Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spa girls giveaway

After my at-home spa day my toes are looking beautiful in a purplish shade of red by OPI called Wild Thing that I found on sale after Christmas. And its been warm enough here this week that I can walk around barefoot and enjoy them. My feeling is you gotta find the simple pleasures in life and milk them for all their worth!

So here is what I was pondering in my quiet time this morning: If I could ask God one question today, right now, what would it be?

Would I ask to understand something like why do we pray if You are all knowing?

Would I ask something about the future like how long will I live, Lord?

Would I ask is my mother in heaven with You?

Would I ask something about His will for me, like is the book topic I'm working on or the job I'm in the right one?

Would I ask something that would help all of humanity like how do you cure cancer, or even just the common cold?

I did finally settle on a single question that I would ask Him, but I'll save that for the next post. Right now I want to hear the kinds of questions you'd consider asking if you could ask God a question today and hear His response.

Now, comes the best part - anyone who posts a response telling me the kinds of questions you have for God, will automatically be entered in a drawing to win an at-home pedicure kit!

This pedicure kit is by Mary Kay, from the Private Spa collection. I believe its about a $40 value! It includes foot products in the refreshing Rosemary Mint scent such as an energizing foot masque and a soothing foot balm, along with other goodies.
Its being offered by image consultant Dawn Ward. I'll let her tell you a little about herself and you can follow the link to her blog to learn more ...

I feel called to women's ministry as well as ministry with high school-aged girls. My life experiences and God's deliverance have given me a passion for women and girls alike to know that their self-worth comes from who they are as daughters of the King and not who the world says they are.

I am a P31 She Speaks graduate (2005) and have since begun facilitating a Bible study in my neighborhood. I serve in the Women's Ministry Council at my church as well. A few months ago, in response to months of prayer, God brought Shari Braendel of Proverbs 31 into my life. I heard her speak when I attended She Speaks, and I now believe that God is calling me to Image Ministry. It is the desire of my heart for women to know that God thinks they are beautiful. Psalm 45:11 says, "the King is enthralled by your beauty."

Please visit my blog at

Be sure and post your questions for God here, along with your email address or blog address. Then you can stop by Dawn's blog and tell her thanks for offering this cool prize. The winner will be announced on Monday morning (1/14) so you have until then to post.

(We'll run a different spa giveaway next week - Dawn is being so gracious!)


  1. What a neat thing you are doing Rachel. The weather here in the South is pretty crazy,huh? I gave myself a pedi last night. Then my daughter stepped on my toe today, I wore flip flops, and chipped my polish..I didnt use a base coat, obviously, so I'll be painting again later.
    Today, I'd ask God about depression. I would ask God if we are born with this chemical imbalance or does it happen at some point to us. (of course, I mean those of us that have dealt w/ depression). Well that is my thought of the day..

  2. oops! meant a "top coat"...

  3. Wow, this is a pretty nice giveaway you're doing!

    If I could ask God some questions, I don't know what I'd ask him really. I mean, there are the "future" questions, but honestly, is He going to answer that one? And then there are the "how to" questions and well, those are answered in time and through scriptures, so really, I don't know what I'd ask. Anybody that I care about is within enough distance so I know about their well-being, so I can't ask Him how they're doing.

    If I had to pick a question, I would ask Him about my death. I know it would ruin "the surprise" of it all, but that intrigues me.

  4. Thanks for the visit Rachel! Love foot stuff!! :)
    I would ask God...
    "If you knew I was going to backslide, why did you even bother with me in the first place?"

    I love coming over here & reading your posts. Thanks for the question to God post!
    In Him,

  5. I would ask God how does He bear with all the heartbreak that He sees on this earth? It's hard enough to hear the news reports on tv about people like Meredith Emerson, the missing hiker in Georgia who was senselessly murdered, and all the sadness that we hear and see in our worlds..but what about what God sees? I know He is God, but I would ask Him how does He handle it all, there is so much sad stuff, heartbreak, injustice that He sees.

  6. Man... you're right, it's hard to think of ONE question... I feel like the future can only be faced when He brings us through certain growing times that are crucial to our survival through those difficult future things so I wouldn't ask that... though, like others, I'd certainly like to know about my death so I could be productive about my time here and stop worrying all the time about safety issues... it'd also be nice to know the exact day of his return, but even the Son doesn't know that so I guess I shouldn't ask... I guess I'd want to know if my previously unsaved family members have gotten saved since I've left? I don't know! You've certainly caused some good contemplation for me tonight.


  7. Rachel - love the blog. I too love spa days. I'd love a pedicure. Your question has got me thinking. There's so many questions I want to ask. Actually, I can't wait to have a face to face conversation with Him. Can you just imagine??? I'd love to know how He came up with the blueprint for women; our design, our emotions, and our uniqueness. Is there actually a good reason for PMS? Just curious.
    Blessings, Alene

  8. I love reading your blog and what a nice giveaway! When I read your blog yesterdy I really couldn't think of a question. But as the day went on and into the evening I began to think about Christian,my child. In 1989 my husband and I made a decision that would change our lives for a very long time. Life was busy, careers was going will and it didn't seem like the right time, so we had abortion. From that day on when I walked out of the clinic my life changed. But God kept calling my name and never gave up on me. I have since found His forgiveness, healing and now I am well.

    So, my questions to God would be:
    Does Christian know that I love him?
    Does he have his
    daddy's eyes?
    Is his hair my color?
    Does he know that he has a brother and sister who miss him?


  9. Hi Rachel,
    I'll have to go with Kelly's question becuase it is something I've thought about many time.
    So I have to ditto her questions:
    "I would ask God how does He bear with all the heartbreak that He sees on this earth?".

  10. I would have to ask Him what He thinks of a woman and a supposed Muslim running for president. I don't know which is worse...whoever wins, He has it all in His hands, it may just not turn out the way we think...I don't mean to offend anyone, just using my freedom of speech (Go Mike Huckaby!)! One of the wonderful priveledges of living in America!

    On a lighter note, don't you love the names of the OPI polishes?!?!?! I never paint my nails,either, just my toes! I do let mine "breathe" during the cold months, though. I think I live vicariously through my toes...just using a bottle of polish entitled,"I'm Not Really A Waitress" (which is beautiful deep red), frees something within me! I shamelessly admit that I do spend extra money on the OPI polishes just so I can own the cool name that comes with it! Much love in Christ, and keep up the good work...I love reading your blog!

  11. I don't have a question today. Pretty much all questions I had are answered and personal. But, I do want to tell you that I finished Angela Hunts's novel. It was a good book. So, when will the next one be ready?

  12. Today I looked at my terrible toes and thought of you. Oh how I need a pedicure. The gift pack looks packed with pampering fun! Oh, and my birthday is Monday, the 14th.

    About my question for God...well it is hard to choose one but if I knew that I could ask one today about something that is most unknown to me at this moment, I would ask about our adoption of an Ethiopian daughter (s). Lord, will you tell me all about her/them? He knows what I am thinking so He's know that my question includes: Who is she Lord, when will she come home to us, what is your purpose for her life, how can we love her best, can I be the mother she needs, how will I do it.

    Oh, I love knowing that I CAN ask Him those questions, I can draw near to Him and ask.

    Thanks Rachel for the soul spa that caused my heart to ponder today.

    Love you!

  13. I think I would ask God has it all really been worth it in my life? Has all the spiritual and emotional effort I've put into living out my faith really had an impact on other people? Has my existence on this earth actually pointed people to Christ and changed the eternal destiny of others? Or have I highly over-rated the impact of one little person on eternity?


  14. I had a few minutes to travel the blog-world during my lunch and found yours. I am not here for the give-away but the question. I have so many questions I would ask....but right now, today, at this moment, I think I would ask: "How can I better equip myself to be used by you Lord"? It's my daily goal-to see, feel and hear Him in every aspect of my life.
    Great post....wish I had more time-my class is calling!!
    In His Graces~Pamela

  15. My question of late has been Lord how can I be passionate for you and show your light to others even when I feel I can't?

    So many interesting questions here.

    thanks for making us think.


  16. HOw encouraging to read what is on women's hearts and to know so many are conversing with God. We can speak with Him and he replies. Yet the world would convince us with its lies that God, either does not exist, or is aloof - is not bothered by mere humans. But we know better and how refreshing to drop in for a visit to your blog, Rachel and evesdrop on these intimate comments. I would ask all the above questions AND "Are you coming back soon? Do you realize we are spinning out of control and the seemingly few of us who desperately cling to you are overwhelmed with the job you have given us!"

  17. Chris Rice has a song that is "Questions for Heaven" Just lots of things that we wonder. I guess my question is.....Where do you want me to go right now??? I have been on a quest for the passed several years to figure out the direction in my life. I have a wonderful husband who has a dibilitating disease. We have five wonderful children.....I just started school. But I/we have a heart for children, and would love to adopt more...Teens that don't have a chance to have a mom and dad again. I would like to do this before my husband isn't mobile anymore...So that is my question, how and when can I do this??? Ü Not asking much. However, in my quest, I have learned so much about God/ faith and myself in general. It has been a great growing experience.


  18. I'm having a difficult time, like others, narrowing down my list! But one thing I have always wanted to ask Him is why do you let little children suffer? How can this world benefit when terrible things happen to the innocents of this world? I know that He works all things together for the good of those who love Him, but it always challenges my comprehension when I hear of a child being hurt. I have held the hands of women who have lost little ones, and I cannot imagine a greater challenge to my relationship with God.
    I know we have to trust. I do, honestly, I do. But I would just love to hear His answer, and feel His arms around me as He explains.

  19. Rachel,
    My question would by why do good people sometimes loose their fight of faith. See my entry to understand more. My wonderful husband built a fire in my outdoor pit tonight, we spent some time reflecting and being thankful for all we are blessed with. I have my toes done, even though it it is too cold to show them outside!!!

  20. When we receive our new bodies in heaven, what will they look like as far as age is concerned?

    Great questions so far!


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