Monday, May 2, 2011


I wore the hat to church yesterday ... everyone assumed I was inspired by the royal wedding. It wasn't the Brits, it was my fellow southern belles in Atlanta (see previous post). Our scantuary seats something like 1800 people - and I was the only person in the room in a hat.

Rick did not walk five steps behind me, though he did make me sit towards the back, at the edge of the room in an aisle seat on the end by the wall.  He was worried people couldn't see over my hat.  I obeyed, but I'm only 5'2" ... maybe 5'4" with the hat on.

I told him as we filed out of the sanctuary after the service that I wondered if he might walk behind me, embarrassed by my head wear. At the time he was holding my hand royal wedding style. Remember how Will held Kate's hand going down the aisle to exit the church?  With arms bent at a right angle?  You have seen it like four times already, right?

Well, once I told Rick I suspected the hat might embarrass him he flexed his large bicep  muscle on the arm holding mine and said, "Baby, no body's looking at your hat." This is the same guy that came dancing towards me the other night, stopped, and said, "You might want to fix that because I just busted a move."

Yeah, he's man enough to be my man.

I can affirm that if you wear a hat to church or anywhere others do not, you will be looked at. And stopped as people comment on it or ask you about it.  By men and women alike. Even by the guy taking up the offering. And your pastor may or may not laugh hard when he sees you in it.  Mine did.  But that's because he knows me well enough to know this was a departure for me and for our contemporary church.

So here is my T.J. Maxx special in all it's glory. Whaddya think?  Fashion fabu or fashion faux paux?  Would you wear it?

My prediction is hat sales go up in the U.S. this week and that lots of moms wear hats to church this Sunday for Mother's Day.  Not because of me - although I'm doing my part to stimulate the haberdashery economy - but because of the royal wedding.

Let me know if that prediction rings true at your church this Sunday - or if you bravely decide to make it so yourself.


  1. Totally LOVE the hat! That being said, not sure I'd wear one because I have trouble finding one to fit. I collect vintage hats and have learned that one size very rarely fits all. So if you can do it - rock it!

  2. I really wanted to see the hat, so thanks for posting the pic!
    I have never worn one except to the beach.
    Maybe one of these days...

  3. I do LOVE that hat, Rachel! Thanks for sharing your lovely picture with us : ) I'm not much of a hat girl, so I don't see myself wearing one to church or anywhere else for that matter. Except for my baseball cap and I wear that on bad hair days and to run and on the beach.

    But, girl, you look great in that fancy hat! Glad somebody has the guts to wear one in a crowd of 1800 knowing you're going to be the only one : )

  4. Girls, I wear ball caps too. Mostly when headed to the gym. Sometimes when headed to the beach or boat.

    vjc, the hat was a little big on me. Would love to see your vintage hat collection.

    ~ Rachel

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  6. Julie A.May 02, 2011

    I LOVE IT!!! Mike told me that you had it on... SO sorry I missed it! I tried a hat on today for my birthday... didn't buy it yet but I just might!!!

  7. Go for it, Julie!! Come join the ranks with me.

    Happy Birthday! ~ R

  8. oh I love the hat so cute. I think I might just wear it, but I know a lady it would look totally cool on - she is always wearing hats. She is one of a kind.

  9. The hat is totally you and totally current with a 50s flair!
    Not sure you will catch me in one like that, but you never know.

  10. I just LOVE that hat - on you. Being rather taller than you I prefer a wider brim or something totally head hugging. And I wear a hat to church all the time!

  11. It's super cute. But you are definitely braver than I, partly because I'm just not a hat person. They make me look weird :)

  12. Yay! Good for you! I LOVE your hat! You look stunning in it! Thank you for sharing! You made me smile!!!

  13. Very nifty, hat, Rachel :-) Good on you to stand out in a crowd of your church folks wearing it! We have at least one lady at our church that comes bedecked in dazzling hats each Sunday. She is quite tall, so it's a blessing that she sits in the back. I don't think either of us would need to do so, though :-)

  14. Rachel - loved you in the hat - it was perfect match for your dress...(and your nails!)

  15. I LOVE HATS. I don't wear them, but I WANT to wear them.

    I agree with you that hat-wearing will go up due to the royal wedding. There is one woman in our congregation who wears the most beautiful hats every Sunday. It's her trademark. In fact, we all laughed when she showed up on Easter Sunday without a hat. We were all so disappointed! Several of us remarked that we were wondering what she would wear while we were getting ready for church in the morning. Then she ran out the door and forgot to grab her hat before she left.

    By the way, I love the hat you're wearing. It looks great on you!

  16. Jenn, I think you should go for it. Borrow one of hers to take out for a test drive. :)

  17. Rach, you make that hat look GOOD!


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