Friday, February 27, 2009

Who We Dress For

Found a poll over at (not a site I tend to visit btw, just found it when researching) that asked ,"Do you dress for men or women?"
Here are the results with nearly 800 people voting:

I love catching the eye of a dashing man...
7% (56)
Definitely women - they care more what I'm wearing anyway.
19% (152)
Both: I'll take all the attention I can get!
39% (305)
Neither...I dress for me, myself and I.
34% (264)
Other - do tell!
1% (6)
Total votes: 783

So 65% (I think it's safe to assume these are women voting given the source) said they dress mainly to impress or make an impact on others. And the majority said their fashion choices are influenced by how other women will percieve them.

Meanwhile, 34% said they dress just to please themselves. Do you think there is anything wrong with either of these approaches? Is there a "correct answer" here?
(I really wonder who the other 1% are dressing for?! Maybe babies or the military?)

My image consultant friend Shari will be doing a Q&A with me here in the next day or so, and we'll address some of your comments and questions from the last post. So stay tuned for some advice from an expert!


  1. I have to say I find all this info on clothes intriguing. I am in NO WAY a fashion expert... I wear what I have in my closet(in most cases the same clothes I've had for many years). And, no, my clothes are not in the least bit attention grabbers! I don't like shopping and I'd much rather go buy my kids something new than go try on clothes for me! Anyway, I've been quiet on this topic but I am following along. I'm also praying for all those who feel the need to dress for the approval of others...

  2. I'm looking forward to that Q&A, Rachel :)

    Such an interesting topic - and one that I think many Christian women want to talk about.

    Thanks so much :)


  3. Rachel,

    If I am honest, it depends on where I am going. If I am just hanging out with friends or my kids and family, I wear what is comfortable. If we are going out, I put lots more thought into what I wear...want to look cute, not so much to impress but to feel good when I am out. When I go to speak I combine looking cute with comfort and that is hard!!

  4. I would say that mainly I dress to please myself but my husband is a close 2nd.
    Sometimes we disagree when he tells me something I have picked doesn't look like "me." It's nice if other women friends compliment an outfit. Though I would rather hear "you look good/pretty" from my husband or kids than from anyone else.
    Since I am often "out front" I try to balance being up to date, comfortable, and modest. It can be a challenge. Camisoles are helpful although even they are often too low cut. I look for those with adjustable straps.


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