Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Good Girls Wear

My middle-school-age daughter went back-to-school-clothes shopping last night with her own money and her girlfriend. This was a first. The friend’s mom took them, and since we’ve yet to buy Alaina a cell phone (can you believe that – she sure can’t), I was completely out of the picture.

I have confidence in her, and I’ve taught her about modesty and what looks nice on her. Yet I wondered: Would she skip the stores I’ve taught her to skip? Would she avoid the immodest styles I’ve taught her to avoid? Would she return home with things I strongly object to?

Would my good girl dress bad?

Nope. She returned home with a couple of terrific outfits. They were cute and modest.  And she even accessorized them well!  I have Shari Braendel to thank.  Shari is a friend, professional fashion consultant, leader of the Modest is Hottest fashion workshops and author of the new release Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad. She’s got a whole chapter in the back of this book for how to help your teen embrace modesty and dress well.

If you have any questions at all about how to dress your figure, or wear make-up, or what looks good on you and what doesn’t - get this guide. In it Shari helps women determine their specific body type and how to dress for it.  She helps you determine the best colors to flatter your complexion. She gives individualized hair cut and make-up tips. She teaches how to build a wardrobe for each season, for your body shape and coloring. And she even has chapters that deal with the two dreaded items to shop for: swimsuits and jeans.

Oh and there’s more.  You just need to get the book. 

But guess what?  Right now you can enter to win a $500 personal make-over with Shari. Hurry over here to learn about that and enter to win. Then tell your friends about it – you bet I told mine.  After all, friends don’t let friends dress bad!


  1. this is something I wasn't taught growing up - as I was the first Christian in my family. I soooo love that there is a book out there to teach these things! Every young woman should have a mom like you who teaches the value of modesty - that is a priceless gift Rachel!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter for choosing style and modesty in a world of skin-tight T-shirts, ripped jeans, Daisy Duke shorts, and jeggings. You've done well. I'm going to click over to see about this makeover! I've got two teens, and a tween-turning-teen in December.


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