Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More She Speaks Moments

Well, I've since had several full meals - including some chocolate and some Starbucks. But today (June 25) I am fasting with 5,000+ other people and Compassion International for a breakthrough in the global food crisis. Perhaps you will join us?

Meanwhile, I'm sharing more highlights (at least from my perspective) from this weekend's conference. We'll get back to Bible study the first week of July.

At the start of the conference on Friday afternoon I saw a familiar face walking up to me. It was Pamela, who I had met there last year. I'm not going to retype the whole story so you'll have to pop over to Zoe's blog a minute to read the story.

Me, Pamela, and Zoe in 2007

As Pamela approached me this year, I noticed right away she appeared stronger than the summer before and there was a new twinkle in her eye. She asked if I remembered her, and proceeded to tell me how that encounter had changed her life. She was more surrendered now, and more adventurous. She'd begun a teaching job this year. Her entire life, she claimed, was radically different. Just because Zoe insisted she try on her shoes ... and I insisted she stand in them with our help ... and God insisted nothing is impossible with Him ... and Wendy took the picture to prove it.

I always knew a great pair of shoes could change your life - with the help of a GREAT GOD.


  1. Isn't it amazing how God changes us when we allow Him to work and move in our hearts.


  2. Enjoyed the pictures!
    I have also joined the others in the fasting and praying for the Compassion International breakthrough. And I just happened to see it last night on a new blog that I looked at. "A Quest For Relevance" How is THAT for timing?
    A few minutes ago, the participants
    showed 6,176.

    I'm so glad to be a part of this.

    Well, now I'm going to pop over to Zoe's blog and read the story!


  3. Loved the story! And in just the short time it took me to read Zoe's blog, the Compassion International count is now 6,191!

    If you would like to watch the numbers and learn more about Global Food Crisis it was on the blog of:


  4. rachel,
    what a wounderful God we serve! i just love how He uses us and our "hot pink pumps". thanks for sharing this story. it brought tears to my eyes and warm fuzzies to my heart!


  5. Sorry, I'm getting here a bit late, but I and some of my family have been fasting... on our own issues and special prayer requests. One daughter is an agri economist — researching on southern Africa staple foods for several years. She and we are already fasting and praying over what God is calling her to do.
    Thanks for all the added tidbits in this post.


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