Friday, April 29, 2011

What's that on your head? (and INS week 5 link-up)

Today I'm seeing my kids off to school, packing my suitcase, and heading to Atlanta to speak at First Baptist on Saturday.  It's a mother-daughter luncheon with a garden party theme.  I wish I could take my own daughter, Alaina - the one you "met" in chapter 10 this week if you are reading along with Melissa.  But she has a talent show Friday night at her school and a soccer game on Saturday morning.

The attire for this luncheon is "southern garden party with hats welcomed." So you know I had to find a proper Southern hat to wear with my dress.  And I found one, at T.J. Maxx.  I put it on tonight with my dress and modeled it for Alaina.  She exclaimed, "I love that hat!"   Then I went upstairs and found Rick.  His eyes got really big.  Clearly he was surprised but I couldn't tell if it was a good surprised or a bad surprised.

"So whaddya think?"

"Wow ... wow ..."

"Wow, what??"

"Wow ... that's a hat."

That was all he would say.  I'm not sure how to take that. If I manage to get a picture of me this weekend in the hat, I'll post it and you can tell me if it's fashion fabulous or fashion faux pas.

My friend Brenda from church wants to see a picture of it too.  If I don't get a picture, maybe I'll wear the outfit with the hat to church Sunday for her ... and see if Rick walks 5 steps behind me or not.

If you blogged this week about the chapters in It's No Secret, feel free to link up below.  And if you have any idea how to travel on a plane with a hat, without a hat box, without crushing it and without wearing it, do let me know!


  1. Good morning Rachel :-)

    I can't wait to see you in your fantabulous hat! I love hats and people who are stylish enough to wear them. I always feel awkward with them on...I bump into things when I wear them(kind of like a cat with an elizabethan collar on).

    As usual your chapters inspired me. In fact, almost too much. I had to do some major whittling down so that my writing stayed in the "devotion" category and not the "epic novel" category!

    I have to say, you managed to make me laugh and then cry my eyes out in the space of one page turn when I was reading chapter 10. I'm giggling at your comments on your big pores and then wham, you're sharing your memories of your mother's skin and then there was my mother's skin, softened to velvet by years of fine lines and wrinkles - vivid memories untouched by time. It will be 2 years in July since she went to be with our Lord. I cried myself to sleep remembering, but it was a good cry. And I sure hope my skin is as soft and velvety as hers was.

    Anyway, you have a beautiful talent for stirring our souls up and gently getting us to expose parts we've been hiding in the back of our closets.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!


  2. Leah you were right on when you talked about laughing on one page and crying on the next...( to be continued- checking to see if this goes threw, google said my post couldnbt go through- so lets see. then I'll finish , cuz there's a lot well not a lot but more I wanted to say.

  3. ok that went through ( with a spelling error included shesh) so lets see if this one will as well.

    For the last two days or so I have been thinking of what I read on page 184. Was even awakened to that thought of what I do wont stay hidden- not going into detail cuz I'm writing a blog about it so I don't follow in my fellow Sister Leah's foot steps with an epic novel ,,lol. So tune in there to see what I gleaned.

    I'm also doing about 5 of the super challenges.

  4. Okay, so now my curiosity is up. I want to see the hat!!! You would have fit right in with all those hats at Buckingham Palace today :-)

  5. You can wear the hat in honor of KY Derby as well! Not sure anyone in you area cares but you can claim it is for the KY girls!
    I traveled from Vietnam with about a dozen cone hats.....They were made of straw but did fine in a plastic bag and my carrying them. Good luck!

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  7. I posted but misspelled something so here it is again.... Ball caps are the only hats I wear not used to be cowboy hats. Now I wear hair bands of assorted colors. Would that work instead of a fancy hat?

  8. I love hats too! I wish I had an occasion to wear one....but then I would worry about "hat head".

    Thanks for challenging us yet again. I have been trying to think of something to write about rest but that was stressing me I moved on to clear skin. I guess that should tell me something shouldn't it?

    I love what you wrote about your daughter and her comments about your face! So precious! I remember when my daughter was little and some of the things she said to me and others. She had no filters!

    Anyway, thanks for another great week of study.


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