Monday, August 2, 2010

She Amazes

There's so many things I could say about the She Speaks conference this weekend. It was awesome! And there's many well known, impressive names I could throw out of people who were there making it all happen. But there's really only one name - other than God's of course - that I hold up along side of, and attribute the excellence of She Speaks to. That name is LeAnn Rice.

LeAnn Rice is the Executive Director of Operations of Proverbs 31 Ministries.  She is also the She Speaks conference planner and director.  Anything you saw there that looked nice, was well organized, or ran smoothly, you have LeAnn to thank.  Anything that wasn't beautiful and running smooth (and I bet you didn't see much that wasn't), it's because one of us goofed up what LeAnn had planned!

She is an administrative genius. And possibly the hardest working woman I know. She started  here as a volunteer and rose in a matter of years to the top position.  She is sharp, dedicated, detailed, and an absolute pleasure to work with and for. We all call her "the Queen." Not because she lords it over anyone - she is extremely humble - but because she deserves so much more honor than she receives.

She's also a single mom with a well-adjusted son. She amazes me!

There is seemingly no end to her talent; all that limits her is the number of hours in a day. Well that, and these crazy visionary women she works with.  Seriously though, she is not just administratively gifted but creative.  Check out her latest project.  And I hope that you will leave her a comment there or here telling her how much you appreciate her behind-the-scenes work at Proverbs 31 Ministries. After all, the Bible says to give honor where honor is due. And LeAnn deserves a bucketful of "thank yous" and "atta girls."

Thankful for LeAnn Rice!


  1. There isn't a bucket big enough to hold all of my atta girls and heartfelt thank yous for our dazzling Queen. Her hard work, long hours and worn out knees never cease to amaze me. I LOVE YOU LEANN!!!!!!!!!

  2. LeAnn, the words thank you seem so small, but they are HUGE in our hearts. For ALL you did for us, thank you!!! There was not a time I didn't see you without a smile on your face. You are amazing!

    Hope you're enjoying those MN chocolates! :)

  3. Word! LeAnn, your sweet servant heart has blessed so many and the aftershocks of God's movements through you are sure to be immeasurable, thanks so much for everything!

  4. LeAnn, as we spoke at the conference, I know from experience this is not as easy job! Most people have no clue what all is involved, so my heart goes out to you and just want to say "THANK YOU"! EVERYTHING was great. And do you realize how many lives were touched due to your hard work and planning!! You did a wonderful job! We all love you!!

  5. LeAnn is amazing...and gorgeous too. Recently, my youngest daughter went with me to the office. When she saw LeAnn she said, "She is so pretty; confident too. She has great legs." Of course all of that is true, but none of that outside stuff compares to her HUGE heart!
    Love you LeAnn!

  6. Raushanah N. ButlerAugust 02, 2010

    I wish there were enough words to tell you how grateful I am for you and how amazed I am with you. You are certainly a Proverbs 31 Woman and I pray continually for God to strengthen you supernaturally. I love you sweet, SWEET LeAnn!!!

  7. Thank you LeAnn. It was my first She Speaks and I was so amazed and thrilled at how the Spirit of God met the WORD of GOD and grew us in spiritual maturity. The prayer room was a place of healing for this wounded one who had miscarried two weeks befor the conference. Words can't describe the work GOD did for me.

    The blessings of rest, peace, and the knowlege of "Well done my good and faithful servant," be yours.

    Leah Taylor

  8. LeAnn - words just cant say enough how much your service to God and P31 impacts so many hearts. You always go above and beyond expectations, and everyone gets the benefit of your efforts! Thank you so much for all that you do not just at She Speaks, but all year round. Love you and praying for you this week!

  9. Thank you, LeAnn, for your obedience and sacrifice on our behalf! I pray REST for you now.

  10. In honor of our queent, LeAnn. There isn't enough good things to say about her. She is beautiful inside and out. Plus, a foodie! We love you, LeAnn.

  11. I am more in love and awe with LeAnn the longer I work with her. I had the privilege of crashing on her couch one night at the conference and it was simply amazing to see what she was working on and dealing with. But even with all that, she was so very focused on what she could do to bless others -- and bless us she did :)

    Thanks LeAnn! You are the best!

  12. Wow....I wasn't even there and I want to yell....GO LEANN!!!
    God bless you and your hard work!

  13. Leann, as I saw you walking peacefully donw the hall, with your 'cell phone" on a platter, I thought...she evens holds THAT up to the Lord. You serve with grace and with gratitude, you serve with no thanks needed. I'm here today to tell you love, changed my life. Thank you.

  14. Standing ovation for a woman who truly works faithfully as unto the Lord...

    The High Calling Community salutes your efforts... your testimony, Leann....

    Thank you...

    (And Rachel, for humbly honoring such a diligent worker --- what a woman of grace!)

    All's grace,
    Ann Voskamp
    High Calling Contributing Editor

  15. A resounding "WOO HOO" for LeAnn. Amazing! God has gifted her in amazing ways to serve Him with excellence. And we are the blessed beneficiaries. :) How humbling. LeAnn's attention to detail...and her ability to remember all of those details...reflect God's perfect love and provision for us.

    Thank you for this precious post, Rachel.


  16. I am speechless and my eyes are leaking. Rachel, you amaze me. I am totally undeserving of an entire post... maybe a paragraph, but not an entire post (HAH!).

    You have all blessed me beyond measure. The next time satan tries to steal my joy (which happens often because he is so persistent) I will click over and read your beautiful words and the amazingly encouraging comments left by treasured friends.

    Big Hugs!

  17. Hail to the Queen!
    Long live the Queen-who else could run that conference?
    An ordinary woman serving an extraordinary God in extraordinary ways.

  18. One of my friends who came said, "I knew it was going to be a nice conference, but I had no idea that it would be done at such a high level."

    That's because of LeAnn. Girl, you think of all the details, make everything beautiful and make everyone at home.

    We love you!!!

  19. LEANN, I am picturing you with a sparkly tiara on, as befits a queen, but I am also picturing you kneeling before the King of Kings, for that is how you live your life - for Him. Thank you and you're amazing. mel

  20. LeAnn did a tremendous job at making things run smoothly at and on our journey to She Speaks.

    I think I received five or so emails from her to update me on publisher appointments, speaker evaluation info and general She Speaks stuff.

    What a woman! What a blessing to us all!

    Thanks for all you did to make She Speaks a life-changing, direction-defining moment for so many of God's girls! :-)

  21. LeAnn, your giftedness was shining through in the She Speaks Conference. It was the best, by far, conference that I have attended. It is very difficult to create an atmosphere where 608 women feel pampered and like it was designed just for them. The hard work behind the scenes set the stage for a spirit-filled weekend. You are truly using your gifts as a Proverbs 31 woman in the service of others.

    Blessings to you and may you now enjoy some well deserved rest and peace.
    In His Love, Janelle

  22. I met LeAnn 3 years at the beginning of the end of my marriage. She was wonderful - stepped out- shared and loved... and at that time she said " you need to be at She Speaks".

    I attended this year.

    I found her at the end of Sundays AWESOME service - Thank you doesn't even seem like ENOUGH to say to her.

    The time was NOW for me to be there. She knew it and shared for a moment with me in God's amazing timing.

    LeAnn you are amazing. You SHOW the AMAZING GOD you serve in every way and every day!

    Thank you.

    Much love -
    Julie Cagwin

  23. Words cannot even describe how amazing LeAnn is. So glad you did this Rachel so that we could try!

    LeAnn, I love that we get to share with 600 women at Speaks the amazing work God does in you and through you throughout the whole year. You have the most amazing business sense, eye for detail, heart for beauty, and a rare gift of making each person feel thought of individually and valued uniquely. There is no one I know who looks more like Jesus than you do. I love you!


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