Thursday, August 26, 2010


Do you ever worry you might write something about your family that they would later see and be upset by?  I do, so I try to afford my family a certain degree of privacy. Yet in my devotion at P31 today I said some things about my then preschooler, now middle-school daughter.  Namely, about her argumentative nature.

She has frequently amazed me at her unwillingness to back down or concede ground in an argument – even when she stands to lose much just by arguing.   She has told me she struggles to tame this aspect about herself that comes so second-nature to her. 

Maybe you too know something about trying to tame an aspect about yourself that seems built-in.

She’s said, “Mom, for some reason I’ll argue even when I don’t really want to.” That comment made me think of the apostle Paul’s lament here in Romans 7:15

Maybe you too know something about doing what you really don’t want to do. 

Alaina is such a good kid - a precious girl.  And she wants to be an obedient daughter, Christian, and student.  Her nature just gets in the way at times. Maybe you know something about that – I sure do.

I actually think God put that don’t-back-down bent in her – for His holy purposes.  She just has to learn how to submit it to His will and let Him shape and channel it for good.  She would make a great Christian apologist.  Or lawyer for the ACLU.  Or stay-at-home mom who stands up against  injustice.

Maybe God can use your unruly tendencies for holy purposes too if you’ll submit them to His authority.

I invite you to leave a comment sharing an area of your life you are struggling to tame– something you need to up your obedience in. I will pray over that for you this weekend.  Commenting will also enter you to win a copy of my about-to-be-released book It’s No Secret: Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know. So make sure I can contact you through your comment!

Alaina would not be upset I told you about her tendency to argue.  She’s learning how to tame it, but also to embrace it at the same time.  Let me show you what I mean. Yesterday she asked me to print off a homework assignment for her.  I responded, “Sure, just email it to me and I’ll print it out.  What’s the assignment, honey?” “We had to write about ourselves in a short little poem-thing to share with the class.”  Here is what she wrote:


Funny, energetic, argumentative & kind

Relative of: Rick (dad) Rachel (mom) & Caleb (brother)

Resident of: Wilmington NC

Who reads: realistic fiction, non-fiction magazines, & fantasy

Who likes: reading, soccer, violin, swimming & spaghetti

Who loves: family, friends, & owls

Who fears: terrorists, bad grades, & death

Who wishes: to be on Broadway, to be a lawyer, & to have a pet owl

Who admires: my parents, my brother & Mr. Mike

Who needs: food, more money & books

Who aspires: to go to Paris, go to law school, & have my own library


Self-awareness is a beautiful thing – especially when we bring both our strengths and our weaknesses to God and submit ourselves fully to Him. Because God knows a thing or two about not backing down.

He doesn’t relent the purposes for which He created us and gifted us. 


So thankful for my daughter, and for God’s unrelenting purposes.


  1. Vijay MuruganAugust 27, 2010

    Hi Rachel,

    I have a 9year old son, Jared who has the most enquiring mind and loves to question me about everything. He loves reading the bible and reads it almost all the time. He even takes the bible to school(he goes to a Christian school so it is allowed)and even to daycare. He loves asking me questions relating to the bible and I am so embarassed and ashamed to say but I don't read the bible as often as I love to mainly because of time. I am a working mum and when i get back home from work I have to cook and do house chores and then be mum and dad to my 2 boys, the other is a 3 year old overactive little boy, Jordyn. You see dad starts work very early and finishes very late. so when I do try to read the bible my brain either shuts down or I am too tired to stay awake. I do listen to a christian channel on the radio at work so I do get to hear the Word but I don't seem to get the quiet time with the Father. Jared always questions me on how come I don't know the Word and its so sad that when you're trying to bring your children up in the way of the Lord but you're not being a good role model. Please do keep me in your prayer for I do want to be a great mum walking in the ways of the Lord. Vijay

  2. My mom said my favorite word was "why?" until I left home. Recently, she's been hearing it more.....from herself. She has questions for God I can't answer. The struggle to find the right words must be how she felt when I asked so many unexplainable questions; i.e. "why is the sky blue and the grass green? do dogs go to heaven?"
    I now know why the sky is blue and the grass is green, but there are some unanswered questions still rumbling around my mind. And I'm learning to trust God to show me the way. The encouragement I read in P31 blogs are always spot on! Really! Always!
    Hopefully, my mom is receiving the same encouragement from me (and from P31) to accept questions that go unanswered.

  3. Rachel,
    Thank you for your post today. I am trying to tame my impatience with my kids. They are both very active and curious. Like your daughter they need to have a reason for everything. I too find myself wanting to (and sometimes using) the phrase "because I said so." This is something I constantly work on. I look forward to reading your book.

  4. I do ask God "Why" so many times. I ask Why some people seem to have all they need financially and many struggle even though we work hard, I ask why some of my friends and relatives have illness'/cancer and other's go through life healthy, etc. I am thankful for what I have and I certainly do need to just trust and obey without questioning. I read Encouragement for Today daily and the message always seems to speak to me. Thank you for writing and relating God's word in our everyday circumstances! I pray that I can be thankful and joyful and just Trust God with everything

  5. It seems that I have a son who is much like your daughter....when he was small he used to tell us that he owned everything the eye could was all his! ...and as such we could not take it from him or tell him what to do with it. WEll, he is a little better now....he's 15 and still fighting the battles....argumentative to a fault, it seems, just to get a reaction from me! But my challenge isn't's my reactions, it's my tendency to want to just scream "because I said so"! I'm already aware that teenagers don't respond well to that not to mention someone who is like my son. (since I have a daughter in her early 20's that was somewhat of a challenge) So I'm working on patience, keeping my voice at a talking (almost whispering) level and using calm and loving discipline....he responds much's just my short fuse that needs repairing...reading the bible in the am helps, especially proverbs....with much help from God I hope to get through the nest 3 or 4 years without too much incident and without my child hating me....oh did I mention that I'm pre-menapausal? Help me!!

  6. Hi Rachel,
    I've stopped by your blog a couple of times this week since reading your article in P31 this month. I fell in love with you through that article!! I can't wait to read your book =)

    I'm a recovering perfectionist. I care what others think about me and often times try to dress myself up even before coming to God. I wish I could just say exactly what I mean and not worry about how others see it, layered in love of course. I'm reminding myself daily of what Jesus said, ""If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:31-32

  7. i am always stuggling with taming my fear of losing my husband someday..i am aware that we all have to die one day but the thought of living a lonely after he is gone kills me. i have great trust in our lord but somehow in this area i am a complete failure.. i also know i cannot have fear and faith on the same page but the reality is that it is there...

  8. I am learning to tame my tongue which also includes not arguing so much-though sometimes it definitely is hard. I think my 3 yr old son gets his strong willed nature from me:) However, God is gracious and so forgiving even when I stumble in these areas. Thanks for the give away!

  9. Hi Rachel, happy new school year, our children start back in 12 days. An exciting and stressful time. Our oldest daughter will return home after spending the summer at her older sister's house. A sister who has not given our very rebellious daughter the guidance we were praying for but has encouraged her destructive rebellion, she is off the scale for being argumentative and it is so draining. We have 3 children watching and listening. I fear we made a painful mistake in letting her stay there this summer but it was out of the desire for peace at home while i recovered from surgery. Pray for our family as we try to bring peace to our home and our very argumentative, rebellious 14 yr. old returns home. We are struggling! Looking forward to your book, thanks,

  10. To remember that the Holy Spirit is here to help and guide me in my life. I am so unaware of His presence and I need to wake up each day and remember and pray for His guidance.

  11. This post has nothing to do with your blog, but I feel I have to respond to "Anonymous" who is hurting over the fear of losing her husband.

    Psalm 62:8 says, "Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts before Him; God is a refuge for us." The word refuge means a shelter that protects you from storms, danger, and falsehood (Strongs). Pour it all out to Him--He can take it. Lay all your fear and anxiety at His feet. Once you have poured yourself out--sit and listen with the Word open in front of you. Wait patiently for Him to address your fear. Allow God to be that refuge--to break the chain of fear with which satan has bound you.

    Please know that I (and I am sure many others) will also be lifting you up in prayer.

  12. Yes, I have one of those 9-year-old-question-everything little boys. It can never be as simple as an obedient "Yes ma'am" with him. In my frustrations with his responses, I was encouraged early on by another mom who said that God would use that same spirit to do great things for Him. It's just my job right now to steer him in the right direction. This advice has helped me see him in a totally different light. Does it still frustrate me at times? Yes, but I know God has put this in him for His purposes. And somehow God is going to teach me a thing or two in the process ;) Patience isn't exactly one of my strong areas.

    Loved your devotion and post for today. Can't wait to read your book!

  13. I need to remember to have faith and trust in God. Only God knows how all things truly work together. I know we are to believe God, to walk by faith, to be true to whatever God is saying — even when the whole world seems to be opposing God's message. I'm very unhappy with my job of 26 years and pray for a change. I thank God everyday I have a job, as there are so many that do not. I know that with pray and in His time, something new will come along. He has shown me how to begin planting the seeds for a new chapter in my life. Thank you for lifting me up in your prayers and thank you for all you do through Jesus.

  14. I struggle with dealing with personality issues with a son and daughter who are so much like me! Opinionated, determined to be heard..... great kids, but like their mom, still learning that sometimes being silent is not only OK, but the better option!

  15. So many things I fight against, I struggle with. The biggest - indifference. I say that because we are living in a "ME" world and it isn't all about me. I forget that and allow myself to become indifferent to the rest of God's world. We are created for HIS pleasure and HIS purpose and how easy it is to not live like we believe that. Should that not affect everything we do or say or how we just be, each day? I get so caught up in my own little world. Having said all that I would love to receive your book. :)

  16. Hi Rachel,
    I am a "new" mom, in her late 30's. Education and career came first, and without regrets. I love the reality that I'm a mother NOW. My boys are 3 yrs. old and just about 2 mos. It took me two years to rangle how to be a mom and not feel strangled by life changes; and of course, it was time to add to the family. Now with two children, I feel like I'm starting over again; really learning to juggle my children and proceed with the life purpose I was bestowed with.
    Yes, I love your post. Writing about family members, even friends, can be challenging. What do you say? Truth, sugar coat, or search for the right path to take? What would P31 woman do?

  17. too funny! I just read your message on P31W and came to your blog in a panic! I too explained the reasons for everything to my oldest daughter. Sadly, I see the flaw in that now that she is 16. Somewhere in her brain she has a sense that if she can out reason me or find a flaw in my reasoning that she can control the situation or be able to do whatever it is I have said no about. Unfortunately, I don't always have a reason, sometimes instinct tells me that something she wants to do isn't safe, or sometimes I have a very good reason that she cannot understand due to her age/maturity level and I don't exactly want to enlighten her to the depravity of this world.

    Parenting is probably the hardest scariest thing I have ever done! Praise God for all the great help in the OT!

    The children of Israel are such a great picture of what a parent has to put up with...over and over get our kids to adulthood and ideally salvation.

    King David the ruler who wasn't ready, was raised up by his Lord to fill his destiny ONLY by the grace of God and so obviously to His glory! I see David as a parent. He made some pretty big mistakes, but his desire was God and God loved him in return and all in all he was an awesome king!

    And hey...Solomon turned out pretty good!

  18. Rachel, I too have an argumentative daughter. She is now 25 years old & is a joy to behold! I always knew she would be a great adult. However it was hard when she was little. I just keep praying, Lord I know you made her & I am to raise her,please give me patience's & the words to guide her. I have also realized this apple didn't fall far from this tree. lol! I struggle with the same tendencies, to argue, to fight for what I believe in, to get others to see my side. I have learned to pray 1st then speak 2nd. I still struggle with wanting my opinion to be heard. Sometimes God just doesn't want me to say anything, sometimes He does. I still am learning to know the difference. The Holy Spirit has been so very patience with me, so how can I not extend that to other who struggle too.
    I'll be praying for you & your daughter. Enjoy the journey with your daughter. It is so worth the trip!!!
    Blessing & Peace Mary

  19. Hi Rachel,

    My 14 year old son Brandon is much the same way. When asked to do something, his response is usually, "I don't want to make you angry Mom, but why..." or "I'm not trying to be disrespectful Mom, but why..." It is one of things I love about him and one of the things that stretches me to be the kind of Mom I'd like to be. I'm so not there yet, but working on it daily.

    Thanks for the encouragement.


  20. I'm trying to tame the way I sometimes react too harshly to my children's misbehavior. I have five children (age 7 and under) and at any given time, one of them is probably doing something they are not supposed to. It can get overwhelming, especially when I'm actually trying to accomplish a task, like housework. Sometimes my tone, volume and facial expressions are the ways my frustration comes through. Thank you for your prayers.

  21. I'm trying to exercise my faith muscles to believe for answered prayers from my Lord. I would like to see miracles in my family of health & salvation matters. I always say :" I'm not good enough or deserve to have these "miracles" and always feel defeated.Bt its really a matter of trusting Him & being obedient.

  22. Dear Rachel,

    I sometimes struggle with being obedient in the waiting. I'm impatient by nature, and it's hard to know how to practice obedience during the waiting periods, but I think it's mostly trusting in the Lord and His plan for my life.


  23. Hi Rachel,

    I have a problem with self-confidence. I sometimes will not speak or don't say things simply because I don't think what I say will matter. It has been a problem for years. I will talk alot when I feel passionate about something, but lack of self-confidence has definitely held me back. I have never really seen this for what it is and what it has done to me. I have a wonderful husband and son that God has blessed me with and I am so thankful. I am glad I read your devo today, because God just revealed it to me loud and clear that it is my lack of self-confidence that is in the way. I just never knew how serious it was! Please pray for me. I want to be obedient to Him. Thank you! Love & prayers~

  24. Well, your devotion today sure had me run to God. I was "worrying" about my job. My boss wanted me to write down everything I do and how I do it. He said he was just doing this to get a "feel of the office". He has been here for one year (I have been here 8 years). My brain says, "He should know the office by now. What is he really doing? Is he going to 'fire me' and have someone take my job?" I think the real issue here is that I am not TRUSTING God, MY REAL BOSS to provide for me. Two sins - worrying and not trusting...Your book sounds like a sure read for me to read. Thank you for posting your devotion today.

  25. I can totally relate to you and your daughter. My middle daughter Sydney is 11 and is sweet most of the time. But, she does have a tendency to have an attitude when she doesn't think things are fair. Thankfully, God has also given her a tender heart and usually after she thinks for a while, she feels badly for the way she acted. Thanks for the words of encouragement today! May I be a woman who follows God's commands without questioning!


  26. Thank you so much for this insightful devotion for today. I have three kids of my own and try not to compare them. It amazes me how God equipped each one of them with unique strengths and weaknesses. I pray that He will continue to guide them how to use them for His glory!!

  27. your devotion this morning was very timely, last night was the first time I refused to lay down with my 7 year old son at bed time and do our normal end of day routine (which includes bible time and prayer) I let me frustrations and emotions get the best of me in dealing with his argumentative nature, I can barely type as the tears run down my face right now, ashamed of my inability to control my reaction to his behavior. Yes, I too have heard that God will use my son's nature to His benefit and many days/moments, I actually belive that. But more often than not, I find myself jumping to the defensive position "Why doesn't he just listen to ME!" "Why is he so disrespectful?" and as I type that I realize he is very much like me, like many of us as we constantly question "why?". Please pray that I can see that God is at work in me through my son and God has equipt my son with exactly the right ools to succeed in His kingdom. Thank you for your blog this morning! Misty

  28. Good Morning,

    Please pray for my quick temper. I can go from 0 to 100 i .1 seconds. Please pray for my agumentive sprit when it comes to my husband (it has gotten better). Also my tendency to react before I think.


  29. Hello Mrs. Rachel,

    Wow your daughter sounds alot like my daughter. Thanks for your words of encourgement.

  30. I feel the same as BrandiLeigh, who wrote:

    I have a problem with self-confidence. I sometimes will not speak or don't say things simply because I don't think what I say will matter. It has been a problem for years. I will talk alot when I feel passionate about something, but lack of self-confidence has definitely held me back.

    I also care way too much what others think about me, and want to be liked by everyone.

    Thanks for praying!

  31. It would be impatience and anger for mE.

    I am learning to control both.

    I would really app your prayers.

    Oh by the way,

    I could totally relate to your daughter.

    I am like that at times

    Sweet blessings

  32. Hi Rachel:

    Wow what perfecting timing as taming my tongue, responses and reactions towards my family is exactly what I am working on through my counselor and reading my Bible.

    My marriage has hit complete rock bottom due to sexual sin, lack of communication and no real spiritual intimacy between the two of us.

    I personally have a tendancy to speak my mind, allow my tone to be abrasive and escalate my yelling. This is not what I want to be like, as I react out of pure frustration in a very hurting marriage and broken home. My marriage is falling apart, our oldest daughter has turned to a religious cult, our middle daughter has a harden heart, our oldest son is a newly, reocvering drug addict at the age of 15 and our younger son deall with anger and rejection issues. We are a blended family.

    So the last thing my family needs is me being a contentious woman as outlined in Proverbs. That is my longing is that they all see Jesus in me and I imitated His character.

    Today's devotional hit me head on and straight to the heart. So thank you for the blessing and encouragement.


  33. Faith MooreAugust 27, 2010

    Hi Rachel,

    Your devotional today really hit home for me. I struggle with control issues and allowing people to see the real me. I don't like feeling like I don't have any control when it comes to certain issues in my life. I pray about it, but then I make the mistake of thinking I can handle it better than God. I feel like your daughter, I try not to and I really don't want to handle the burden or problem that I am dealing with but I have a hard time leaving it alone. Right now I am going through a storm that is forcing me to trust God and God alone and it is not easy but way past due.

    I also wish that people could see the real me. I often wish I could see the real me. Sometimes I feel like I wear so many hats that I have lost myself somewhere along the way. I know that God knows who I am and what he has planned for my life. I feel Him telling me that if I slow down and listen to him that He will show me in his time. I just am having a hard time working in His time frame. I want immediate solutions even though I know that is not always the way God answers our request or give solutions to our situations. So I am asking for your prayers for an obedient, listening, and willing spirit to submit to God and allow him to take complete and total control of my life. I really needed this devotional. Thank you so very much


  34. i struggle with being extremely selfish and constantly struggle to put others first. Please pray for me- to work on this through God's strength- he's pressed this upon my heart. I want to be a better wife, mother, sister and co-worker :)

  35. Rachel, I too have an argumentative daughter. She is now 25 years old & is a joy to behold! I always knew she would be a great adult. However it was hard when she was little. I just keep praying, Lord I know you made her & I am to raise her,please give me patience's & the words to guide her. I have also realized this apple didn't fall far from this tree. lol! I struggle with the same tendencies, to argue, to fight for what I believe in, to get others to see my side. I have learned to pray 1st then speak 2nd. I still struggle with wanting my opinion to be heard. Sometimes God just doesn't want me to say anything, sometimes He does. I still am learning to know the difference. The Holy Spirit has been so very patience with me, so how can I not extend that to other who struggle too.
    I'll be praying for you & your daughter. Enjoy the journey with your daughter. It is so worth the trip!!!
    Blessing & Peace Mary

  36. I, like you, have some strong willed, inquisitive children. All (5) of them have at different ages, expressed themselves as your daughter did. The first thing that comes to mind is a current and long standing struggle we are facing with alcoholism in our family and the different ways we all see this disease and its affects on our family. Please pray that we will be obedient to God's urging us to help the entire family to seek help and be healthy.
    Also, when our children were smaller, I learned somehow something I would like to share about "feelings". That feelings belong to the person feeling them. As much as we want to be responsible for others, especially our children and their happiness, we really can't. We need to nuture their relationship with God and their families but ultimately, we cannot control their feelings. We cannot control any other persons feelings, they belong to that person and come from within. We can show our love, kindness or forgiveness ... something that may change a person's feelings but we cannot control those feelings. Something to think about.

  37. Loved both your devotional and blog post readings today, Rachel! Thank you for the critical reminder to just listen to what the Lord leads, "because He said so." My husband has even written a song about this. I want the Lord's strength to help when I don't have the energy to take on some of the tasks associated with serving my special-needs daughter - although I see answers from Him all the time. :

    You certainly do have a wonderful way with words in all your writings and posts, and I'd love to have the chance to read your book! Been looking forward to it coming out.


  38. I am a mom who struggles with the fact that I raised my now grown children on my own with no one to model motherhood after. I know I did not do the greatest job, but I did the best I could. I have a tendency to blame things that don't go right for my children, one is divorced with children, one is single with children and moved back home, and one denies God's very existance, on my poor parenting skills. I know God loves me, but I don't always feel lovable.

  39. I just read your article and would love to be entered in the contest to win your book! I subscribed to your blog too! I am truly enjoying your writing.

  40. Have not read your devotion yet but I will. Sometimes it takes me a while to get through my emails. I got one today that had a link to a video. I put it on my blog. It is really beautiful.

    You would think that at my age I would have learned to do my devotional time before I start anything else, but sometimes things just get in the way, (my fault). The last two days I have done good but really need prayer. I do pray all during the day and read a lot of scripture and writings on blogs but that doesn't take the place of sitting down with God and spending time with just Him.

    Thanks for sharing about your daughter. Mine are all grown up and have their own lives. The only problem I have with them is I don't get to seem them very often. Maybe part of that is our fault and some of it comes from my own experience with my parents. I may have overdone some things.
    Have a blessed day, AE

  41. Hi Rachel, thank you for this post and for your promised prayer this weekend. I am needing to up my obedience in spending time with the Lord. I too often choose lesser things, when in my heart I know I need to be in His Word and listening to His voice. I am so thankful that even when I choose poorly and resist His call, His love for me is relentless. Please pray I will return to my First Love.

    How can I pray for you this weekend? It would be a delight to do so.

    PS. I haven't received the list of contacts from our Speakers group yet. Do you know if they were sent out? Just wondering.

  42. I am the mother of six children and I continue to struggle with being quick to anger even though I know that that is not God's way and I am so thankful for that. He lives within me so I question why His character is not shining through my natural responses more. Thank you for your post today. God is still working!

  43. Being a working mom, I find sometimes with spending time with family, household chores, etc. My time to be still with God comes to a screeching halt. I need that time but find it is easy for me to just not do it because I am so tired. So I pray that I can find the time to spend time with God and read His word. Thanks for a wonderful devotion. I have 14 year old twins and one is very much like your daughter. It was inspiring to know I am not alone.

  44. I have 2 very annoying and conflicting problems that I struggle with on a daily basis. First, I'm a perfectionist. I like things in order, specific order. I avoid doing something if I don't have the time, equipment, resources, etc. to finish the task or project to the best of my ability. Which brings me to my second problem........I procrastinate/or easily distracted. Because of my perfectionist side, I like to have things DONE but done right. The procrastinator in me won't let me do something unless I know it will be done right, the perfectionist in me is anxious until the job is done......but done right. Are you starting to see the conflict within my own mind that I have to contend with on a daily basis? HAHA....I have to laugh about it sometimes, or I'm afraid I will go insane :)

    Thank you for sharing your story. I too have a son that is arguementative and very talkative. This type of personality is very hard to deal with.

  45. Thank you for your devotiontoday. i am struggle do with the need to be in control of mymother. she lives with us and has a few problems that cause her to fall alot. I try to get her to do things safely but she is proud of her independance and doesn't want ot relinguish it. I feel for her but when she does something that is not being careful I get upset. Please pray for me to understand God's control and to not think its about my control of this situation.

  46. What a great message, thank you for sharing!
    I've been having a hard time with acceptance...accepting where I'm at in life, accepting others lack of time for me, bad drivers, dirty socks on the floor, etc...
    Praying for the good Lord to help me.

  47. I am trying to to tame to things: my seeming obsession with being the one to do things (I must confess I have never been a big fan of "be still and know") and my tendency to put my hopes/expectations on other people. They are sinful people, just like me, and so I am bound to be disappointed . . . but that doesn't stop me from doing it.

  48. Hi rachel

    im married with four teenaged daughters. my family says that there are times when the way that i talk sometimes hurt their feelings. i can admit to being a little bossy at times, and sometimes mean. i want to speak things that encouraging and loving..please pray for me to be obedient to the word by speaking words of love , encourageent and faith to my family..thank you for praying for me.

  49. I'm trying very hard to 'tame' my patience. Specifically in the job field. I recently started a job at a bank as a teller and I felt right from day one that it wasn't the right fit for me.Right from the beginning, it went wrong. Lack of training, woman who was supposed to train went on vacation for two weeks, another person who was going to help train went on vacation for one week. I was literally put out to cash with very very little training. A hundred questions to ask and really nobody available to help. I know that God has placed me here for his purpose and I love going to work and using my brain once again. But I struggle with the question of 'am I in this for the long run? Or is this a passing job?' Prior to me getting this job, I knew I had to work for financial reasons. So, I thank you for your prayers and I will continue everyday to struggle with my patience while I wait, to see what happens next.

  50. I struggle daily with my tendency to gossip. It's not vicious or nasty in any way, but I do "compare" people often..."she's just like so-and-so, always wanting to be right"; "he never shuts his mouth"; "you would think at her age she'd know better"...all just passing remarks, but all so wrong! I pray that the Holy Spirit will curb my tongue, and have sometimes opened my mouth to say something and clamp it shut before the words come out. Please pray that my errant tongue will be used for good and not for gossip.
    God Bless You, Peg

  51. Hi Rachel,

    I am trying to tame my thought life and my tounge. The Lord has really been showing me over the past few days that I need to work on those things. Today your devotional really hit home. God is calling me to do something really big in my future and I need to let Him have His way with me. "Because HE said so!!!"

  52. Hello! Thank you for this post! It's so encouraging to hear!

    I am in constant battle with the way people see me. I'm always afraid someone will not like me. I have done this for so long now, that I have totally lost myself. I'm trying to get back to that place where I can rest in who the Lord has made me to be...and to be ok with that. Please pray for me. I desperately need to just feel secure with who I am.

  53. My son is grown so we are past the "why" stage. I still go through it with God though. Why did you make me like this? Why do I have these diseases? Why did I break my leg? Why did my hours at work get cut. It is so difficult to just put my trust totally in Him, but that is what I am doing now and I feel much better.

  54. Hi Rachel, I loved your "Unrelenting" blog. I struggle with taming my tongue when it comes to my mother-in-law. I am always so quick to critize her and knit pick what she does or says. I many times make critical comments to my husband about her then feel badly as soon as it's left my mouth. This has been something that I've seemed to struggle with as long as my husband & I have been together - 8 years. I'd love to be free from this habit that seems to be "built-in" and be able to just enjoy my mother-in-law for all of her wonderful quailities instead of dwelling on those that bug me. Thanks for the prayers!

  55. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for sharing. I don't usually leave comments on blogs but I'm learning that speaking things out loud -- or writing them down in places other than my heart and mind -- seems to take power away from them.
    I struggle with boundaries. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 8 years, we have 2 beautiful daughters, and I am blessed to be able to stay at home with them.
    My marriage is awesome, now, thanks to forgiveness and transparency. The unfaithfulness I showed early on in my marriage is long-gone and forgiven - not only by God, but by my husband as well -- did I mention that he's wonderful? :) But my great adversary -- the enemy of my soul -- still tries to get a foot-hold in my life by tempting me with greener grass.
    Thank you for your prayers, please pray that I will keep my foundation firmly in Christ, and that I will keep my gaze on Him (and not my navel).
    I enjoyed your blog very much! Thank you for sharing.

  56. Rachel - Trust and obey has been my theme throughout my life but most definitely for two years now since my husband of 35 years left and then in June filed for divorce. My struggle is obedience in divorce as I just can't reconcile divorce with God's will and really didn't think it would end this way. I appreciate prayers for obedience to God and to keep trusting in Him.

  57. Thank you for the encouragement in this devotion. You are such a blessing to me and I'm sure others as well. I am struggling with forgiveness. I having been working on this forgiveness thing for almost 2 years I am getting better at it but it still needs some working on so I pray that by Gods special grace I will over come this act of disobedience with His help.

    Thank you,

  58. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for devotional! It was the truth I needed to hear. "My goal today is to simply trust and obey, even if I don't understand why, even if it's hard." I wrote this quote on an index card to carry with me today and remind me when my heart begins to question.

    My husband and I have been trying to have a baby, but I'm struggle with accepting God's plan for our lives. It's a painful cycle reliving the same disappointment and hurt month after month.

    If you have any suggestions or literature that may be helpful, I would very grateful. Thank you so much for your encouragement through this journey.

  59. It is very convicting when God uses our children to teach us a lesson about a weakness in our lives and points it out in a loving devotional. Today's devotional made me stop to think about all the areas that I need to simply obey because God said so. Every day presents countless opportunities to teach my 5 year old this same principle, but I rarely stop to address these same issues with my heavenly Father. Thank you for the perspective - convicting as it was. And thank you for the prayers...

  60. i have a hard time holding my tongue with my son when he comes in drinking. i don't want to argue or say anything but i don't want the drunkenness coming to my house, it always causes drama. i take care of his two children and i really don't thnk they need that in their lives as the 3 year old is a very sick child with his kidney and heart. please keep this family in prayer to give me the wisdom and words to speak to my son. thank you

  61. It may seem odd, but my "demon" to tame is my passive aggressive nature. Instead of confronting head on, those things that irritate me or truly make me upset, I set them aside, bottle them up, and/or do my own thing in my own way with little regard for the "authority" that may have triggered these feelings. This is something I struggle with constantly and see the pain it brings to those around me, those who have chosen to step in for me and try to help fight the battles I should be fighting for myself. The verse you included says it all--I know I do it, I know I shouldn't do it, and I know I have not tried enough to overcome it. Yet!

  62. I enjoyed the memories I had associated with the form of this poem - I always assigned it when I was an English teacher many years ago.
    And so excited about your book - loved it and can't wait to read it again!

  63. Something I have struggled to tame is my pet peeves. Oh my goodness I have a long list of them! Recently God told me to write them down (and it filled up a piece of paper mind you). After writing them down God told me to really look at them. Do any of them matter? No. It does not matter if someone leaves a closet door open or doesn't put the cereal box back with the label out. If these things are causing me to take my focus off God, even for a moment, then they are wrong. So I am working to tame my pet peeves!!

    I am super excited for your book to come out!!

  64. I am struggling with knowing I have all these health issues and using a lot of my money to pay for the medical bills. This exhausts me and frustrates me because I personally would like to be doing other things with God's money. I want to obey him but it is frustrating when my finances seem to burden me with each passing day. I have a hard time realizing that God knows what he's doing and he's only going to let me know so much for the plan he has for my life.

    I pray that God can change my heart to obey him with his money and through my health issues I will bring glory to his name. Amen!

  65. I am trying to tame my impatience with my mother and father. They can be very negative and they seem to pic at me, thanks for your prayers.

  66. I struggle with second guessing myself, and people pleasing and they feed off of each other.

    I am really working on examining what I do or say to make sure I am not doing or saying just to people please - but now my second guessing is going wild.

    Then I find myself not saying stuff when I should. Somedays I have it more under raps than others and I am leaning on God and letting Him guide me through this.
    I'm getting better at saying no and not this time. But am still a work in progress.

    Thanks Rachel,

  67. It's a rebellious streak in me, one that defies authority; especially if the authority figure is viewed as hard and uncaring (this came from a broken relationship with my parents)...

    I am rebellious and stubborn even with God...

  68. I, too, have a precious daughter with the same "bent" as Alaina.. and I hope and pray that she will submit to God and allow Him to use that strength for His glory!
    I think my biggest struggle with me right now is with my tendency toward self-righteousness...
    thanks for all you do! Blessings to you and your family!


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