Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TMI, lattes and The Message

Hey there. I don't really have anything important, insightful, or witty to say but nonetheless I need to say something because 1) it's been awhile, and more importantly 2) I want to bump down the last post where I published the actual true circumference of the widest part of my thigh.


Girls, that is a prime example of the dangers of blogging. Or at least the dangers of blogging alone. Friends should not let friends blog alone, at least not with tape measure in hand.

I reckon I'll just ramble for a few paragraphs to fill some space ...

Let's see, I've just finished teaching my class at the university, then I had dinner with the fam, and now I'm in the coffee shop at Barnes and Nobel. But I'm not having any coffee. I found out months ago that too many pumpkin-spice lattes make my thigh circumference stats go up.

Instead, I'm waiting for my appointment at the professional massage spa next door. Today they are doing a fundraiser for the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. All massages are half price and that money is donated to the foundation. I'm pretty sure if Martha were here she would deem it "a good thing." This is soooo my kind of fundraising.

I'm also toying with the idea of reading through the entire Bible in The Message translation in 2010. Anybody done that? They have it out in book form (see here). Anybody interested in doing it with me? Each day's reading ends with just two questions for reflection or application. We could read and then post our answers to one or both of the questions. Just a thought I'm mulling around.

I've already started making homemade soups - something I do all fall and winter. But I'm waiting for the cold weather to officially start before I make a pot of chili. I'm chili-dreaming. Or would that be chilly-dreaming?

(I warned you I didn't have anything intelligent or witty to say.)

Well, I've sufficiently bumped that post down now, so off I go to lay face down on a table while inhaling aromatherapy, listening to calming zen music, and letting a complete stranger named Kay coax the tension from my back.
Is that weird? Suddenly that seems weird.
Well, if it helps cure breast cancer ...

I fear this is turning into another one of those posts where I need somebody to tell me to stop typing and back away from the computer before I create more bloggy regrets.

PS. I just realized I have no idea how much to tip for a half-price, fundraising massage.


  1. Ok friend, this is where I tell you to lift those pretty little fingers off the keyboard and back away slowly. Because "friends don't let friends blog alone", especially when they have a massage that awaits them.
    (if I were there I would gladly make a donation with you)

    So I am wondering is it just the pumpkin spice lattes that make our thigh stats go up? If so I am going to keep my distance from those babies and stay with the other guilty pleasures I have.
    tee hee.

    Hey check out my blog site it is all new. Let me know what you think. I love soup weather, do you have some recipes to share?

    Did I tell you I found my tape?

  2. I agree with Diane, time to lift those pretty little fingers off the keyboard! I'm also interested in the soup recipes.

  3. Just cheat a little and go for the Skinny Vanilla Latte. The name may be a little deceiving, but it sure makes me feel better!

    I'm game for reading The Message through in one year. I actually bought it to start reading in January '09, but, well, I didn't finish. However, with the accountability of posting our reflections - I'm committed.

    Woo-Hoo!! Now you shouldn't have mentioned it because I'm all excited. :)

  4. I'm interested in reading The Message next year.

    Fall is my favorite season. Would be interested in soup recipes too.

  5. JJ keeps asking me what I am laughing about. Your post my friend gave me the giggles!! I missed your earlier post about your thigh circumference. Hmm, that was quite an interesting topic!


  6. I really enjoy reading your blog! You are so honest and keep things so humorous!!! I have to tell you that as SOON as I finished reading about the thigh measurement I whipped out my measuring tape and measured mine. I'm not about to say what size mine are, but let's just say they measure pretty close to yours. :-) Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and comment. It's fun to hear from those who are reading.


  7. Rachel - It is nice hearing from you! Hope you enjoyed your massage.

    I am definitely interested in the Bible reading for 2010. Since I work full-time, I am unable to attend any type of small group. This is just what I need to keep me accountable to studying. Looking forward to it!

    In Him,
    Amy T

  8. No, don't back away from the keyboard! Fun post.

    I've been working my way through The Message too. It definitely makes some of the OT books go down more easily. And from time to time, it gives you some outrageous line about God throwing a party, and it's nice to start the day with some giggles. (I did think Psalms lost a little something by going to more "common" language, though--something poetic about it didn't quite translate.) Looking forward to the NT.

    Thumbs up for your sacrifice for cancer research. It's tough, but someone had to do it. :)

  9. Hi Rachel...there are days when we all "ramble"...either on the computer or somewhere else! Hope you enjoyed your massage. My mom is a breast cancer survivior. Wish I could have made a massage donation!

    I would love to read The Message with you. With my work schedule, I miss out on the small groups at my church, so this would help my accountability too.


  10. YAY! Just read your comment on my blog.....I'm ready to read!!

  11. I would love to read through the bible. This blog would definitely keep me accountable because I've toyed with idea but never actually took any steps towards the goal.

  12. Bwaa haa haa! So funny!
    I love a good fundraiser, too, specifically one where I get mass quantities of cookie dough, my car washed or my junk out of my home. But MASSAGES??? I might just up and move to be near that fundraiser!! Awesome!! What did you end up tipping her?

  13. Did you mean the Susan G. Komen Foundation? Hope you had a great massage!

  14. "Friends don't let friend blog alone"...I love that! So funny.

    I think you tip on the full price, but don't quote me. I am sure they appreciated however you tipped. :)

    I am doing the One-Year Chrono Bible with Wendy Pope. I am doing the NIV though (rather than the Living). I don't stray much from the KJV, NKJV, NIV versions. (personal conviction before the Lord)

    All this to say, it has been amazing to read the whole Bible through in a year! This, along with the Precepts Ministry study I attend, have been amazing. His Word is rich and deep...an endless well of truth.

    I encourage and will be excited for your bloggy readers as you read the Bible in a year!

    "I delight in Your decrees; I will not neglect Your word." Psalm 119:16

  15. I'm so glad I stopped by your blog today, Rachel, the idea of The Message in one year, with accountability, really appeals to me! Please, let's do!

    I'm doing a similar one year reading using NIV, but I get behind because I'm doing it alone. I loved the readings you put together on women in the bible, and it was so easy to stay on track knowing that I could post an "I did it!" on your page and share comments with others.

  16. Girls, you still wanting to read through the Message with me in 2010??

    I've started ... there's still plenty of time for you to start and do it with me... somebody let me know if you want to, and if there is enough interest I'll start posting about it on my blog and we can keep in touch together about it here.


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