that you put into them to help us learn more about God. There has been many times that I have gotten an answer to my problems. God Bless you.

  22. I've subscribed to P31's devotions & has been truly blessed through them. This is agreat work God has began in you all. They are always just what I need at the time. Thank you for your obedience to God.


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