Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pepper Jack is a gateway drug

OK girls, unless you've been under a rock lately you probably know that Peanut Corp. of America has been producing and shipping salmonella-infested peanut products. Sadly, people have died because of this.

Meanwhile, the plant owners have been sending their mangers emails telling them to figure out how to turn the peanuts on the factory floor into profits. You cannot serve God and money. Evidently, you cannot serve peanuts at your Valentine's party this weekend either.

And that is a problem because as of 4:00 pm yesterday I've developed a major addiction to these:

HOT HONEYS are honey-roasted chipolte-coated peanuts. And have mercy are they good!! Y'all please pray I don't get salmonella poisoning. Seriously.

A year ago this never would've happened. Not because the peanut factories were any cleaner - I'm pretty sure they weren't - but because I wouldn't have let anything with the word "chipolte" near my mouth.

Then I led a church retreat for Back Creek Presbyterian Church last fall. And during a late-night game-night they broke out the pepper jack cheese and crackers. I was just hungry enough to try it. BAM, I was hooked. You women who are responsible for this know who you are! Upon returning home I started eating nearly a block of pepper jack a week. My husband looked at me with disbelief, wondering where his former sweets-lovin wife went.

Turns out, Pepper Jack cheese is a gateway drug, y'all. Now I'm moving on to the hard stuff: Chipolte peanuts. I still have to cut the chipolte with the honey roast, but I fear I'm headed for the bottom. I just might turn into one of those people who slosh Pete's Tobasco Sauce all over their scrambled eggs at 7:00 am. That is, unless the salmonella kills me first.

So, please pray for this dear sister. And if you happen to have my phone number, call me around 4:00 pm today and tell me to "just say no" to the nuts. (I tend to get cravings around sundown.)

Have a great (peanut-free) day!


  1. Rachel,
    Where can you find these peanuts? They sound absolutely delicious. I'm always looking for some new snack to try-my most feared snack(guacomole) has become my new fave!
    Something about the color scared me away for years until I finally mustered up the courage to try it!
    I'm glad I had an aunt in Wilmington(a teacher) who insisted I learn about new things and try before I said "I don't like it"!

    Thanks Aunt Ruby!

    Plant Lady

  2. Hey Plant Lady!
    OK, I'll be your "pusher." I got them at a store in Cary, NC on my way home from VA. But they have them on and also at a website for "the Carolina Sauce Company."

    Warning: They are spicy - must have something to drink with these.

    I LOVE guacomole too. My mom made it when I was little and I learned to like it early. Avacado is super healthy, so that's a bonus.

    Smiles ~ R

  3. Hi Gals...

    Rachel... You're too funny! I am a total "wimp" when it comes to all things spicy so I don't think the "Hot Honeys" are for me. I do understand what you mean about Pepper Jack though... I have a breakfast casserole recipe that has a whole pound of the stuff in it and is super yumm-o! Perhaps the cottage cheese in it offsets the spiciness... (Since I don’t want to cause a sister to stumble... I will refrain from posting the recipe)

    As for guacamole... that made me smile. I grew up in California where avocados are readily available (year round). I LOVE avocados, in fact just mashing one up and spreading it on a piece of toast is one of my most favorite things for lunch. However, now that I'm in Kentucky, the green gems are not as widely accepted. I enjoy serving guacamole to guests at our home but some won't go near the stuff... oh well, I guess that means more for me!

    Thanks for the smiles!

  4. You are too funny, Rachel. I wouldn't eat anything chipotle either...well I'd try it like you if nothing else was available and I was starvin like a marvin. I do like me some hot wings or those hot fritos, pepper jack cheese on ocassion.

  5. Please post that breakfast casserole recipie ... please, please, please!

    See, I told you I would soon be eating this stuff at 7:00 am!

    I could stop if I really wanted to ... Yeah, I'm sure I could stop anytime.

    I learned on Food Network that dairy is the only substance/liquid that truly cuts the heat of peppers.(Soda can make it worse.) That's why pepper jack is the gateway, girls.

  6. Yes, are so right. Pepperjack is the bomb. I especially like to have it with a chicken breast sandwich and add lots of spinach, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, black olives and saving the best for last some ranch dressing and honey mustard. I order this when I get a sandwich at Subway's...oops am i allowed to mention them? I will definitely try those peanuts. Please, please post the breakfast casserole 5skis please.....All of you are just too funny Be Blessed girls


  7. Rachel you are hilarious! So were you able to resist those nuts this afternoon?? On Lisa's post you referred to this as "your latest addiction" - I love your honesty! I would also like the breakfast casserole recipie. Be strong Rachel!

  8. I used to be a wimp on spice too, but now bring it on! And peperjack it's divine. I'm game for the recipe too, Bring it on. And Rachel, hadn't seen the nuts before, thanks for the heads up.

    Happy Valentines Everyone!

  9. Ok Ladies... Here is the recipe... but don't be blaming me for your new addiction 'cause this is really yummy (This is not MY recipe... a friend of mine gave it to me a few years ago and I've been making it ever since!)

    10 eggs
    1 lb. Pepper Jack Cheese
    1/2 cup melted butter
    4 oz. can chopped green chili's
    1/2 cup flour
    16 oz cottage cheese
    1 tsp. salt and pepper

    Beat eggs, add remaining ingredients, mix well, pour into a greased 9X13 and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes. That's it! Viola! Good stuff... oh, and the 'official' recipe calls for a 4 oz can of jalapenos as well but trust me, I think you'll find this to be just the right amount of 'burn' without the jalapenos. All the ladies at MOPS LOVE this and have requested it several times (it is a bit spicy for some but I think I can handle it because of all the CHEESE). Enjoy!

    So Rachel, there you have it... An excuse to start with the gateway goods first thing in the morning! I wonder how this will impact your morning routine...??? Maybe it will be a stronger magnet than your bed! Ha!

  10. Oops.. forgot to mention that the pound of Pepper Jack should be grated!!! I hope ya'll would figure that one out!

  11. Hilarious! I love your style! I have a friend who would love those nuts! Do you know if they are available in Canada?


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