Friday, April 22, 2011

INS week 4 link-up

It's crazy the things that go through the mind of a perfectionist.

Things like equating one small mistake with complete failure. Things like if one little part is less than "just right," the whole thing is totally ruined. Things like every house on the block is tidy and clean but mine. Things like I'd have to be so much better before I could attempt to do that. Things like, "I can't ask her for help."

Aren't you thankful God doesn't treat us as completely ruined and useless when we make a small mistake or when we commit a massive sin? His mercy is new every morning - thank God for the daily sunrise! His grace and help abound.

I am thinking of trying a new venture. I'm nervous about it.  I don't know if I'll be any good at it.  But I told my friend about it recently and sought her help.  Days later she drove in from out of town and handed me some help. I don't know if I could do this thing without her - maybe I could, maybe I couldn't, maybe I just wouldn't. But I realize I don't want to. I still don't know if it will turn out well, but I'm embracing the process and thankful  for the support of friends who have walked this path before me.

If my new venture flops, I will have learned that old dogs can try new tricks and that I have some terrific friends that are willing to step in when I ask for help.  That's invaluable. That's worth the price of admission.  That's worth the risk of failure.

So as this week's study draws to a close, I want to remind us of what is essential in life (love, grace and relationships) and what is not (a 20” waist, snow-white teeth, or following all the advice in Real Simple magazine). What non-essentials tend to dominate your focus?  It's important to recognize what has the power to distract you from relationships and grace-based living.

I'm looking forward to reading what you all posted this week from the chapters "Adjust Your Scale" or "Get by With a Little Help from Your Friends."  Link up and I'll stop by. 

Have a glorious Easter, my Yahweh Sisters!


  1. Ha hah! I am the first again! LOL Either I must get up way early, or I'm one of those wacky perfectionists you keep talking about ;-)

    No, seriously, snow white teeth aren't essential???

    Okay, now I will be serious. Once again, these chapters have spoken to me and produced some much needed communion with the Lord. I think I will have to reread the whole book at least a couple of times. Vicky is lucky, she's already on her second go 'round! :-)

    Thank you so much for helping me develop a better understanding and closer relationship with Jesus. I pray that you will have a very blessed Easter and be filled with renewed joy. He is risen!

    Hugs (I give hugs to ever''s what I do!),


  2. I haven't quite finished ch 8 shoot I haven't even started 7 lol. Running behind , just havent quit. I'm learning this study isnt a competition as I had made it out to be at the start. But a one on one time with Jesus first then share what he is revealing to me. Apparently, I have a lot of layers that need removing. But what a weekend to do it. I will post what I'm learning on my blog so others can see and benefit as well. But the running is the exercise that I need to get rid of the excess lbs I put on during winter. lol.

    Leah I love reading your comments over coffee before I start my day. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, Debi! Just so you don't think you're the only one trailing, I haven't done the bible study portion of chapter 8 yet. I was going to get to that right now, but I just realized I have an appointment to get my toes done in 45 minutes and I haven't showered yet! So, it will probably not happen until tonight or tomorrow. I think as long as we're nestling in close to the Lord and looking forward to spending quiet time with Him that's the most important part!

    Sure glad Rachel doesn't mind us taking over her blog with our comment exchange! :-)

    Thanks again Rachel! You're a good egg ;-)

  4. Your posts on perfectionism are speaking to me. I have to tell you what lovely and relevant pictures you post to your blog. I look forward to them as well reading what you have to share. Loving the details that make it special! Monica

  5. I had to laugh Leah, I'm glad I'm not alone but still chugging along so how did the toe pampering go? I am seeing so many things that are being shown to me. I'm also glad Rachel is cool with us talking like this-

    Hey Rachel

    By the way I will be starting 7 tomorrow still on 6 ...

  6. Debi and Leah, you are welome to jump into discussion here anytime. In fact, I'm going to add a commenting feature to my blog soon to facilitate that. I love when girlfriends get togther!

    Pass the guacamole and chips. More sweet tea, anyone? :)

    Annonyous, thanks for letting me know you appreciate the pics. That's good to hear. I'm very visual and love them too.

  7. Oh I'd love some sweet tea. Thanks!!!!

  8. PS. Girls, there is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus ... or for those who are slightly behind the group on the reading schedule. :)

    Leah, I'm in need of pedi myself. Hoping to get one tomorrow. Been doing my own toes all winter long, and I think it's time for a trip to the nail salon. I'll take a novel with me and get the French treatment. Hope yours turned out well.

  9. Guacamole, chips AND sweet tea?? Now that's a party! :-)

    My pampering went very well! I now have a beautiful set of skittle toes, with a beautiful flower on each big toe.

    What are skittle toes, you ask?

    I have five different jewel tone colors (a.k.a. skittle colors) painted on each toe (fuschia on the big toes, neon green on the second toe, etc.). I guess this gives you girls a clue just how wacky I truly am. I love looking down at my toes. They make me smile :-)

    Rachel...I just don't have the patience to paint my own toes. In fact, there have been many a winter that I just let my polish grow out until it was an ugly train wreck. My manicurist shudders when I wait so long ;-) thinks this goes along with the perfectionist thingy.

  10. Leah what a colorful sister you are. Good morning, just got out of bed, but wasn't sleeping was talking with Jesus and praising his name What a wonderful day today and tomorrow will be ( not to mention every day with Jesus. Hope your day is just as wonderful.


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