Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She Speaks Moments

Glynnis, Carrie (in back of me), Me, Lysa, Luann, Holly, Aimy S. (in back), Amy C. (in back), Melissa, Melanie (in back), & Renee

After a very long day of thinking, talking, planning and training (which unfortunately will result in me needing to work some this summer rather than just lie by the pool reading books as I'd hoped), the gals and I left the hotel premises long enough to grab some dinner on Thursday.

Same crew, only you can see Carrie beside me now
and Micca in the middle instead of Luann

Notice I'm holding the other half of the manicotti I ordered but couldn't finish. I brought it back to the hotel, stuck it in the fridge, only to be smacked in the face with a pungent garlic smell every morning as I opened it to get out my Snapple Green Tea for breakfast. Garlic smell at 6:15 AM - Mmmm. That part I didn't cherish, but the chance to hang out, eat and chat with girlfriends rocked.

PS. I have no idea what Melissa, Aimy and Amy are carrying on about in the back of this pic. There are a few rebels in every crowd!

PSS. Our Bible study of NT women will resume here the first week of July.


  1. Rachel,
    Glad you're back from "She Speaks!"
    I know your time there was very rewarding and I know you made great accomplishments!

    From the pictures, I can tell you had great fun catching up on all the happenings as well as many hours of hard work!

    Looking forward to the next Bible study passage!

    Plant Lady near you in NC

  2. Hi Rachel, Thanks for more photos from the conference team. It's great to be able to see some of you that I know only from online posts. Thanks also for giving us a date for the resumption of bible study. May God help you to enjoy your return home and treasure the fresh memories of this conference.

  3. Rachel,
    Thanks for more photos. You can tell by the picture that you all enjoy being together. What a blessing you are to so many. Thank you for your servant heart.


  4. Great pictures! It looks like you were all having fun. It sounds like you don't see each other much but are bound together by God and a common purpose. It must make the moments together even sweeter.

    Okay, I really have to get off the internet now. I've been home for 2 hours and on it teh whole time. I don't have kids, but . . . . My cats could probably use some affection. And I'd be blog hoping all the time if I didn't set some boudnaries for myself!

    Hope you had a great Wed.


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