Thursday, September 17, 2009

An open letter to Kohl's ...

Dear Kohl's,

First let me say that I love you and your fabulous sales. Plus, with your "Kohl's Cash," you make shopping feel like a fun job where I earn money. I've also gotten many a present at your store ... I've even been known to stand outside your doors at 5:45 am on the morning after Thanksgiving with Starbucks in one hand and the "Black Friday" sales flier in the other.

But today - September 17, 2009 - you've gone a little too far. Today as I walked in to buy a present for a kid's birthday party, I saw not one, not two, not three, but four CHRISTMAS TREES. Fully decked out! With racks of ornaments and holiday decor nearby. I even touched one to make certain I wasn't hallucinating.

I thought I was jumping the gun by decorating for fall at the end of August ... you people are zooming straight to Christmas two weeks after Labor Day?!?

Please stop the faux-snow insanity and let me enjoy all things pumpkin, and colored leaves, and acorns. Have you seen my fall to-do list? I need more time before I have to think about evergreens, nativities, and stocking stuffers. I promise I'll still be outside on Black Friday if you'll stop trying to force Christmas before October. Really, it's not a good idea ... you'll peak too soon.

Sincerely (on behalf of women everywhere),
Rachel in North Carolina (where it is still 85 degrees!)


  1. Amen,

    If we wait a few more weeks there is the reality of enjoying the following retail pleasures as well.

    Great buys of New Year's Eve favors dated 2010 in October.

    Candy Hearts to get you in the mood in November.

    December just would not be complete unless we had marshmallow eggs and jelly beans.

    Then we can ring in the new year by carefully picking out "that special swimsuit", because we want to get a jump on the season.

    Every year it amazes me how the true meaning of the seasons and holidays are lost in the simply value of a dollar.

    Yes, believe it or not I am a die hard Khol's shopper.

  2. This was great! And, Kohl's is one of my favs. I expect Christmas in July at Hobby Lobby--but not Kohl's! I'll have to run and and see if ours is adorned as yours is--great excuse, huh?


  3. Another point of view ...
    generally I would agree with you on this subject. I get frustrated too. But for the years that my adult children were overseas on the mission field, I was thankful that I could buy holiday things months in advance. It could take anywhere from 2-3 months in the mail process to get from here to there (yes, that's really true!). Enough to make you "go postal", aye? So during that time I was thankful for all the things I saw out in the stores months in advance of the actual holiday. Just a thought ... maybe another area we need to offer grace?

  4. Have you ever tried to buy a bathing suit at the end of July? NOT!

  5. You ain't a kidding. Reeee-diccc-U-lus.

    I love to enjoy me some fall decor amongst the beginning of cool whether.

    Come on with it, Kohl's.

    They do have killer clothes and other wonderful items.

  6. Rachel,
    My husband works for Lowes, they are getting truckloads of Christimas items to put inside the store for display. You can buy Halloween items and get your Christmas shopping started. I don't like this either. I enjoy the fall of the year and love to watch the leaves falling either when it's 90 degrees in Louisiana. I hate to see all the stores getting ready for Christmas so early. But the stores are meeting the demand of the public. Not this chick in LA.

  7. Yes! It is sickening...really. Great letter, Rach.

  8. FYI

    Target has Christmas stuff out too.

  9. I'm laughing because I'm spending a quiet day at home listening to one of my fave holiday CD's, "Beyond December" by First Call. (Obviously, not for commercial purposes.) I was just in the mood I guess. :)

  10. Amen Sister! Love this !


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