Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Late August Highlights

Thought I should pop in at my blog and at least post some highlights from my previous week:

  • Taught a Next Steps coaching session for writers via conference call last night. Just between you and me (and the internet) ... it is surprisingly awkward to speak into a phone for an hour straight and teach something without being able to see or hear your audience.

  • My daughter started middle school. After the very first day she came home complaining about her (perfectly skinny and fit) thighs. Does a body image complex come standard with the middle school math text or something?
  • Started back teaching at the university. I love teaching fall semester at the college. It makes me want to put on plaid skirts and "brainy glasses." Looks like I have a good group of students this semester.
  • My now deceased mother-in-law was delivered to my door step. Her wishes were to be cremated. She had already pre-arranged and paid for it. That much I knew. What I didn't know was that my hubby told them to deliver the results to our house. Being the only one home that afternoon I answered the door thinking it was a florist delivery. I had to sign for her. Surreal. Where do you set your mother-in-law??
  • Have family in town. My sister-in-law from Great Brittan has been staying with us. (She married a Brit.) She's been enjoying the southern food she doesn't get there. It's fun to cook for someone who raves over every bite.
  • My church moved from 3 services to 4. Yes, it's a large church. But small groups and serving make it live small.
  • I've decorated for fall. Every year I wait too late to do it b/c it doesn't get cold around here until end of October. But not this year. The fall wreaths are out, along with the fall flag and gourds. Makes me smile, even if I'm walking past it in shorts.
  • Also brought out my favorite fall candles like "Harvest" and "Spice, Spice, Baby" by Yankee. Then there is a soy one, "Vanilla Blossom," that sits on my file cabinet in my home office year round (see pic above). Got it on sale at Target about 3 years ago. I sooooo love it but can't buy it anywhere any more. I've even scoured the internet. So I only burn this like 5 times a year. Yes, I'm hoarding it. And sometimes I sniff it unlit. It's a sickness. If you smelled it you'd understand (maybe).

Hope you are doing well. And if you ever find a vanilla blossom soy candle, buy 10 of them for me and I'll pay you back!


  1. OK so I know I shouldn't laugh, but when you asked the question "What would you do with your mother in law?" if I had of been drinking something, it would have most def. come out my nose...

    You probably do not want to know the first thought that ran thru my mind. I could think of the perfect spot for my mil ;) But I'll be nice!

    You make me want to get my house decorated for fall now! Except, we close on our old house tomorrow and will not be in our new one until the end of Sept. SOOOO, instead I get to dream about what my house will look like decorated! Plus it is still too warm here in TX to be thinking about Fall!

    Hope you have a great week and I hope you hubby and family are doing OK since your mil's passing.

  2. Bless your heart! You make me laugh!! Where was your mil's favorite place to go? I would reverently scatter her ashes there!

    Cannot believe that you have fall out!! I don't even know where mine is? Some box in the attic marked "turkeys"!! I will be on the lookout for your candle scent!! You are precious!

  3. So good to hear from you! Seems like you are hanging in there through everything thats going on!

    I'll be looking for that candle for you! A girls gotta have what a girls gotta have, right???


  4. Sounds like your mother in law had a sense of humor or she just had it all together, getting herself all done up and shipped off like that. What a pressure to take off of the family? Yes, I can see where the question of where to put her would pose quite a problem. Depends on my relationship with her. I am so twisted, I might have some fun and include her in my holiday decorations. But like I said I am a bit twisted. :-)
    I had a dear friend's father pass away. Every year he had Swiss Colony delivered to the home for Christmas. That year it arrived on the day of his funeral. The funny thing was that he never went anywhere without snacks. It was as if he planned to send snacks to his own funeral. You just never know about these things.

    I just give you two snaps and a whistle about getting ready for fall already. You go girl. My favorite fall Yankee candle is Pumpkin Pie. Ummmmmm.

    It is sad to put away the summer candles. I wish it would stay beach weather all year round.



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